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  1. Is it too early to sleep out for GF seats in the MCC?? woohoo
  2. All this talk about us only playing teams at the bottom of the ladder. We’re only 3 rounds in, it’s not like it’s round 17, saints and GWS had solid wins this week. It’s going to be a pretty even year. Kozzy Prime Time Pickett to to kick a bag and Jordan to have a big game. I think Viney is crucial today. Let’s tick another one off today, [censored] I hate Geelong.
  3. These conditions would surely suit Sparrow ahead of Melksham.
  4. Brandon Parfitt always seems to play well against us. Geez I hope we smash those smug [censored].
  5. Kozzy ‘Prime Time’ Pickett. Thank you Jason Taylor. 😘
  6. Different emotions. Always look forward to games but now there’s much more excitement. Can’t wait for Kozzy ‘Prime Time’ Pickett to put on a magic show.
  7. Bruce kicked 10!? I thought April Fools Day was yesterday??
  8. We just look more mature than previous years. [censored] me Kozzy is going to be special. Can’t wait to see him light up the G in September 😍
  9. Disgraceful, umps on the Check and Chongs.
  10. King coming in may strangely suit us. Hopefully they go long to him and May/Lever can control the air, as they do so well. I do fear, like others, that on a fast deck they may have too many quick forward of centre players. Must improve the clearances without being sucked in like bees to a honey pot, otherwise they’ll get us on the outside. If we bring the pressure and lift in the clearances, we can take this one. Here’s hoping for a 2 - 0 start to the year.
  11. No excuse here, definitely weeks. Chose to bump. Hope Kelly is ok.
  12. Bank the points and move on. Tmac was good. Jordan and Spargo showed some smarts. Lever was sensational, wouldn’t be as effective without Tomlinson.
  13. Is it wrong to assume that; •May and Lever can control the defence • Salem and Hunt can take advantage of the new man on the mark rule when rebounding •We don’t get shown up for pace • We don’t turn it over constantly • Petracca and Oliver dominate the clearances to advantage, and push forward to hit the scoreboard • Someone unbeknown to us can play a useful role and the ‘other wing’ • Gawn / TMac / Jacko / Fritta / Kossy can combine for 15 goals In a wave of emotions I’ve seen us win, lose and win this game again. The leaders need to set th
  14. Bid late and bid hard. Good luck!
  15. What’s he paying for the Coleman? Up and about.
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