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  1. I'm a massive fan of Ed - clearly an intelligent and articulate guy - I guess that's why he gets put up for media ops. However this isn't the first instance - reference comments re Ross Lyon. Sadly we probably won't hear much from him for the rest of the year.
  2. As a fellow Dees tragic sitting behind us noted - they (the filth) have to be the most uneducated cohort of supporters in the league. Calling for free kicks at the drop of a hat with absolutely no logic whatsoever. Must be such blissful ignorance.
  3. Yep agreed - we were the underdog challenger in 2018, seemingly from nowhere. You wouldn't know we're reigning premiers at times this year. In the MCC I'd say it was a 50-50 split but in terms of noise it almost felt 80-20 in favour of the FILTH. Maybe they're feeling how we felt back in 2018? And on a somewhat related note, it felt like a big portion of the MCC were theatre goers, there to drink as much as possible (only limited by the bar queues) and hardly watch a quarter of footy. Rant over.
  4. Just want to say props to the Demon Army - strong, vocal turnout here at this [censored] hole stadium! P.S. never seen so many pairs of tracksuit pants in one place
  5. 6. Kozzie 5. Trac 4. Viney 3. Langers 2. Hibberd 1. BB50
  6. ‘The Fritsch barbecue’ - its not often I agree with David King
  7. FMD another Fritsch brain fade in front of goal
  8. Thank goodness for Kozzie providing some spark around goal. Without him we’re completely lifeless at deep forward.
  9. That was legit a meter out of bounds
  10. 6. Viney 5. Lever 4. Oliver 3. Petracca 2. Hibberd 1. Langdon
  11. We weren’t at full strength, they pretty much were (excl. Stewart). We had too many passengers and seemingly everyone that’s recently returned from injury looked underdone, namely Max. If we can get them on the ‘G instead of their marginal seat pork barrel BS stadium and with a full strength side we can do a number on them…and I think they know it. But god help us if we cop an away final down there (not unrealistic).
  12. Leave these ferals to their marginal seat pork barrel BS stadium and disgusting water and get out of sleepy hollow
  13. Done. It was certainly there for the taking.
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