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  1. Oliver could still possibly get the 3 votes for this game. But we need mids that are good kicks for goal. We don't have a luke shuey on our playing list. or anyone that comes close to his foot skills including in front of goal.
  2. i'm sorry but you say 'still gelling' as if its improving? i haven't seen any improvement. Only consistent bad goal kicking. Secondly, 2 points instead of 4 is the reason we could/most likely finish behind Brisbane, Port and Sydney on points. So it's extremely costly.
  3. The same supporters that are positive now are the same supporters that would say 'overall the season was a big success' if we come 5th and lose the elimination final. Viney is a finals player but he is also reckless. He gives a lot of frees away too. His turnovers have been touched on but i'd prefer 15 touches and 0 turnovers than 30 touches but 8 or 9 score involvements for the other team.
  4. You're too caught up in the stats movement. The turnovers killed us. Time and time again.
  5. I personally think he is too slow to be a defensive forward. He also has a bad turning circle so I think he would get caught a lot himself. I actually think he is carrying too much weight. I'd like to see him 5kg less which is noticeable for someone his size but he needs to cover the field better. And I agree with previous posters, he is killing us with turnovers at the moment. And has for some time and I have 0 faith in match committee that they will ever drop him.
  6. lol. I said this during the game too. When he has the ball, at best you're hoping for a 50/50 because sure as hell it isn't going to a dees player.
  7. I'm a better set shot than Pickett and weideman from 30m out. I'd happily challenge them.
  8. I'm still waiting for Luke Jacksons 'bag' that was just around the corner. Someone even posted comparisons between him and Josh Kennedy. Good Lord. Here I am, pre-season stating that Jackson isn't a forward and I get shot down for it. The proof is now in the pudding. Yes, he's going to be a gun in the ruck. But he isn't a forward and never will be. Hey isn't a good kick for goal or a good mark of the ball (he runs under it too much). Time for a rest.
  9. 6. Oliver 5. Fritsch 4. Salem 3. Hunt 2.Petracca 1.Spargo
  10. I'm not saying we can't. It's just a prediction. We're coming off seasons finishing 17th and 9th. We had everything to play for last year and screwed up our season by not showing up in games later in the season against bad teams. I suppose that is still fresh in my memory and I think we're seeing signs of that team coming out.
  11. Salem is the only one that I think I trust kicking for goal. That's how [censored] our forwards are. And our mids are really inaccurate too.
  12. Goodwin still talking about lessons in round 18. It's not lessons Simon, its execution.
  13. Dr.D

    Ladder Watch

    Yeah, but we beat Geelong at the mcg. without Rohan and Cameron. Cameron may or may not be back for the round 23 clash.
  14. I wasn't surprised that we beat Brisbane or dogs. Nor was I surprised that we lost to Collingwood or didn't beat hawks. Ultimately, I said 5th. And if I'm wrong, I'd be surprised. 5th I said. It's been there for the whole forum to keep me accountable. I have no problems with that. I'm just keeping all the fans accountable for saying top 2 and top 4 when it was far from warranted.
  15. I think my neediness is as much as a concern as everyone's bias towards this club. They are so blinded by their loyalty that they can't see the forest for the trees. and that annoys me. It's like a kid making the same mistake time and time again. But don't worry, Gold Coast is in the bag and we'll lock in a top 2 spot! :S
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