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  1. Footscray is basically token Western Suburbs these days given the gentrification. Out here in the boonies, Melton & Bacchus Marsh WB heartland, that's where you'll find toothless/shoeless doggies fans. Doug Hawkins lives just around the corner from me and I see him regularly grabbing a coffee.
  2. I live out West and it's mostly doggies fans out here. My best mate's wife who I despise is a doggies fan has given me irrational hatred of them as well. Apart from that, most seem ok.
  3. No way we trade Gus. Richmond have shown the blueprint in that you don't need superstars to win flags. Culture and selflessness win flags and Gus is central to that for the Dees.
  4. Big no from me. There are at least 3 or 4 players I'd rather have a medi-sub. If anything McStay going down for Brisbane and having no forward to come in and retain their structure shows the importance of picking players on merit rather than romance. Would love to see Jonesy holding the cup, but I'd also love to see any Melbourne player holding the cup.
  5. I think Bailey Fritsch is an example of what could have been with Jack, although I believe Jack has more natural talent. Jack was drafted to a club that had no idea how to develop talent, which clearly evident through the fact only three players on the list at the time went on to have meaningful careers. Had Jack started his career with the formation of good habits, strong role models and most importantly a genuine enjoyment for the game, we would be looking back on Jack's career in a very different light.
  6. Can't wait for Essendon fans to somehow turn this into some kind of AFL/Umpire conspiracy against them.
  7. Probably get a tattoo somewhere. I'm 34 and don't have one and never have been interested, but this seems like a better time than never.
  8. Or worry about some extreme scenario that statistically shouldn't happen but always does for us?
  9. I thought Gawn played a really good game. He got toweled up by Natnui last year in round 1 and I was worried it might be a similar showing last night. I thought Nicnac started stronger but Gawn outworked him as it went on. He got some good taps to advantage.
  10. Checked the Rising Star odds and we have three players in the top ten with Jackson, Jordon and Rivers. Jackson is now outright favourite to win. I reckon Bowey a chance for a nomination. We've also got Pickett, Petty and Sparrow doing really well. Lots of a good youth coming through which I think doesn't get highlighted much compared to bombers and such.
  11. Does Bowey remind anyone else here or a Salem with speed? Great kick!
  12. I don't know if anyone else here saw the game they played in Perth against the dogs in the wet, but they were absolutely awful. Tried their chip/possession game and got pulled apart. Hopefully same happens against us. If that is anything to go off, we should win comfortably.
  13. I'm taking OP's word for Bedford, so I have no skin in the game here. Based on what he says could potentially play the ANB role of forward who rotates through the middle.
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