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  1. Fails badly on the simple test - how many clicks does it take to get to what you want When I used it for the first time earlier in the year I couldn't believe how hard it was to find the match centre/results page. They used to have a nice graphic at the top of the homepage that showed each game for the round. Now it's this annoying pop-up that is not user friendly at all.
  2. Worth noting with the horrible umpiring differential the last two weeks that Norf and Adelaide are No. 1 and 2 respectively on 'Frees For' average this season at 20.7 and 19.8 Compares to us on 16.6 (No. 13) Amazingly, West Coast are last on 14.5 per game!! League average is 17.4
  3. They changed the wording in the rules after Burgoyne's both tackles so that it covers instances where one arm is free also. Previously it had to be both arms pinned, which is apparently why he "got away with it"
  4. Always racks up a ridiculous number of scoring involvements. Invaluable Everything he does is eye catching so hard to see him not polling well in his current form
  5. With Jackson do we actually have one of the few, true 'all rounder' type players. If his tank is good enough he can run around with the midfield, kick some goals in the forward line and take some saving marks in defence. Similar to Gawn in a way, but more athletic and dynamic at ground level. Exciting!!
  6. Nice to see some changes made this week, definitely thought the structure was much better! We really struggled with decision making, errors and the pressure but I think we'll get a lot of confidence out of the win. Desperately hope that TMac is OK, otherwise Brown has to come in. This game clearly showed that multiple talls in the forward and backline are needed Wow that was stressful, but woooo hoo!! Signs of life
  7. Much better than previous weeks and the structure sooo much better with Omac and Weid in!! Shame about TMac as it forces this to change. Lockhart no touches and one free kick against, currently -3 rating points...
  8. Yes, but seriously, it's obvious the ump was about to pay it, there was the obligatory wait for 2-3 seconds that always indicates that a HTB is about to be paid. Otherwise the ump whistles a ball-up immediately Anyway, a small thing, but just annoying as it turns a free kick into a contested ball situation
  9. Why do our players try and take it from the oppositions hands when the ump is about to pay holding the ball!!!???
  10. Max had no one to kick to out of defensive 50 because he couldn't kick it to himself
  11. I really question the message being given to the players - whether it's mixed messages, or the poor delivery of the message that leads to confusion, or a playing group that refuses to take on board the message. There is no clarity in the way we play. The players seem to deviate from one avenue to the next. The systems we have set up seem to fail and we scored so many times based on individual moments of brilliance or flukes. Are they actually enjoying or even want to play footy? Doesn't look like it
  12. Yep Smith and Lever cannot be in the same team. May, OMac and Lever are needed to get the right dynamic with each playing their role
  13. This can't go on much longer before it is plainly obvious that a new coaching panel is needed to find a new game plan, method of teaching and fresh start with this playing group. They are shot right now and have no confidence. Second guessing everything and everything goes out the window
  14. Looks like he doesn't know when to go up and when to stay down, when to man up and when to guard the space. Always choosing the wrong option. Really poorly coached IMO and the defensive structure not working and not suiting his game Our coaching team needs to coach to players strengths, they seem obsessed with everyone being able to fill multiple roles to the detriment of their natural game
  15. Reading too much into the wording, but after returning the low-grade result he was tested again and "told" not to train. So he may have actually trained...I wouldn't be surprised this was being twisted to suit agendas! Also, if they got the low-grade result on Friday evening, why was he allowed to come to the club on Saturday morning at spend at least 20 minutes there before being told. Ever heard of a telephone and to stay at home to be tested in isolation???
  16. 36 month aged proscuitto imported from Emilia-Romagna
  17. Cheese platters for catering thank you very much
  18. That's why I suggested the three tier system with select number of tickets in each. Speaking of tiers, would be interesting if the AFL can convinve the Vic govt. to also allow the outside seating areas to be 'roped off' so to speak into designated areas for up to 50 persons. Certainly more space than a corporate box inside... Maybe the logistics is too difficult for controlling people moving around the stadium etc.
  19. The same draft we took ANB, Stretch and OMac...
  20. Not a bad idea to sell a select number of tickets at a premium for those willing to pay. Then in the next tier, have a select number of tickets available for a normal price. Tickets are issued based on a lottery to members of AFL clubs only. Then a third tier with a select number of tickets given away for charity for those that cannot afford. Surely with a ground as huge as the MCG it would be possible to get a tiny crowd in and have pre-allocated seating with distancing measures and proper practices in place for entry, visiting toilets, food and drink bars. Would give some
  21. Currently there are 18 teams and 22 games in the home and away season played over 23 weeks (based on 2019 season) Compare this to Premier League where 20 teams play 38 games over about 40 weeks (also with other competitions in between) If we stick with 18 teams, why not shorten games to approx. 90 minutes and play 36 games per season over a longer season with a bye round in the middle. That way all teams play each other twice and more opportunity to share the blockbusters etc. Push finals later into October and the cricket can wait!
  22. Slightly concerned what the hand positioning on those dolls is meant to be used for... If there is an option to mute supporter sound for the opposition team, or toggle on/off crowd abuse of umpiring decisions, then I'm all for it!
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