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  1. Who cares what people think about him. Jackson like all our players has it in his own hands whether he can be effective in various roles. Let actions talk. Unfortunately our players over the years have tended to deliver less than what they're capable of...hence commentators seemingly 'picking on' the MFC. Hopefully Jackson is one of the guys to start turning the tide.
  2. Collingwood will re-invent. They always do. They have a highly competitive culture that we should aspire to. Can't see us being better than any of those teams, and Carlton are also ready to go past us. Despite having significantly poorer lists than ours, I expect that both Ess and Haw will go past us soon enough too. Didn't see anything from our group this year that suggests they are the ones who are going to turn the club around. We are paying way too much for underperforming senior players which is also making it harder to improve. This club need a string of seasons where we s
  3. Gee if the net result of his 4 year contract is $3 million out the window and jeopardising our ability to sign consistent performers like Oliver with the required contract value, all for a return of 4 years of VFL standard football, then this is one of the better duddings from a well paid player in their peak years that we've copped in recent times (and there have been plenty). I wanted them to move him on at least to show that this club is over copping that level of output from the guys who should be driving us towards the top. Even if you accept the excuses for a drop from his full capa
  4. This is interesting and while not the intention of his comments, it does highlight what others have mentioned about Oliver. And that is, if rumours of wanting to play in a successful team are true, well so much of realising that at the MFC are hugely in Olivers control. I rate him very highly but he can be even better. And further improvement from Oliver would help us move towards the next level. Like our other mids, if his improvement was centred around how he leverages his strengths to compliment the strengths of our other mids then we would improve in leaps and bounds. I guess we'll se
  5. Stewart was excellent for Geelong. Martin a class above everyone. Have to give credit to Geelong...a team of players that i think are generally not great at the contest have just given a very good team a decent shake in a GF. Since the 2018 prelim they have stood up like men and competed while our guys have shrunk and looked for something/someone to blame.
  6. Agreed 100%. Even if not raining, the dewey nights are not conducive to a great spectacle.
  7. To see the Demons in another of these games, and to 'play like Demons' as Checker famously said, is (outside family things) something i want to see more than anything else. Unfortunately we are a number of years off. Watch the prolonged intensity of tonight's game and it will be hard to think of a time in recent years when we've competed at the required level for long enough. We have the talent to build towards this...just hoping somewhere along the line we can find the right mix of attitudes to drag our club to the promised land. Think it needs to start with a few years of relentles
  8. I think your comments here are spot on and I have felt that as a club we have been like this for a very long time. It's also why I see it as pointless bringing in experienced players from other clubs under the theory that we are in a position to have a crack at a flag. I reckon our players are so far off from showing the intensity and fight required for long enough to be a threat to anyone in big games that it'd be a complete waste. My view is we're better off moving on any player who isn't fully committed to doing what is required to turn this club around, along with those making big mon
  9. Watching his efforts in the latter part of his time at Melb was my tipping point to give up my memberships and stop giving up my time to go watch games live. Was so disappointed with the club in general...i felt he should have been told to take the jumper off and leave on the spot. Understand that's not how it works as we had to try and hold some value for his departure, but i just thought that the disresepect to what should be treated as a privileged position was appaling.
  10. Oliver is the one we need to keep more than anyone else...try to get him on a 5+ year contract and build around him. He is our best player. I hope/imagine he isn't wanting out because of a B&F finish. Also doesn't grab me as the kind of competitor who would give up and leave a club because of lack of success. Seems more likely to be someone who would want to drive the club forward. I don't know how others feel, but my perception of players who achieve ultimate team success with their original team is that they are very often held in higher regard than those who have swapped teams
  11. Well done Lions. Have applied enough pressure to allow the game to be decided on talent...and they have plenty. Tigers have won a lot of games by pressuring more than their opponents...the Lions wore it and look the better team on pure talent.
  12. Our players looked good for the few weeks we applied high level pressure to the oppo. Funnily the skills looked a lot better those weeks too. Then it got a bit hard and we gave it up. Every year the flag is won by the team that applies the most pressure for longer...our guys either don't get it or just don't want to do it. Had we made it to Perth next weekit would have been a s^%# show. We could just as easily have turned up with the white flag raised.
  13. This is lost on many MFC fans. Goodwin may not be the greatest coach...but who knows really. Some argue it is 100% the coaches job to motivate these guys to compete...but as an example you would have thought the playing group were motivated themselves to put the Bombers away in the 4th yesterday. 5 last quarter tackles says no. Very difficult for a coach when the players don't even seem motivated to compete.
  14. They've been put under physical pressure in this game...which has driven a lot of skill errors. Something we decided not to do against them or the Swans. Go figure.
  15. Dogs look like they want to play finals...applying pressure and tackling. Hmmm...
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