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  1. I was originally underwhelmed with this pick, maybe because of Bowey’s size, or lack there of. At a different level of footy, but his awareness, decision making and execution is already in front of most of our regulars. These attributes are the hardest to improve. A definite ‘needs’ pick. I’m converted.
  2. Vanders looks to have some power in the legs again
  3. Viney gets hands off whilst been tackled by two, Fritsch goals with a snap.
  4. Skills refreshingly good in full ground drill. Gawn and May going well. Fritsch a standout forward. Lockhart hitting targets nicely.
  5. Harley now jumping in with the rehab guys unhampered with some short kicking.
  6. Hannan, Smith, Petty and Chandler doing short sprint and agility work through the cones. Dunkley and Preuss lots of straight line sprints built for speed and endurance.
  7. Harley now doing some kicking with Langdon as the rest of the group do full ground sprints.
  8. I believe it was reported he had an ankle. Running fine in a straight line so shouldn’t be far off.
  9. Gawn and May moving well as they finish the first ball drill.
  10. Hannan running with great pace. They both look close
  11. All six look like they’re running close to top speed in the sprint drills. Lots of them
  12. Bennell participating in the first ball drill with some short leads and kick to the next group then running to next cone.
  13. Only KK and Neita not out there that I can notice.
  14. Gawn, May, Jones, Brayshaw and Fritsch all in main group.
  15. Preuss, Petty, Chandler, Smith, Dunkley, Hannan in the rehab group jogging a couple of laps to warm up.
  16. Harley Bennell warming up with the main group! He’s going at about half pace or just above in warm up sprints.
  17. @Satyriconhome do you know what’s wrong with Smith and how long away he is? Throughout Preseason he was reported to be super fit. The most recent training report had him participating but kicking his on his non-preferred. I think he could add speed and athleticism to the backline and support May and Lever.
  18. Brayshaw and C Wagner playing tomorrow will see them leave this list.
  19. Josh Wagner playing who was in our squad for the Adelaide game. will go with less that 8 on the interchange vs the Crows
  20. It would be good to know if Rivers and Jordon play and how they go. cheers
  21. I was hoping to see Rivers in the squad, especially with a few unavailable and 8 on the bench.
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