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  1. Some may only see that the Pies were under manned, prior to and, during the game. I think they played well, more so in the first half. The fact that we beat them so comprehensively, given that they actually played well, is what I am so impressed by and so optimistic about.
  2. Agree with every post on this topic. The AFL is remarkably unfair as a competition, considering the effort they go to to make things equal. The ANB v Burgoyne (insignificance player v significant player) sling tackle comparison is a terrific example of the ongoing inequality that stains the AFL.
  3. I have read during preseason here that Toby Bedford is going to be a player based on training. How has his form been this year? Opinions on whether anyone thinks he will develop into an AFL player and what type of player?
  4. I know, finally OMac is dropped (I thought this was not possible, no matter how poorly he performed) and we have Josh Wagner in, because he played well last week. He plays ok (just) every now and then, but history says he will have a mare soon and it will probably cost us a game (example of one selection costing a game: Petty last year against Saints). Need those types out ASAP. Wouldn’t someone like Billy Stretch have loved the run that Oscar got.
  5. Agree with you. We often find ourselves in these positions too.
  6. A heap of talk about Brisbane having a chance to come of age and announce themselves as possible contender, the game seems well framed for that opportunity. I wonder if our game frames up the same. Doubt remains from the prelim, saints are still a bogey team (IMO), saints being touted as back on the rise, opportunity to announce that we are still ahead of the saints, our season has well and truly started and we are a contender. Is this week’s game that big for us and will the coaches and players frame it up that way? Thoughts?
  7. I don’t think Frost is the one we should be throwing poop at. Based on his skill set, I think he is the perfect third banana. He is fast and that can’t be undervalued. May, Lever then Frost. Has what they don’t and they have what he doesn’t. The quicker we realise that Omac is not the project defencive player. Maybe he is a forward like his brother. IMHO both McDonalds need to hit the gym and become players that are referred to as beasts.
  8. Great thread! Throw Josh Wagner in the boat too. Can’t believe how many moments are missed by these guys. Key moments where it ends up costing a goal the other way. Not horrible players just too often involved in 12pt plays that hurt far too much. Everyone talk about sample size well I have seen enough now to form the opinion that they can’t improve enough to reach the required (premiership) standards. Time to move on to Petty and Keilty to learn more. Season is not lost IMO .........yet, but might be very close.
  9. Sorry, got carried away and forgot about the two answers rule.
  10. The loss stings pretty bad, but can't help feeling positive about the season overall. So impressed by the effort each week so far produced by this extremely young group. Personally, I only really rate a team's performance on the effort. I can forgive everything else. This Melbourne team always delivers in this area now. This is what gives me real hope, not false hope like times gone by. In fact, even after 3 losses, I have never felt more confident that this is the time that the Melbourne Football Club fight for premierships again.
  11. Pederson didn't do enough to hold his spot, but unfortunately needs to stay as the second ruck. Harmes made too many errors and was hanging on to his spot going in. Riewoldt's dominance in the first half exposed the need for Frost to go back. Frost has displayed all the attributes required to be a premier CHB, and yet lacks essential skills required to play forward, time to play him back. Dunn is horribly out of form and possibly needs time in the seconds. I don't think wholesale changes area required, but some may force their way in tomorrow.
  12. I have read a stack of posts on here and I am rarely compelled to make comment. I simply want to add that I completely agree with you Redleg. One of the best statement ever made on Demonland!
  13. The footy news cycle is a bit slow and this tanking suggestion is being over analysed. In my opinion, it will be too hard to prove in regards to handing out sanctions. If I'm wrong then all the other clubs that have sat at the bottom of the AFL ladders during the era of priority picks will come under scrutiny. A mess the AFL will avoid at all costs.
  14. I get that this is fun thread, but the last thing I want is for my daughter to marry an AFL player. I could think of nothing worse.
  15. After any supporter witnesses a bad season like 2012 for Melbourne supporters, you want to see your club having a crack during the trade period. Melbourne, lead by Neeld, have done this. Neeld has attempted to fill the massive holes in the list and taken some risks. It felt like they were linked to just about every player during the trade period, which is exactly what I wanted to see. Even though he didn't have to, Neeld has earned his spot as coach in 2013 during the last 4 weeks.
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