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  1. @Clintosaurus he was the doggies leading goal scorer in 2018, kicked 26 goals. Could be good to have him in the magoos and fill in for hunt or kozzy, even spargo if one of them gets injured next year.
  2. Just read that Billy Gowers is hoping another club picks him up. Is he worth a look? Delisted player, could be okay to have as depth and would be cheap as chips.
  3. @Patches O’houlihanI like it, I like it. Only thing i'd change is ' Ben Brown, pick 10, lots of cap space and re-signing Clarry' :) that would make me happy!
  4. what did you think of the summary @DemonWheels
  5. hey @Lord Nev what's the info with Rohan? I haven't heard anything.
  6. @Neil Crompton did we actually enquire about Phillips by contacting either phillip's manager or collingwood directly? If we did our due dilligence and Phillips then made a decision about going to Hawthorn, then i'm not bashing the club. However, if we didn't even enquire and do things such as having him tour our facilities and have meetings with him then i'm being harsh on us. We publicly stated we wanted another winger and failed on getting Smith, so to then not go with Phillips who is proven in that role, just doesn't make sense to me. If Baker can work in the wing then it'll be g
  7. so disappointed in this. Phillips would suit us perfectly and he''d be a walk in for us best 22. So much uncertainty with relying on baker for that role, where as Phillips is a proven winger. Baffled by some of the decisions our club makes :(
  8. @Nascenthe played 9 games and averaged 16 disposals per games, definitely players on our list that wouldn't contribute as much as that in a game.
  9. Just saw this on the AFL Website. Is Jack Steven worth a look if he were to leave the Old Folks home? https://www.afl.com.au/news/523602/early-exit-veteran-cats-mid-could-take-payout-for-2021
  10. @Lord Nev thank you for the update. If we're looking at Treloar, would Tmac to the filth be apart of that deal do you think?
  11. @Dr evil besides Sideshow Bob joining us, do you have any updates at all on who we are targeting? Love your work chief
  12. I'm hoping he's trying to downplay everything to try and keep the clubs off seasons business ''hush hush'' so he can have meetings with players without getting too much attention. On the other hand if he thinks that just adding Brown to the club is enough for this off season, then I won't be very impressed. Another winger and an upgrade to one of our small forwards is a must.
  13. Would we have enough to secure Phillips? I've read an article from Matt Rendell saying that Collingwood could move Mason Cox, and if so they are expected to earn $600,000 in 2021 on his back-ended deal, it would have enough money to cover McDonald's contract. Cause if we offload Tmac's contract, then we can put the money into giving Clarry a new deal. This might be why we're not wanting to do a straight swap for Phillips with Tmac. I'd rather free up the $ and give Clarry a new contract and then put Salem on the wing instead of Baker.
  14. Just read on AFL Trade News that the Pies are not open to him being part of their plans for next season. Could we go after him? My friend's younger brother used to play local footy with him around the Belgrave area so Casey isn't too far away from that area. Could he be a good fit for us?
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