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  1. There is no pass mark for Goodwin. He's already failed. Last season was the season he needed to get us in the top 8, and probably top 4 but we played some awful footy. must go asap
  2. No wonder we never see eye to eye on players Binman. If your favourite players were Jack Watts amd Oscar Mcdonald then thats a comment im not sure i can take seriously. What about Matthew Bate or Gysberts? My favourite players are the ones who have a crack and put their body on the line. Watts and OMac never did that. And put simply they just werent very good. For the record my favourite players were Neitz, Farmer, Jeff White, Scott Thompson and Aaron Davey. You know, actually good players!! People are so blinded by their loyalty that they can't see the forest for the trees. Many people o
  3. i still cant believe we traded next years 1st rounder. Most of the good players are being snapped up this year as academy picks. I dont know which players are considered as 'value' that has speed.
  4. seriously stfu. grundy is a multiple AA. So when will LJ be multiple AA? 3 years? 5? never? Yes Luke Jackson looks good but Grundy has already reached the top. Jackson isnt even a number 1 ruck! and wont be for several more years.
  5. Melbourne has spoken and every other afl team has said that they wouldn't give anything up for him. So that's his value, 0. A big lesson for everyone to not overrate our own players. a nice signing off was oscar starting the game in Brisbane against the Lions 15m off his opponent. Sums him up. Textbook smart, street smart, footy dumb.
  6. Thank God. He was a liability for so many years. And it just goes to show how blinded and biased some demonlanders are. For people, including the mfc, to expect to get a trade for OMac highlights just how misguided and biased their opinions are. He was the Jack Watts of the backline. And was gifted most of his games.
  7. defensively TMac is too much of a liability. A 90 year old granny could side step him.
  8. i dont think its wise. i see us sliding to bottom 6. especially with goodwin being sacked by round 5 creating a bit of instability. The game against freo didnt give me much hope for next season
  9. did you watch him live or just going by YouTube vids? be honest.
  10. where are all those people that say he needed to be dropped etc? Comes top 10 in the brownlow and AA squad. Geez some people have no idea about football.
  11. [censored] this trade period! we've gotta put up with the Mcdonalds for another year. [censored]!!!!!!!
  12. i don't understand this reasoning. Yeah we can move into the top 10 but at the expense of pick 18,19 which are great picks to have. And its all based on points anyway so its all well and good to say lets get into the top 10 but we'd only do so in a way that the points system is of even value.
  13. im confused. can we trade these picks or are we officially ended with pick 18, 19?
  14. or being offloaded by North melbourne because they didnt want him. dont just say the good and not the reality
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