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  1. It's not a complaint. I'd just like to know the reason why? As I said at the beginning of this thread, it's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but I'm curious about the decision. I haven't seen too many games where Melbourne has run onto the G wearing hooped socks.
  2. And how do our socks clash with the Bulldogs?
  3. We didn't in 2020, 2019 or 2018. And prior to that, when we have had to wear alternate socks, it's been when the match was played in Sydney. It should be our home game, our home uniform.
  4. If there is a clash of some sorts, surely it's up to the away side to make a change? It was our home game, yet we were the side that had to alter our uniform.
  5. This piece about the AFL's consistently inconsistent uniform policy is also worth a read from today's The Age. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/clashes-of-the-titans-the-afl-s-murky-uniform-policies-20210506-p57pcm.html
  6. I realise this is minor in the grand scheme of things and in no way detracts from last night's win, but why as the home side did we have to wear hooped red and blue socks against the Swans? Surely if the AFL or the host broadcaster identifies a uniform clash of some kind, it is up to the away side to come up with a solution? We didn't wear these socks in recent seasons so I'm wondering what changed?
  7. Meanwhile, the Dogs have today entered into a multi-million dollar partnership with local council to develop Skinner Reserve in Braybrook as their 'second' training base.
  8. Other than the club's stated desire to have a base in the Melbourne 'sporting precinct', we've yet to see any firm plan. All communication on this issue from the club has been vague and while I understand things can be sensitive when working with state government, City of Melbourne and the Melbourne & Olympic Park Trust, surely the members deserve a more substantial update?
  9. The State Government has announced funding of $15.5m for Richmond to enhance facilities at Punt Road Oval on top of $15m of federal funding. North just received $7.3m to do the same. We're being left behind when it comes to developing our own training base. For years now we've heard about 'confidential stakeholder meetings' without the club showing meaningful signs of progress.
  10. Never thought I'd say it, but I'd also be open to Ross Lyon.
  11. Pert played with Ross Lyon at Fitzroy. Perhaps worth a call?
  12. I have always supported Goody but am losing patience with the growing trend of being dictated to by opposition teams and not having the ability to react. From the first bounce it was easy to see Geelong's tactic of chipping it around through the midfield. We did nothing to counter that. Geelong had 54 more uncontested possessions and 60 more marks. How do we let that happen?
  13. Having seen highlights of yesterday's practice match, it begs the question why we couldn't have access to the 'G for training during this period? The ground could surely cope with a few training sessions held throughout the week. There are four lots of changing rooms, underground parking and ample meeting space not being used for corporate functions at the moment that could easily be altered for lockdown purposes. It's wishful thinking, but it would be great if the club could come to an agreement with the MCC for this unusual season.
  14. Weideman for Jackson. I'm not critical of Jackson but he's raw and will take time. Weid has to be ahead of him at this point. Pickett for ANB. OMac for Smith Also need to find a way to get vandenBerg in.
  15. It's seriously concerning that we couldn't wrestle back the momentum at any point. The signs were there in the second quarter and we just didn't respond. 1.2 in the second half in an indictment. A hollow victory.
  16. Elsternwick Park is less than 10 kilometres from the city and close to public transport (train, tram and bus). Not only is VAFA headquarters a facility that could be further developed for elite purposes, but there is also the disused public golf course next door. Whilst not taking away from local council's desire to use that area for more open public space, the size of that land could easily accomodate a training facility particularly if it could also be used for local clubs and school sport. As it stands there is a decrepit golf club house near the corner of Glenhuntly Rd and New St. You'd think that space alone could make way for an admin and indoor facility. Meanwhile at Dendy Park the old athletics track has been torn up and is now grass. The club could lay a proper track (like Collingwood have only several lanes) so that it can be used for community/club use, then develop the adjoining area with state of the art facilities for the MFC. I realise neither option is our ideal scenario of being in the heart of Melbourne, but moving out slightly past the city could provide more scope and flexibility for the club as the years go by. I'm concerned about the time and money that will go into developing something in the CBD only for it to be past its used by date after a few years.
  17. Although I'd love to see us with a training base near the MCG, I feel there won't be the land required in that area to cater for our growing needs over time. Going outside the 3000 post code to locations such as Elsternwick Park or even Dendy Park could present better options. Neither are far from the city and could open the door for public/private partnership with either local council, schools and sporting clubs.
  18. I agree that the announcement would have impacted our preparation and I heard Max say something to that effect, but playing Devil's Advocate, it didn't seem to be a problem for the Eagles. I want us to become a side that doesn't get rattled by outside influences and can cope regardless of the situation.
  19. From memory we took Jamie Shanahan with the first pick in the 1998 Pre Season Draft and although he clearly wasn't the same calibre of player as Peter Matera, he filled a hole for us in 1998 when we were in desperate need for a strong, experienced full back. By 2000 Al Nicholson had replaced him in that position, but you wonder if we'd had been as balanced as we were in 1998 if not for Shanners. A quiet achiever.
  20. I went along to the AFLW match last night at Moorabbin and saw St.Kilda's impressive facilities for the first time. I left thinking what an indictment it is that the Saints have better facilities than us. In the time that we've been looking for a solution they left Moorabbin, developed Seaford, buggered up that arrangement, left Seaford and redeveloped Moorabbin to create an elite practice venue. What have we been doing? Creating 'facilities working groups' and what appears to be endless high-level talks with 'stakeholders'. Enough is enough. We have to see progress on this issue otherwise we'll be left behind.
  21. I'd love us to finally crack the code on this issue. While in an ideal world the Melbourne Football Club would have its training base in Melbourne proper, I wonder if any training facility in the established Melbourne sporting precinct will give us scope to cater for the growing requirements of elite footy? I fear we will quickly outgrow any new facility in central Melbourne and find ourselves in the position of playing catch-up again. Soon enough all clubs will want huge training bases with a minimum of two training grounds, large indoor practice areas and the ability to hold closed sessions. Can inner-city Melbourne accommodate these demands? Hawthorn's new facilities at Dingley will soon be the envy of other Victorian clubs. West Coast opened its $60m home in Lathlain last year. It consists of two training grounds, one the size of Optus Stadium, the other the size of the MCG. It also has a 60 metre indoor training hall, gyms and a lap pool. This will become the standard for other clubs to chase. Moving beyond the 3000 postcode might give us more ability to establish such facilities. Elsternwick Park is an interesting proposition, particularly as the public golf course next door to the established VAFA ground has been closed and is being turned into community open space. Would there be more ability to establish the facilities we need in a location such as this, given it could also be used for community purposes? It is only 10km from the CBD and easily accessible by public transport.
  22. An excellent appointment. Peter will be fantastic for our club.
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