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  1. According to the club website, an open training session at Gosch's Paddock at the unusual time of 12 noon. Should bring a good crowd of onlookers.
  2. The first open training session for the new season takes place tomorrow, Wednesday 5 November at Gosch's Paddock - 9.15am. The session is for players in their first to fourth seasons. All other training sessions are closed sessions. Training Times Looking forward to the first reports of season 2015 tomorrow.
  3. Less than a month to go before the opening of our NAB Challenge campaign and no doubt the training sessions will step up a gear from here. I'm assuming there's the usual 9.15am session on tomorrow at Gosh's Paddock and look forward to reports from those who can make it down there. While robust debate is important on Demonland, some posters are acting under the assumption that they have license to engage in personal attacks on those with whose opinions they disagree. Please remain respectful of other posters and be careful if you wish to keep posting here. Thanks.
  4. The team is back in town today after 11 days on the Sunshine Coast and the coach has deemed it a success ~ Camp achieved what we wanted: Roos The players now have "three days off before returning to training on Australia Day" and hopefully the return session will be open to the public because, to date, many of us have not had the opportunity to catch up with training due to work commitments. Thanks to all those fans who posted their reports from Maroochydore, particularly Roosy's Bruisers who was meticulous in following the various sessions and reporting on them. He's set a high standard for our regular Melbourne track watchers and I hope I can join them all on Monday wherever training takes place.
  5. The little storm cloud above our heads from the first 2015 training session was that we saw a few injuries or players with niggles that could potentially work out worse than they looked initially. Of course, it started with the skipper who was a no show due to a surfing accident and includes reports that youngsters Jesse Hogan and Christian Petracca left the track early with some apparently minor problems. Hopefully, these things will sort themselves and not turn into an epidemic of injuries as happened last year after the break. Over to the people at the scene.
  6. The Age's Ronny Lerner reports that "the Christmas turkey has been digested and the New Year's sparklers have been tucked away for another year. It's time for the AFL's 18 teams to return to work." It's uncertain whether turkey forms part of the paleo diet but it will sure be interesting to see how the boys look upon their return to training for 2015 tomorrow morning at Gosch's Paddock. Hopefully, our regular crew of track watchers will be on hand to let us know. AFL teams return to preseason training with injuries under control Here's hoping that Jack Trengove's tricycle is working magically and that his rehab is ahead of schedule.
  7. The boys were training the house down today according to one of my sources who will be reporting as soon as he finishes some work commitments.
  8. Anyone going today? It's been 2 days and I'm having withdrawals!
  9. I should be there see you there. Say hi to the Demonland v Bummers winning coach 2014. Happy to sign autographs.
  10. Well, we've moved on to another open training date and what should be the first session in which the full list (less those injured or in rehab) is available so, in many respects, the pre season is really on in earnest now. That also means we should have more people watching training, more reporting on it and everyone staying on topic please
  11. Summer's arrived and so have another four new recruits. Looking out my window, the weather's not looking too bad although there's a bit of a wind about. Should be a good crowd on hand to welcome the new boys. Reports most welcome
  12. Another good day at training News: Tapscott has a back injury so it looks like game over for him HL had a bit of work done during the session, I asked him as he left the session early, just his body getting back into it Big Maxy did a bit of ruck work, marking and kicking, so he is on his way back again Pics will be up on my Twitter Demonpk Simon Goodwin took a session of stoppage work with a group, nice bit of Jeff Garlett and JKH having a bit of a tussle, smiles all around Squad split at the end of session and a group went to pound up Anderson's Hill, went to watch and take pics, the players that surprised me Viney, Grimes and Toumpas,
  13. It turns out there was training today and bigfooty poster tasmanlvr was one of the few who braved the elements so I hope he doesn't mind:-
  14. Open session with the entire available list in action again today. Weather looking good. Perfect day for the track watchers.
  15. Same place again tomorrow and it promises to be a fine day. In light of this (admittedly old*) article I came across on Twitter, it might be an opportune time for the players to work on their disposal accuracy ~ Stray Sherrins * from 2011
  16. Tweet from the MFC:- @melbournefc: There will be an open training session tomorrow at Gosch's Paddock from 9.15am #myheartbeatstrue Assuming it's the same group of younger players who turned out last week plus any players wanting to do some additional preparation away from the prying eyes of the AFLPA which will probably be preoccupied with the Federal Court action looking after the interests of the 34 jabbees in James Hird's case against ASADA.
  17. Satriconhome, please let JW know we need a big game from him against Sydney.
  18. Braved the Antarctic conditions Kent left early, calf tightness (I asked)...not confident. Spencer very light session after no show Wednesday, assured me he is fine. Terlich will play. Jamar said a very interesting thing, asked him when he would be available, answer "when I can get around the ground, you get found out". No shows Hogan, Michie, Barry, Tapscott. JKH switched on, one of the last off the ground, just wants to play. Nev Jetta pleased to be upgraded, just wants to bring his good form to AFL if he gets a chance. Asked Chip for 3 goals, big smile, so playing with confidence. And a perfect end to the session Cross and McKenzie last off the ground, after practicing picking up a wet ball off the ground for 15 minutes, asked both in their opinion whether G Ablett Jnr was best player of last 10 years, both said yes, Cross said 6 or 7 and Judd before that, I asked apart from the skill what was so good about him. Cross "his core strength, and he is speedy, you can't catch the little bastard" ... loved it, so not competitive at all.
