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  1. To Hell and Back....further.
  2. Could this make Freo keen to pay overs for our pick 3, eg 7 & 10?
  3. Perhaps they cut the tape short; ”I’m looking forward to playing on the G......kicking off at 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon”
  4. Perhaps a ploy to raise the eyebrows of Freo, in a bid to secure picks 7 and 10 for our no 3... It's going to be a long month.
  5. Can’t be us, he wasn’t on my list 😉
  6. Ahhh [censored] it, i'm not meeting my KPI's anyway; I've done a little light reading, below is a list of all VIC based players mentioned in the thread; Tom 'Basil' Lynch Jack 'Basil' Reiwoldt Joe 'Basil' Daniher Josh 'Basil' Bruce Mason 'Basil' Wood Jack 'Basil' Gunstan Levi 'Basil' Casboult Jamie 'Basil' Elliott Harry 'Basil' McKay Josh 'Basil' Schache Patty 'Basil' McCartin Tim 'Basil' O'Brien Charlie 'Basil' Curnow Ethan 'Basil' Tremblay' Ben 'Basil' Brown Mason 'Basil' Cox Shaun 'Basil' McKernan Luke 'Basil' Breust Tim 'Basil' Membrey Will 'Basil' Hoskin - Elliott Tom 'Basil' Hawkins Jake 'Basil' Stringer Tory 'Basil' Dickson Brody 'Basil' Mihoeck Esava 'Basil' Ratugolea Edit: went a little early without a few names
  7. I agree with everything you've said, we share the same view 100%. However, based on the description provided, not sure Ratugolea qualifies, unlike Hawkins.
  8. Don't be Hawkins Don't be Hawkins Don't be Hawkins Don't be Hawkins Don't be Hawkins Don't be Hawkins
  9. Cats might be looking to make a play for Cameron with Kelly’s compensation. Think they’ve tried before... Hawkins does perform well against us, and, being a Cat through and through, it would surprise. If I’m right, and I’m usually not, I don’t think I’d like it.
  10. This, along with speculation of Langdon and Tomlinson makes me happy. Not so much these specific players, from the outside, it seems we have cash, and, keen to bring in some troops. Unless of course, the reason we have this cash is on the back of a gun leaving.
  11. I think Christian was ok this year, without being great, however, still down on overall projected development. What I noticed as the year went on was his intent. He was taking on players, shrugging tackles, and, his overall energy and aggression at the contest was noticeably different. Previously he would float around the contest like a basketballer, so, i'm hoping he is starting to realize where his value lies. A super fit Petracca (no I'm not saying he's fat) with a clear mind, and, given the mandate to take the game by the 🏉🏉's could be just what we need....along with a lower ball drop...
  12. If people think he's fat now, imagine when he wears the hoops...🍝
  13. Was Petracca honouring leads from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ...?
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