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  1. Plus a team that plays with higher intensity across the ground...which makes it easier for everyone to play better...
  2. The team look like they're 'angry' about the opportunities they've let slip this year...great to see them showing it through on field actions.
  3. Gee these guys really just don't seem to get it. So much talk and so many efforts like the one vs. Port last year...didn't look like there was a burning desire to make a success of the season.
  4. My belief is that our skills look poor because of our lack of defensive intensity. When we have applied high levels of pressure to our opponents, we create turnovers in situations where we can break away and have more time and space, hence it's easier to hit targets. Our defensive intensity back, forward and in the middle is very poor.
  5. 100% right and the softness is possibly also a reflection of the supprter base...in general we don't seem to expect that much from these guys. I always think back to those reported comments made by Melbourne Storm players about the lack of dedication and professionalism at the MFC. Doesn't seem to be changing.
  6. Like all of us, been burnt many times! I do admire those with eternal optimism though. If/when the wheel does eventually turn they will have the most satisying celebrations.
  7. Not sure about Port before this year. But I will give you a few predictions based my sense of the kind of culture MFC have vs. some other clubs. We'll see in a few years how close my sense is: - Carlton will do better than us this year. - Hawthorn (who right now I reckon have one of the worst lists for talent I have seen in a long time) will be competitive in the top 4 before we are. - Essendon same as Hawthorn. - North Melbourne will win games against us over the next few seasons because they'll go at us physically. Hope I'm wrong about all of these and our guys are
  8. Sadly the Saints and now Carlton have gone past us...players look hungrier for success than ours. Pies always hungrier than us so expect them to finish above us. That leaves limited room for us in the 8 without a change to how our guys compete. For those who think Petracca and Oliver want success or will likely look elsewhere, what would define success? Only 8 out of 19 'experts' believe this team, including players like Petracca, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Gawn, May, Lever, Brown all in and around their prime years, are good enough for much more than 8th. So would making the 8 be enough fo
  9. Just going off what I've heard on here about Oliver and Petracca. Really hope it's incorrect...because if it's true then i don't hold much hope for us. Reality for great players in professional sports is that there is no legacy like winning a premiership with your original team. It generally means that not only can you play the game, but you are also a person who potentially can change and/or drive a culture of success.
  10. Doubt there has been a premiership team in history where there's been noise that players 'want success or they'll leave'. Never heard that from players at Haw, Coll, WCE, Syd, etc. even during lean periods. Until we get the right mix of players who take responsibility for the success of this club we're not winning anything. We are way off with this group.
  11. Who cares what people think about him. Jackson like all our players has it in his own hands whether he can be effective in various roles. Let actions talk. Unfortunately our players over the years have tended to deliver less than what they're capable of...hence commentators seemingly 'picking on' the MFC. Hopefully Jackson is one of the guys to start turning the tide.
  12. Collingwood will re-invent. They always do. They have a highly competitive culture that we should aspire to. Can't see us being better than any of those teams, and Carlton are also ready to go past us. Despite having significantly poorer lists than ours, I expect that both Ess and Haw will go past us soon enough too. Didn't see anything from our group this year that suggests they are the ones who are going to turn the club around. We are paying way too much for underperforming senior players which is also making it harder to improve. This club need a string of seasons where we s
  13. Gee if the net result of his 4 year contract is $3 million out the window and jeopardising our ability to sign consistent performers like Oliver with the required contract value, all for a return of 4 years of VFL standard football, then this is one of the better duddings from a well paid player in their peak years that we've copped in recent times (and there have been plenty). I wanted them to move him on at least to show that this club is over copping that level of output from the guys who should be driving us towards the top. Even if you accept the excuses for a drop from his full capa
  14. This is interesting and while not the intention of his comments, it does highlight what others have mentioned about Oliver. And that is, if rumours of wanting to play in a successful team are true, well so much of realising that at the MFC are hugely in Olivers control. I rate him very highly but he can be even better. And further improvement from Oliver would help us move towards the next level. Like our other mids, if his improvement was centred around how he leverages his strengths to compliment the strengths of our other mids then we would improve in leaps and bounds. I guess we'll se
  15. Stewart was excellent for Geelong. Martin a class above everyone. Have to give credit to Geelong...a team of players that i think are generally not great at the contest have just given a very good team a decent shake in a GF. Since the 2018 prelim they have stood up like men and competed while our guys have shrunk and looked for something/someone to blame.
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