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  1. You are hitting the nail on the head there. So much of what happened on Saturday was plainly embarrassing. I just want to see the culture of this club evolve so that it can be something you are proud to be associated with. There's no shame in losing to the better team, but there is shame in losing to an inferior opponent who showed more pride than you. Both Hawthorn and Collingwood are proud clubs who took it up to us in a way that we have not done when we've been at the bottom of the ladder (plenty of times) in my lifetime. Those who genuinely believe in the whole 'we only get ourselves up for good quality opponents' rubbish that feels like it's emanating from the players are soon going to realise that when the big boys really come out to play, we still have little to fall back on as a club. I absolutely love this (paraphrased) quote from Giannis Antetokounmpo a few days ago about his ego and how he reflects on the things he has done in the past: "When you focus on your past, that’s your ego. When you focus on your future, that’s your pride. When you focus on the present, that’s humility."
  2. I think I would feel much better about the progress this club is making if our week to week effort was consistent. If we lose to some good sides because they are just better than us on the day, and take care of the sides that we are better than, then so be it. Right now it just feels like we're miles and miles off understanding what it takes to be a consistently good team that can compete for flags.
  3. We're not flag contenders anyway, so top 2/4 is fairly irrelevant. You aren't going to win a flag with key forwards who regularly play at VFL standard...and our key forwards aren't even our biggest problem. Until this cub learns how to consistently allow games to be decided by talent then we're not competing for anything. These guys still regularly seem to think that talent can be the deciding factor without brining any defensive intensity. And it can't happen in this sport. AFL Football is a relatively low skilled sport...good offence can't beat good defence in the AFL...the foundation for winning is making it hard for you opponents to win it themselves...
  4. You'd probably have to just about say May is a bit overrated wouldn't you? Can play great games and then serve up absolute stinkers, which is not what you expect from a bloke approaching 30. Can get very fumbly under pressure too.
  5. Doesn't say a lot about the quality or desire of our players though does it. It's looking very much like the higher ranked teams have tried to play their own game and haven't applied the full on pressure to us, thus opening the door for us to play it on our terms. When lower teams apply pressure, our players look worse than ordinary. In finals, just like in the NBA playoffs, everyone ups their defensive intensity. I can see another Perth 2018 on the cards when the finals come around.
  6. It's also why the free kicks go against us in games like this. When one team is an underdog and having a red hot crack while the highly fancied team is prancing around limiting contact and playing like it's an NBA all star game, it's human nature that the umpires also start looking after the opposition. Our players can just be so insipid that the broader football world just kind of like turning the screws on us at times.
  7. Going to be a very interesting off season. Overall despite likely seeing a first week exit from the finals, it has been a good step forward from the last 2 seasons. And our strong home and away performance might help us to sell high on some guys that don't have what it takes to continue changing the soft culture of the club...hopefully we will be a bit ruthless and try to get ourselves into a window of contention in 5 or so years (may be wishful thinking).
  8. What is it about our experienced players that the gap between their best and worst is absolutely woeful. McDonald on $700K per year is either decent or hopeless. Brayshaw looks good one week then looks like he's wearing 20KG of concrete in his boots and has smoked 5 joints before he goes on the field the next. Maybe we're just an ordinary team who's managed to cop teams at the perfect time throughout the year...we've generally copped teams with heavy injury lists while we've maintained almost none...
  9. Probably the most embarrassing performance outside of 186 and 148 over the last 15 years. And that is saying something because we've had plenty of white flaggers. Our win/loss records flatters us...massive front runners who can't respond when the game is not on our terms. When the Hawks have sat on top of the ladder and we've been at the bottom that game is a flogging every time. No pride at this club...they're not winning any finals this year. We just got physically dominated by what would have to be the worst lineup fielded by any team over the last 5 years. Zero pride to allow that to happen. Is the Goodwin the right guy? Results have shown this year that he has given these guys a formula to be successful....but these lazy show boaters don't seem to get it. We will be waiting another generation of draft talent for a shot at a flag...these guys don't have it.
  10. Agree with this. Also think our forward lines biggest weakness is with our talls. None of them are good in the contest. All look ok when leading into space but pretty much none of them take marks in contested situations, and most don't do a great job of even halving contests and bringing the ball down into dangerous spots. Unless we apply pressure up the ground and let our forwards work in space we have little chance of kicking big enough scores to win it all. This is also exacerbated by the fact that we don't get a lot of goals out of our mids (we do get quite a few points).
  11. This is the reason why we are also struggling to score. Not getting the easy opportunities that come from turnovers driven by intense pressure being applied. It's up to the players now. They've seen what can happen when you commit to pressuring your opponents. But it's not going to be easy to maintain it...will take some sacrifice and competitive spirit and pride from the playing group. History says they'll put it in the too hard basket and give it up. Let's see what this group is made of.
  12. We've given these guys what looked 4 or so weeks ago to be an outstanding group if coaches to set them up. What's changed? Coaches are still the same. The amount of pressure being applied by the players has fallen off a cliff. People might say it's the coaches job to get them up...but letting an ordinary interstate side come to your home ground while sitting on top of the ladder and give you a physical touch up is 100% on the players. Same story as with every prior coach over the last 20 years. Guys like Mark Williams are probably scratching their heads in disbelief. Let's see what the players have got this week...last year we responded to the short turnaround vs. Port with a 'mini 186' so the form line isn't great.
  13. You make a fair point and no, I didn't go today. To be honest, I don't go to games anymore as I just don't enjoy it. My overtly negative comments on Demonland help me put the frustration of the days' performance behind me, but are probably best ignored! The first 14 rounds have been a good step forward for the club...we still have a long way to go. As I've said before, those that have enjoyed the journey to where we are now, and continue to ride the highs and lows without complaint, are the ones who I admire the most and who rightfully will enjoy the ultimate success the most when we finally get there.
  14. This club is a hard one to turn up for when you enjoy watching good competitive sport where 2 teams go at it trying to win. Lots of fans are accustomed to the Demons picking and choosing when they'll have a crack...and many probably suspected today was going to be one of those days where the players couldn't be bothered...and they were right. We have had so many years of the results being worse than they should have been, based purely on inconsistent effort, it'll take 3+ years of consistent effort from the players before supporters will attend consistently.
  15. Playing group that has gotten ahead of themsleves...even though they have achieved nothing. Playing like a team that has won the last 2 flags and think they can save themsleves for September. We won games by applying pressure around the ball and giving quality looks to our forwards. Seem to have put that in the too hard basket again. We simply do not have the talent in the forward line to score unless it is coming in fast with the opposition on the back foot.
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