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  1. It's been widely reported that the 2021 draft is stronger than the 2020 draft. Does anyone know if that's the top end talent eg the top 20 best kids in 2021 will be better than all the top 20 in 2020. Or, do they mean the draft is deeper/even and you'll get a solid player at pick 50 where as in 2020 things dry up pretty quick?
  2. Welcome Ben. A genuine forward. The lift this will give the other forwards could be HUGE.
  3. I thought TMac could always defend ok. It was when he tried to attack from defense things started to turn to [censored].
  4. Sounds like we’ve made an offer and don’t want to budge. I hope anyway, we need some dash and crumbs.
  5. The impact of this acquisition could be huge. Not many clubs will be able to nullify all of Brown, Weid and Jackson in any one game. Jackson will likely play up the ground which will probably suit him. This means Fritta will get 3rd or 4th defender, and, if Yze can assist his goal kicking, he could have a massive year. Throw in a little stint forward for Petracca...WOW...that could be enough to send cheese platters crashing to the ground off the excited laps of many.
  6. Nev's playing days are past him, but he would be invaluable off the field in a mentoring capacity.
  7. From a Carlton perspective, best case, they land Oliver. Worst case, they let everyone know they have the interest and the capacity to land a top line mid. Let's hope it's the latter.
  8. Adem Yze being a Melbourne person is one thing, and, probably the least important attribute. He would come with strengths and experience that we do not currently possess enough of, most notably; Opposition analysis kicking coaching and Game day strategy I couldn't give a rats if he was Tony Antrobus, if someone was available that possessed these attributes, we'd be stupid not to chase him. He absolutely ticks all the boxes.
  9. Or potentially backing themselves to earn bigger $$ at their peak / after consistent performances. So much potential.
  10. I think ‘it’ moved. Awesome!
  11. Seems to have some baggage, I’m a little concerned.
  12. Do you think offers would have been put in front of Rivers and Jackson at the same time as Pickett?? If so, their management may simply advise that their price can only increase and to hold off. Doesn’t mean their not keen on staying. Rivers has captain written all over him.
  13. I would like to see him used more at kick in set plays. Set up at central CHB, and, break to the opposite side of the ground to Gawn for a potential fast play options. We were too predictable and too happy to force a stoppage. It would be nice to try and break the lines and force the ball into attack quicker.
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