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  1. id cry if Oliver left. And no compensation would make up for it. Especially not from Carlton. Would run us back 3-5 years trying to find a replacement 2xbnf, AA, 23 year old. Why would any player be happy with the team with Goodwin running the show. Did anyone hear the corpse speak at the bnf. He puts you to sleep. There's no way a person likethat can pump you up on game day.
  2. better be heaps more. including Omac
  3. Must be sacked. it's unfortunate but he's missing the first 4 weeks on suspension anyway. Then, AT BEST, he makes his way into the team around round 8 then he's lost 1/3rd of the season. It's not worth keeping him on.
  4. good post. I agree with all of it. I probably would've been harsher on Pickett but I thought Weideman had an ok season considering the quality of our forward entries.
  5. It's all well and good saying we need to prioritise a forward but there's no-one of any quality that's available. And the reason we need Saad is because we are the slowest [censored] team in the AFL! he is a must get. have people forgotten how bloody slow we are? how slow jetta is? We need Saad and then we need to focus the next 2 drafts on getting speed in. that's how slow we are.
  6. I love it how if we got Williams he would've been a gun back flanker that offers speed and foot skills but because we didn't he is definitely not worth that amount of money and isn't that good. lol
  7. Williams officially announced Carlton as his club of choice. end thread. positive news is that it means we are more likely to get Saad then.
  8. so you've done a thorough medical on petty and have come to the conclusion that he will never get better? People have forgotten how handy Petty is
  9. Perryman is the only one id touch.and he requires a first round pick minimum
  10. I think anyone wanting to add Cameron doesn't grasp where we are at. We are very close to having to rebuild. We need to go to the draft But if we do trade in anyone it certainly won't be Jeremy Cameron who is 27 and costs over 900k a year.
  11. Doctors diagnosis The end is now upon us. And whilst I have drawn criticism for being excessively critical of the team and coach I believe now is a good time to reflect on the positives and negatives of the year as well as something to look forward to for 2021. I will start with the positives: - Injuries and the recruitment of Burgess. Burgess has done his part for the club. He got us fit and got us through the season unscathed. A big tick. - Draftees: Rivers, Jackson and Pickett. They have all got valuable senior experience. Jackson will spend another 6 months getting big
  12. if we don't delish Omac, we are more of a joke than I thought.
  13. people having the audacity to say that Fremantle are playing poorly. open your eyes! we aren't that good!!! that's why Freo killed us.
  14. How the phuccck can your assessment of our club be so off to the point that you expect things? We have been poor defensively and on the spread all year. even in our wins
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