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  1. Surely Burgess will be going to Adelaide at the end of the year though right?
  2. Should we look at Quinton Narkle? He would probably come on the cheap and I reckon he could play Melks role and also go in the midfield.
  3. I swear Milkshake has photos of Goodwin, he never gets dropped. Hopefully he makes the right choice this week and drops him. Goody said a few weeks ago in a team meeting that the boys on our list who are playing in the vfl can always continue to learn and press for their spot, yet there are half a dozen blokes playing better than Melk yet can't get a game...
  4. I honestly believe Weids will work it out soon! He had an off night on Friday night and he has missed a few marks in the last couple of weeks, but I remember hearing Tmac talk about himself a few weeks ago saying that each game he felt that he was getting more comfortable with clunking big marks at the top level. With more games that Weids has he will settle, I'm sticking fat with him. He's an important part of our future.
  5. Didn't mean to steal your thunder @Marty :(
  6. This is what a lions supporter posted on Lions big footy page on Sunday.
  7. The big men always take longer to develop, Gawny is the best example and look at him now!
  8. @faultydet his mullet screams mongrel bas****
  9. @Lord Travis do you think he's a Tom Sparrow or James Jordon sort of contested player? He could be handy to have for depth. I know he's had a few injuries, but if Burgess is still at the club next year he might be able to get him right.
  10. Narkle's is Ralph Carr and Josh Kelly's is Paul Connors but i'd love Kelly! I think Narkle could play wing and a small forward role, could be a good depth option.
  11. I know there's still a lot of season left however I've just read the latest 'Inside Trading' article on the AFL website. It mentions that Quinton Narkle will wait until the end of the year before opening contract talks. Should we give his manager a call?
  12. @Demonland that is some mighty fine grass.
  13. It's a hard one for sure. Melksham can give great delivery with his kicking and can kick 1-2 cheap goals if he's in the right spot. Sparrow is a bull and has an awesome inside game which is great if jordon, oliver or viney were to get injured mid game. My order would be milkshake, sparrow, jones and jetta.
  14. In Chocco we trust @Craig Hutchinson
  15. Simon Goodwin has confirmed in his press conference that Sam Weideman will return for Sundays game against Carlton. What are we expecting from him? Will he rotate between ruck and forward? What kind of performances/ what's required of him over the next 1-2 weeks to try and cement a place in the side? Discuss.
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