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  1. Lever should be dropped until he gets rid of that moustache
  2. Son and four grandchildren sitting among 100 Filth supporters Good education for them He says we are sitting in amongst about 100 Collingwood supporters …….this could be a learning moment for the kids about why we hate Collingwood
  3. More succinctly as: Presently, these gems are spread out over hundreds of separate topics, making them too hard to reference in our time of need.
  4. Are you saying that in respect of the GFC, notwithstanding they have redeeming features - nevertheless , overall, in consideration, in your mind, the negatives outweigh the positives ?
  5. I believe that Hercule Poirot, that most famous detective in the whole world, would have detected in that sequence of events, a significant lack of exercise of the little grey cells, especially by that (Geelong) number 26 whose effort was piddling and pathetic although, perversely, and at the same time, entirely satisfactory and satisfying and on second thoughts, he probably was exercising all the little grey cells he possesses
  6. Brave words l understand where you’re coming from Short live the Maggots
  7. Please post it again tomorrow And the day after And the day after And the day after And the day after And the day after And I will tell you when to stop
  8. He is a bit clumsy the old Tommaelbow it must be admitted
  9. Possibly one of the advantages of having a full-time umpiring academy would be the luxury of extra training time to familiarise umps with the tricks being used to milk free kicks. currently the umpires seem to be a bit like legislators trying to catch up with cryptocurrency crooks: always one step behind the latest scam The AFL might even introduce an education module called “How umpiring can influence the results of games“ with a half day on crowd control (of umpires)
  10. Not sure what was said about the Collingwood game but the umpires were definitely told what was required of them after half time in that one It is a thing
  11. Might you be prepared to shop them around? Maybe your new career could be as a player agent? another reading of circumstances is that great players can get a game in a premiership team whether they be young or old, experienced or inexperienced
  12. Maybe everyone on this site has seen everything there is to see about the 2021 grand final but for the first time today we have watch the “sound the alarm 2020 1AFL grand final” offering on YouTube today I’ve never seen the footage of Goodie and Luke Beveridge during the grand final previously and I’ve gotta say it’s fascinating Having seen many many coaches over the years I am shattered by the lack of use of the F Word by either and both coaches because I had assumed to succeed at the premium level it’s a prerequisite that aside the intra-game coach commentary is so interesting - and dare I say - not astonishingly profound when one considers the deep deep tactical analyses on the Fox postgame programs Imagine if one of those experts was coaching !!
  13. My understanding is that they are banned for occupational health reasons
  14. Watching the Hawks this afternoon we would definitely want Frost to keep his place in the side No changes there thanks
  15. If the Match Committee is minded to have players available to slot in to cover absences later in the year might they go Tom McDonald for Weideman (not because he’s lacking form - he is improving every week) Is Melksham gone the way of Nathan Jones and we won’t be seeing him again? Smith would appear to be a work in progress (as has SW been) We are so fortunate to have a choice of riches
  16. I apologise for misunderstanding  what you meant with a comment in gameday Loges  - not my finest work and probably like our kicking last night - best forgotten.Regards 

    1. loges



  17. We run run run and it makes a great difference unfortunately we won’t go any higher on the ladder
  18. Can’t agree We have to respect the opponents - we are sharper in the cleanup imho
  19. I used to hate it when the Barwon cheats did those annoying 10 metre kicks that gave them possession and control. I can now see a beauty in the method that I’m surprised to have not appreciated before
  20. We must have a good team when Melksham is playing for Casey
  21. We have three grandchildren playing at the half time game tonight (from two families). they don’t find out until they get to the ground which team they’re playing for. they’re under strict instructions if it’s the Tiges they are to throw the game
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