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  1. 6. Petracca 5. Gawn 4. Langdon 3. Viney 2. Lever 1. Tomlinson Mentions to Brayshaw, Spargo and Fritta
  2. They're [censored] untouchable down at Sleepy Hollow. It's disgusting. Sick of it.
  3. Worst umpiring call so far this year. Geelong DO NOT deserve the W.
  4. Love that deliberate call against Smith! Now get it done Brisbane!
  5. Good to see Mitch Brown polling votes in Rd 18
  6. Sweet FA from Dixon didn't help Port's cause either
  7. The gesticulating by every player within 50m of the ball appealing deliberate out of bounds is what gets me
  8. Gotta feel for Port after the year they've had. Richmond in 2017 was good I guess but FMD hearing Cotchin talk about how he and his wife think the Tigers group is so special is getting really [censored] tiring.
  9. Tom Browne also confirming Carlton per twitter
  10. Tom Browne reporting Viney has 'formally agreed terms to stay' per twitter.
  11. Langdon is an impressive individual. Speaking off the cuff and for once someone who doesn't just "thank the boys". Some class from Viney in thanking the Wagners and Dunkley as well.
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