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  1. On AFL.com, they are dissecting ‘fantasy’ markets for each team. Personally, I’m not into all of that fantasy stuff, but the article mentioned that apart from our top 3 (who are league leaders), the rest drop away fast in terms of fantasy points performances. We apparently have the same number of players who average rank under 75 (whatever that means) as North Melbourne. This tells me that there is significant upside for our ‘next tier’ players to consistently play to a higher standard. If fantasy points mean anything (and they don’t, really do they?), it shows we too often leave it to too few to do too much. How do others interpret this?
  2. With the training for clubs about to go up to groups of 10, would you: Train in line groups (forwards, backs, midfielders) Train in groupings (3 forwards, 4 mids, 3 backs) Or something else?? Considering our two greatest needs will be connection between lines (especially Mids to the forwards) and cohesion in line groups, I would suggest we probably need a mix of both. Are we allowed to mix and match?
  3. Have just seen that Red Bull have joined the MFC as a ‘partner’ (sponsor?). Great match for the colours, and hopefully we can be as exciting and successful as their other partners! Welcome! Red Bull gives Melbourne wings
  4. So I read there is a Scratch match against Essendon at Casey Fields on Friday. i May find myself in the area, does anyone know what time the game would start?
  5. There will be enough sad/brutal (but accurate) 'three word' summary posts for 2019 (mine is 'we went backwards'), so to keep us in good spirits for what should be a better year (it has to, right!?), I thought I'd focus on some of the positives (it shouldn't be hard to list them!) What went right? What do we salvage from the wreck of 2019?? For me: - Another fantastic year from Maxxy. I know the commentators gush over Grundy, but we have the #1 ruckman, no questions. True leadership material, hopefully he figures more in this regard next year. - Fritta (who was finally played in the right spot) - Salem was a constant out back, and needs to be utilised better next year. We could do with his foot skills further up the ground. - I know his season was interrupted, mostly his own fault, but May will be a huge asset. He's tough, reads the play well and can lead from out back. He just needs a good off season to get his body right. - Petracca showed glimpses towards the end of the season. He just needs to let loose in 2020.
  6. As part of a fresh 2020 campaign (following a solid, injury-free preseason, smart recruitment, delistings, and devising an ACTUAL gameplan), we need a new captain. One, not two. And preferably not Viney. I like him, but he's been off the boil for a long time, and Jones won't/shouldn't be around much longer. We need leadership. We need goals kicked when they count, tackles that can't be broken, and vision. We need somebody to lead the group, and show the rest that there is a standard and it won't be compromised. Who do give the role to? I think Maxxy would be great, but I also worry that it might be too distracting for him, he already does so much.
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