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  1. I had very good mail ten weeks ago he was gone. So FD would have known before that I'm sure..
  2. Agree mate, I can't believe that he could get to freo when they have zip to give us. For two years the media has said superstar superstar but are happy to report he's as good as signed with a club that has very little or willing to trade to us.
  3. Me too mate, the minute I heard May wasn't playing I was on the 1-39 pts bet.
  4. There is now a dee's flag flying from the Mentone hotel, not sure who got it there. Wink wink.
  5. Whenever a game comes along when we need to dig deep to make a statement we go to water. We only play well when teams allow us to. The saints played [censored] and everyone thinks we are back in town. We are pretenders.
  6. yep, its all about the number of posts. you really are are J...
  7. Bloodyhell, when are the players going to take some responsibility, in another three coaches time??? Not sure about you but I'll be probably dead by then.
  8. Correct, big max first win as captain and they dont include him, bloody embarrassing if you ask me. Only our mob could be so keen to sing the song after that crap second half. And dont tell me he wasn't [censored] off, you could tell by his body language. Poor effort.
  9. Jeez MFC have been stiff with some really freakish and sometimes unstoppable players, imagine if the ox, jurrah and jakavich played mostly full careers. Nearly brings me to tears. fmd
  10. I love hearing this about Petty, his pre-draft footage gave me the impretion he has a cool footy head. a bit like Sean Wellman in his prime.
  11. Geez for a bloke that hasnt grown up hard core footy. that highlight package shows he is in for a big career.
  12. But isnt that what they do in the states?? Therefore we have to do it also.
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