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  1. Probably a poorly written article but the point of yet another wasted season is true. So far we are probably the only playing group to do a 'lay down Sally' on the short break which proves that we would have no chance of achieving anything when the going gets tough at the pointy end.
  2. 2017 was interesting...i went to the second last game against the lowly Lions at the MCG with a former Lions player. If we could win that one by 6+ goals the Pies game wouldn't have mattered. We were both gobsmacked the lack of competitive intensity from Melbourne. It legitimately looked like they couldn't be bothered. Think we eventually got 6 goals ahead then basically gave up and ended up scraping in by about 7 points. Was an embarassing effort from a team that we thought would be keen to get in the finals. We both walked away from the game saying the Lions will be up the top of the ladder before the Demons.
  3. If so, he joins a group that includes Daniher and Paul Roos of coaches who regularly saw the players serve up soft efforts in weeks where it looked like they just couldn't be bothered. As I said to one of Goodwins friends not long after he took the job...he doesn't know what he's getting himself into. At MFC, a coach can't even rely on the players showing personal pride in their intensity and effort levels consistently. F#$ked if i know how you can develop and implement a gameplan when blokes squib it as regularly as ours do.
  4. Happy to have heard this coming out of the club's leadership. One of the first times i can remember the club acknowledging that the time for excuses is gone, and also calling out the players for what was a straight up soft performance. We have seen many of these efforts over the years and I'm buggered if i known why our players continually get away with it. Next step just banish any players who are sooking it up about their role or the coach or whatever else they want to sook about...tail has wagged the dog for way too long.
  5. I'm usually over the horrendous performances pretty soon after games finish these days. I should be because they have been so regular over my lifetime. But this one is still sitting with me. Just thinking back to some of the 'efforts' we put forward is still getting my goat. The lack of intensity to tackle and kill the ball close to Port's goal was insulting. I keep giving up on this club and just joining in with everyone I talk to about football in just laughing at what the MFC is. Then you occasionally see for a week or two that they can play with intensity and some pride and you think that maybe we have turned a corner and this just might be thee group to deliver something of value to their supporters...and then you get fooled again.
  6. rufus

    Tom McDonald

    Was a poor defender too. Could drift across and take a few marks when the 3rd defender...but extremely poor at winning or halving 50/50 contests. His spoiling intensity was not much stronger than his brothers.
  7. We got 3 weeks of applying physical pressure to our opponents after the players got called out by the media...which is 1 or 2 more weeks than i expected. So we should be happy really. Funnily enough we managed the kick some goals those weeks. Goes to show just how much passion this group has for the club and the supporters though doesn't it. They'll have a crack for a bit if they get called out publicly...but the idea of giving that sort of effort week in week out is unthinkable.
  8. This thread could not be more symbolic of everything that is wrong with this club. Club as a whole just doesn't seem to value consistency...and players don't deliver consistency.
  9. I feel dirty but I felt sorry for the commentators. When you're supposed to be narrating a contest between 2 opponents and one of them decides it's in the too hard basket from the first bounce it must be very difficult to try to make your way through. Someone like Luke Hodge who spent a career competing should never be made to commentate on that group of pea-hearted non competitors again.
  10. Tom McDonald may have just played the worst individual game of professional sport I have ever seen someone play. Not sure we can carry him anymore. His brother isn't good enough either. Langdon's positioning on the wing was some of the most putrid I've ever seen. Yeah let's continually stand 25 metres from a defender running out of the back line while our opponent stands a further 20 metres behind us with no other player between him and their 50...f%&k me. Skills abysmal mostly caused by the continual fright from the physical pressure. Unfortunately for the players who played physically scared tonight and gave the panic handballs they're all on the video for everyone to see (not that anyone would want to watch that again).
  11. That was easily the softest physical display by any team this year...and possibly other than some of our own performances it may have been one of the softest across the league for the last 5 years. Beaten physically and no f*&ks given. Multiple players $hat themselves at the physical contact and flicked the ball away. An absolutely disgusting performance by every single player who took the field tonight.
  12. Legitimately seen a couple of our guys fully [censored] themselves at the physical contact today. If we hadn't already set the lowest of low standards then tonight might have been the all time worst!
  13. Last week we applied good pressure to GCS when they got the ball. Better pressure than we have applied for the past season and a half (although our tackling execution still wasn't great). If we apply that sort of pressure to Hawthorn then we give ourselves a good chance to win. If we revert to type and think that our own ability to win in close is enough to win us this game, then we will lose. If only our group start to realise that while they have a great ability to win the ball in close and generate forward entries, the golden forward entries are the ones that come off opposition turnovers. Bring the pressure, watch how our own ability to score increases.
  14. Given our players copped it a bit in the media this week, we might have a better chance of seeing nearer to 4 quarters of decent intensity (historically this is usually what has triggered a bit more from the players at MFC). If we do, guarantee our skills will look much better. If we don't see it this week, then buggered if i know what it's going to take.
  15. Bang on. Most AFL games and in fact most AFL premierships are won by the team that applies the most pressure for the longest time. Its not hard. Its not the NBA where the skill level is so high that good defence can regularly be overcome. It seems too hard for our players to apply pressure for long periods of time...and it always has. And further, our lack of pressure is the reason why our skills look so bad. It's because we rarely force the opposition to give the ball back to us in a way that we can break into space and create more time for ourselves. We applied pressure in Q1 vs. Carlton = we looked like we had some skill. Downhill from there.
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