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  1. The scary thing is we pretty much have a full list to choose from at the moment. This is as good as it gets.
  2. I get so jealous when I watch other teams that clearly have a game plan.
  3. We have the worst forward line In the league comfortably. No marking targets. Our list management decisions in throwing the bank at defenders has cost us a chance to have a run at the flag. Unless we can find a trade target in the off season this list build has been a waste of time.
  4. That is a very small portion of the stand. I’m assuming that to satisfy covid restrictions the MCC will have to be totally ticketed and I hope that continues moving forward.
  5. Where do you even begin ? Jackson was out of his league but still provided more than T-Mac. Tommy either plays defence or doesn’t play. The forward experiment is over. Jones has enough credits but I’d prob make some statements with dropping Melksham and Brayshaw.
  6. I’m really hoping this pandemic changes the MCC’s ridiculous general admission tradition. Paying for a premium membership and then having to line up for hours and put a scarf on your chair to reserve your seat? Hopefully common sense finally prevails.
  7. I’ve got no idea what goodwins obsession with Smith is. He isn’t a footy player. May and lever were shocking. Mcdonald didn’t half a contest.
  8. Needs to flatten the handball curve.
  9. Search sacked on Apple podcasts and you can hear the whole conversation.
  10. There was one point in the eagles match the commentators noticed McDonald was caught between leading towards the ball carrier or moving back. Just screams our lack of “connection”.
  11. We never get value for our membership anyways. Why ask for a refund now?
  12. Wake me up when Corona has gone away and we have a new coach.
  13. Even the most selfish part of me doesn’t want the season to kick off like this.
  14. Please don’t ask for refunds. And if you aren’t signed up, do it. It’s a unique situation. We all literally have to take a hit for the team here.
  15. 2018 version of the Dee’s wins Both those games. Then loses to Freo.
  16. Hard to not to agree. Next we will be releasing the link for finals tickets.
  17. This bloke should never have gone home.
  18. If the top 4 remains the same this year I think 5th is our max. Our list isn’t on the same Level as those clubs. We’d really need Petracca and Brayshaw to become elite to come near them.
  19. I remember watching GWS absolutely pummel the tigers in Canberra a few years ago. They would have lost by 500 points if it wasn’t for him covering for his pea heart teammates. Amazingly they won the flag the next year.
  20. Makes sense why we needed a please explain at the end of the season. This is significant, and if there is no real game plan apart from “winning games” we will be rattling tins again in 2 years. Unbelievable.
  21. Is Bedford known for his running ability or has he come back in ultra good knick?
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