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  1. I had internet connectivity issues for the last 15 minutes Came back on just before they kicked ahead by a goal Can't believe the finish and how we almost managed to screw it up first with Harmes taking a fraction too long to kick when any score would have won and then TMac dropped mark, lucky the ball fell nicely and he did follow up well. But hit the post hahaha, probably the worst winning play ever A win is a win but big worries remain
  2. We're overthinking it I reckon. Not working so well due to lack of IQ
  3. Only 4 free kicks for the quarter. Loving that actually (except for 3-1 against)
  4. Technique is one thing, performing under pressure is another. Mostly between the ears I think, amazing how the basics drop away when you have doubts filling your mind. They need to practice set shots at training with some real consequences. Tracc has to eat tuna salad for a week should get results
  5. 1%ers stat today Tmac 19 Frost 8 Gawn 4 Oliver 3 6 players on 2 10 players on 1 Weideman and ANB on 0
  6. @scarlett I think you said in the gameday thread "The jogging after they waltz through our setup hurts from certain players, it wouldnt make any difference to that play, but they could effect another contest" I thought it was a great point and in particular the underlined. Of course it's not possible for players to be sprinting the whole time, but they fail to see more than what's in front of them or at most 1 play ahead. It's often what happens two or three plays later that is just as important but by the time our boys realise what's happening it's too late. So they're caught behind
  7. MMM suggesting Harmes could have had a set shot from 40 but played on from 60???
  8. We should aim for a Richmond player, no doubt it will hit one of ours lace out
  9. Some ripper sledges there. Depressing though when you think about it...
  10. Whenever we weren't playing that well last year we almost always managed to stick within a few goals and then bang we managed to turn it on for a quarter or short burst of goals, setting up the win. Let's hope we can produce something similar tonight. Sound lucky to only be down by 8
  11. Where the hell is Weid?? Haven't heard his name once.
  12. Interested to see if we stick to the zone defence guarding space. Never liked it because requires everyone to know exactly where to position themselves and be able to adjust on the go with awareness of what's happening around you. Don't have the confidence that all our players have the smarts or instinct for this...
  13. Looking at AFL player ratings so far Best 5 players this year - Gawn, Brayshaw, Harmes, Oliver, Petracca. The player ratings rewards score assist type of players, which IMO is why Salem is not there (although he is noted as 17th best general defender in the league this year) Whereas in form decline 2018 to 2019 for the whole league guess who's the worst. TMac...followed by Hibbered, Melksham, Oliver It's odd that Oliver is in both, but he was rated 4th best in 2018 whereas he's down to 43rd this year
  14. Points to key players out of form and poor teamwork
  15. The article mentioned that game day relations were more the issue rather than at training. I wonder if that is due to different opinions in giving instructions, which no doubt would lead to confusion etc. Also I remember Lingy (maybe Round 1 or 2) replying to one of the commentators that asked who the defensive coach was... "Chaplin and McCartney"
  16. I was often astounded to see just how few players we actually had at the fall of the ball. We seemed to be outnumbered everywhere. Not being at the ground it's hard to see where they are, but I suspect they're generally caught in no mans land between contests. This is down to both workrate but poor structure and positioning.
  17. Yes it's partly about making skill errors or turnovers that break down our structure But more glaringly, it's mostly about the opposition working out how to get control of the ball in our forward 50 then break through our high press with clever positioning, teamwork and skill. With easy entries into their forward 50 leading to easy goals. If we don't take a mark inside 50 (particularly contested marks, which is one of the hardest things to do inside forward 50, usually only a handful per match) then we also can't clean up the crumbs at ground level. We're often outnumbered at the con
  18. Yep, well drilled teams almost always prevail over chaos
  19. Our inability to make ground ball gets (not including stoppages) is horrible. We continuously get stuck in no mans land while the opposition have several players at each contest and are first to the loose ball. Also due to their correct positioning, reading of the play and staying down when their teammate makes the contest. Just basic stuff we've failed to do this year.
  20. Game plan stinks and no Plan B Stubbornly sticking with the way we want to play. I do get this strategy to an extent, but surely it is obvious now that it doesn't stack up and is easily dismantled. We need another game plan Really poor coaching, or at least the players either refuse or don't know to carry out instructions. Or just simply don't know what to do because we have no plan to counter this type of game.
  21. Melbourne during training this week "Ok more of the same guys, let's stick to what we have been doing as it's bound to work sometime. Last year it worked a treat" St Kilda during training this week "Ok so we know how Melbourne play, what can we do to counter this? We should implement this game plan, here is the structure and here is your role. Oh and this is Plan B"
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