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  1. Brayshaw should've been dropped last week, but alas he was chosen and he played horrendously again. He turned it over regularly or kicked in on the full. We can't carry his foot skills anymore. Must drop
  2. Not sure how you could put Petracca in the best. He tried to do way too much and either got caught holding the ball too often or butchered it by foot. Not a great game by him.
  3. 6. Mcdonald 5. Oliver 4. May 3. Salem 2. Harmes 1. Langdon
  4. Hey guys, is anyone worried about our lack of ability to switch on at the start of every quarter. Almost every week the opposition kicks a goal in the first minute of every quarter. And quite often in the first 30 seconds. Its bloody frustrating!
  5. Last week I gets shot down for putting Brayshaw in my Outs. Now everyone is following suit. I'm just a week ahead of everyone else. Also, shame on everyone for saying Mcdonald needs to go back. Thank God that didn't happen.
  6. can anyone who suggsted putting Tom Mcdonald back kindly refrain from ever commenting on team selection and have a good hard look at yourselves. Put your hand up and own it.
  7. Gawn - Hits to disadvantage McDonald - Play him back? (Lol) Brown - an improved performance Petracca - got caught regularly Spargo - big clutch goal Melksham -rarely noticed him Fritsch - not worth challenge Pickett -proactive first half May - had Buddys measure Salem - career best form Harmes - Offered significant drive Jackson - back to earth Lever - didn't intercept today Brayshaw - doesn't value footskills Oliver - possible 3 votes Hibberd - Solid as (a) rock Langdon - continued AA season Jordon - impor
  8. I called for Brayshaw to be dropped last week after he butchered the ball. But he kept his spot and butchered it again. When will demonlanders follow suit and realise that Brayshaw needs to respect ball use and momentum before returning to the team.
  9. yeah I actually agree. I wasn't being serious. is it just me or does she flirt with Brad Johnson and Jordan lewis though?
  10. I actually like Sam McClure too. When you're surrounded by guys like Robbo who butcher the English language and guys like Eddie who yell their opinion across the table, I like how Sam McClure is always calm, never raises his voice, is articulate but also strong in his views. I think the media get such a hard time but I think they do a really good job covering our game. I think besides Robbo who isn't fit for television (or radio) they all do quite a good job. My favourites are Whately, Lloyd, Ross Lyon, Sam McClure, Dal Santo, Gary Lyon and Kath Loughnan because she seems to flirt with h
  11. I've never understood the hatred that people have for Caroline Wilson. People pick on literally every person in the media.
  12. I don't see the love for Brayshaw on a wing. he turned it over a lot by foot on the weekend and he is terrible defensively due to his lack of leg speed. Did anyone see how easily he got side stepped on the boundary line against north. It's like his feet were stuck in concrete. Against quick teams I wouldn't mind having Baker in instead.
  13. we don't get a top 10 pick for Weideman mate. would be lucky to get a late first for him. Most likely early second round.
  14. I'm sorry but if I'm Weideman hearing that I'd be saying; "'I've kicked 14 goals in 3 weeks, including a bag of 7, don't talk to me about earning my position! Especially when Ben Brown got promoted on lesser form. Talk about patience, how about you put me in the team and one of the other players can be patient!". These would all be reasonable points from his perspective.
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