  19. Ok boys and girls I am going to take the morning off from my wonderfully toxic workplace (marvellous how selective redundancies can change working relationships) to attend training. Will check:- * any player in a full body cast * if Jack Fitzpatrick is over his concussion, if he turns up and actually faces the right way should be a good indication * if Jack Watts in now out for 2-3 weeks * which part of Max Gawn's 2 and half metre long hamstring is tight If anybody from West Coast is watching, should be easy to pick, they will be the tallest person at training Does Dave Misson have an abacus and a clairvoyant on hand to work out what not to say in next week's injury report re the length of time a player will be out, think I will just tell him to consult the myriad of medical and fitness professionals we have posting on Demonland?
  20. Anyone get down to the open training session this morning? I happened to drive past and stopped for a few minutes but while there were plenty of support staff around setting up witches hats etc there were no players......that was at 10am - half an hour after the scheduled start..... keen for any updates?? Anyone??
  21. I managed to get down to training this morning, not many spectators there. The boys all came together in the middle about 15 minutes in. Roosey announced something and there was a big cheer. I am guessing he announced Alex G's elevation off the rookie list. There were many high fives and a few Mr Bean references. Hogan, Viney doing a few run throughs over to the side early, then disappeared. Jamar doing laps but did get involved in at least one routine where both he and big Max played as lead up forwards. Gee Max should be a handful playing deep forward if we had control of the midfield. He took a couple cleanly at full extension, what nine feet up and took one cleanly off his boot straps, swung round and put it through. Fitzy was doing the same up the other end, leading up well and taking clean marks. My only concern was that he often took the mark at full extension above his head on the run. He should be timing his run to take those out in front away from a backman's fists. I took a day off with a bad cold but work keeps calling. I will provide some more observations a little later.
  22. Just leaving the paddock after longest and hardest session I have seen. Very excited about year ahead, will post summary later, feel free to get in with any questions in mean time, will try answer in summary.
  23. This coming Monday will be a holiday for most of Australia but not our footballers. The melbournefc.com.au website states that our TRAINING TIMES for next week are: I think that last bolded sentence is worth noting because many are still under the impression that if a player is not out there on the track during the hours of open training then he's injured and not doing anything much to get fit for what lies ahead and, if enough of them aren't out there, the sky's falling in. However, in all likelihood, that's not the case at all.At the only Demons training I attended this year (at Casey Fields in midweek last week), the session took place in 40 degree heat and barely lasted an hour. As the players were coming off I quipped something to Cam Pedersen about them "knocking off for the day" but he said this wasn't the case and that the group was off to AAMI Park and would be working there till 4pm. I also discovered that a very small group of players, part of what's called the "rehab" group were already at AAMI doing their modified programmes. These days pre-season training is far more scientifically based than in the good old days when players would roll up (often a tad overweight) at some time in late February for a season that would begin in mid April. There are specific programmes tailor made for each individual player with the aim of having them in best condition for the season ahead. So we don't necessarily need to be concerned if we don't see for example, a Mitch Clark or a Mark Jamar joining in with the rest of the group on Australia Day. It doesn't mean that it's the end of the world or that they're on holiday like the rest of us. The likelihood is that they will be doing their allotted work behind the scenes in the gym or the pool or in some lecture room inside one of the best sporting faculties in the country in closed sessions only metres away from Gosch's Paddock. I wish I could join those fans who venture out there on Australia Day but I'll be up in Queensland doing something important (probably near to or in a swimming pool). I would still appreciate your reports.
  24. Didn't get down to the paddock till just after 11, when I got there and for the next half hour the squad were in three groups, each group taking it in turns doing three different exercises, one was just a few variants on old fashioned handball drills, one hand balling in a circle in the back 50, till a whistle went and the defenders had to clear it and a third involved trying to keep the ball off the ground and away from the tackling opponents to get the ball through cones at either side of the ground. After this they broke into a lot of smaller groups, some doing tackle drills, some working on an opponent in marking contests, some doing work in the 50, leading passing and shooting for goal. When the bulk of training was done, some players stayed back and practised there goal kicking and hitting up a leading target. Frawley and Garland grabbed a coach and seemed to be practising different variations on getting the advantage in one on one contests to punch the ball away. Meanwhile Taggert was pushing himself in running drills, Jordie and (not sure but from memory think) Tynan also did some running drills. Jamar or Watts were not involved when I was watching, didn't see JT at all, Dawes finished not too long after I got there and Chunky left the track just a bit before the others. Any questions feel free
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