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  1. I trusted you the day before judd announced he went to carlton, that we will wake up the next day with Judd on our list. That didnt happen did it? This sounds beautiful tho, Cousins is my fav non demon in the comp. But keep dreaming
  2. heres what i think http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/showthread.php?t=381081
  3. prettty sure aaron fiora was a number 1 pick which is scary haha.
  4. This is much like our low polling at brownlows. Simply none of our players are consistent enough to be recognised in either of these categories. Our team as a whole is too inconsistent to be taken seriously. Hopefully this changes with Bailey. Im sick of being the good ol demons that do jack [censored].
  5. Hmmm, Id like the premiership to come back to victoria, but i will be barracking for the Power as i dont even classify Geelong as part of victoria. Hhaha i hate the Club, the town and all the people inside of it.
  6. Wheres armstrong this year tho? did he even play a game? He was never good enough. CJ is prob in the same boat.
  7. What number do you think McEvoy will go at? He just kicked seven goals on the weekend, can play most positions...
  8. What an absolute arrogant [censored] bag. Has to go. Should be going for a role in parliment with his complete disregard of public opinion. To think this guy actually played footy once, and now wants to [censored] out the game like a coke can. Riduculous.
  9. Awesome. I definetely think he will take out the Best and Fairest. He was the only one who gave a F$*#K out there this year. Should be a wake up call for our "senior" players when a 19 year old steals their thunder.
  10. Im not sure the afl foresaw melbourne and carlton playing off for draft picks in the final round of the year when the draw was structured. They obviously envisigad a huge for year for us which is why we played collingwood twice. Boy how wrong they were.
  11. ive been kicking the ball out in my front yard all year, hitting my targets, not a bad mark. Riley if ya need a man ill come play.
  12. um i dont want us to lose? what are you on about. i couldnt give a flying F&^$ if we got pick 4 instead of 3. The very fact that we are getting a top 5 pick is a bonus seeing most people think we have a great list. I want to bloody thump the blues. Who cares if they are tanking. Getting this no 1 pick for them will mean they have 3 no 1 draft picks. Thats no gaurantee for success. Look at st. kilda for gods sakes. Those draft picks are surrounded by hacks at carlton. Melbourne by 40 points.
  13. I think alot of the older players were trying to get up for neitz. Time to put them to pasture for year. CJ will come in for sure. They always throw him in for the subiaco trip, free trip home haha.
  14. hehe what a legend. Just needs to start getting the ball more, then sylvia for PM!
  15. INJURY PRONE? hes had 1 injury in ten years mate. Im for keeping yze. all we need is a good coach who knows where his best spot is. In the forward pocket.
  16. Come on guys. He hasnt stepped up this year. Injured first round, stuffed him completely, has had to content with heavy tagging for the first time in his career. Judge him at the end of next year.
  17. YZE! hhehe. I was hoping it would be uninamious that brocky would step up, but he hasnt set the world on fire of late. Brad green for me.
  18. you know we are playing crap when medhurst is in the best for collingwood.
  19. couldnt even get a touch in the legends game ffs
  20. Terrible. Worst ive seen us play in a long time, and its been a shocking year and thats saying alot. From the outset we're not switched on. Neither was Neale Daniher. Completely outcoached. Didnt bother to man up Polak till the 2nd half when trying to play for any left over pride. White and Paul Johnson were fantastic last night giving our midfielders first oppurtunity every time. Too bad our entire midfield was asleep all night. Nathan Jones, alot of great things to say about him, but last night he was terrible. Sure he tries hard but it means nothing if you arent winning. He needs to lear
  21. how long have we had newton for? ND tends to do this with some recruits, keeps them under wraps. Much like he did with bate, and look how good he is now..
  22. Nah i like the kid. Wouldnt mind seeing brodie holland getting cleaned up.
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