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  1. Thought he had a decent 2018. Top 20 off 15 games. Hasn't had a fair crack this year.
  2. Goodwin should have put the cue in the rack 5 -6 rounds ago. His game plan now looks desperate. Rushing underdone players back all year. Detrimental to the list and confidence. Jetta and Lever were silly inclusions in hindsight. Can't afford to stuff up another summer break. Need a fit and firing best 22 next year.
  3. Pretty sure it was at least 2 within minutes. I am fairly drunk by the second half these days though.
  4. Carlton - Just know they're [censored] but want to win. Collingwood infuriate me , find players out of nothing. Strong Victorian clubs stay in the mix.
  5. Didn't he go back and take 3 defensive marks when the game was on in the 3rd. Showed leadership and passion. Melbourne FC are [censored]. Would rather listen to Gawn than "after the siren" Mr.Goodwin.
  6. Max is over in SA visiting his mate Wattsy. Don't blame him to get out of Victoria for the weekend.
  7. The only relevance is what the deluded media spin. Melbourne haven't been relevant for nearly 2 decades.
  8. That's working out well. You want to give em another 18 years to do nothing?
  9. They had a plan to return the club to what it was. Almost there, but fell short. What was learnt is now being spat on.
  10. Need someone at the club to respect the history, colours and jumper? Melbourne lost that. Have to get it back.
  11. FML, Look at all the rubbish trotting around. -Fitness not good -Culture -need to sack staff -poor recruiting -getting rid of hogan -wasting draft picks -no plan B -structures -team selection -training and development -playing injured players Roos and Jackson are gone. Why do you Demonlander's keep chasing your tail?
  12. Roo's and Jackson. Would make a nice Rum brand?
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