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  1. TMac has had as many quiet games as Fritta yet seems to be getting less criticism. He's playing his role very well and probably could do the defensive stuff better, but the reality is he is one of the most underrated forwards in the comp. I was calling him "5 Chance Fritsch" at the start of the season, but he's straightened up his kicking very nicely.
  2. Bloody hell. Real victim complex, us lot.
  3. I liked Ben Brown when he got the ball but he just looked seriously unfit. Happy to go with Weid until he is moving a bit better. Can't recall him getting any separation on his opponent.
  4. Are they running a big discount at the moment?
  5. Privacy coins like Monero are next to untraceable if used right. Most darknet markets don't accept Bitcoin anymore and will only accept Monero as payment because of its private ledger.
  6. Who'd have thought we'd have such a high profile fan!
  7. I personally don't think Bitcoin is the answer to your security question as it has positioned itself more as a storage of wealth. Something like ethereum which is more energy efficient (and apparently the 2.0 release will be something like 99% more energy efficient than the current) is definitely better placed to be a possible candidate for those use cases.
  8. Spot on! I think eventually the cream will float to the top which will see most altcoins fade out of existence. At the moment it's the wild west like late 90s world wide web. Won't be long I reckon before things like housing contracts, car VINs, elections are done on various block chains. People need to look beyond the token.
  9. People saying crypto has no future here probably said the same thing about the internet in the 90s. 🤣 You only need to take a look at the thousands of use cases for ethereum and smart contracts.
  10. Good partnership. Crypto definitely the future. I don't use coin jar to buy mine but will consider now.
  11. Ticketek is an absolute disaster. I've had so many issues with organising tickets through them.
  12. If anyone wants a laugh pop over to The Punt Road end tigers forum. Some of the dribble in their post match thread is pretty entertaining. The way they speak you'd think the flag is a given for them. Not even going to mention what they think of us.
  13. I noticed last night petracca mention that this preseason they were given a very simple gameplan to execute. Not sure if I'm reading into it, but perhaps we were over complicating things in the past.
  14. From the outside it seems like Oliver, Salem, Brayshaw, Gawn and Trac are very tight. Hopefully this means Trac isn't far off.
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