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  1. I think it's hard to say because ruckman aren't needed in this day and age. The tigers have shown this. Because of this I still rate Yze, Neitz, Davey, Jeff Farmer, Schwartz, Robbo, Lyon, Schwartz, Oliver ahead of him.
  2. Tom McDonald and Kozzie Pickett as whipping boys for me.
  3. would anyone care here if Laurie and Bowey played round 1 ahead of melksham, hibberd, Jetta etc?
  4. what's the logic there? the 5th of March is still 5-6 days away from a possible Saturday/sunday game and teams can play whichever players they want for any amount of game time for rest purposes so I don't think the logic is right in this instance.
  5. We took Jackson because he was best available and he was life after Gawn. That's it. He wasn't drafted to play forward. But we've put him there to help with his development. He is a ruckman through and through.
  6. Jackson is a ruck. not a forward. Has his 3 goals on 6 games been enough to prove to you that Jackson is going to be a star forward? lol
  7. yeah let's take our AA ruckman and move him to the forward line where he can kick behinds with his shocking kick for goal. brilliant.
  8. The website and media stuff has never been the same since Burgo left. He is the only one that really knew what people wanted to see. Pics and interviews with the new draftees, details on when the intraclub would be, photos galore. A shame it's fallen apart since he left.
  9. we all know what half a brain Goodwin will do. But what should we do is a completely different story.
  10. Good post. I haven't seen enough from Jackson to suggest that he has goal kicking nous so I would play Petty before him who has more exposed form (which is 1 good game but he looked more natural than Jackson). Fritsch as the third tall. I'd keep Petracca as a mid. He kicks just as many goals as a midfielder anyway. If Kozzie isn't right then I'd look for a Bailey Laurie to come in. Throw in Spargo on another pocket and I'd give Melksham a go for experience. HF: Fritsch Mcdonald Melksham FF. Laurie Petty Spargo
  11. true. but he didn't have this criticism in his good 2018 year.
  12. that's what happens when you play an inside mid on the outside.
  13. I'm so sick of Angus Brayshaw and training reports. He hasn't put on much muscle tone in about 3 years and I don't know why he hasn't pushed harder to play as an inside mid. He seems very content with just being a so-so player on the outside. I sort of hope he secretly requests a trade to a club that gives him the opportunity. Otherwise, what are we seriously doing here.
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