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  1. Yay Dees! Many thanks @WERRIDEE & @KC from Casey for commentary.
  2. 29 minute mark (according to Twitter) :)
  3. Direct quote from twitter: Mahoney on Andrew Gaff: We don't stop asking the question, but we've been told to stay away for a period of time.
  4. For those DemonLanders interested, the MFC have put a transcript of the interview on the MFC twitter account. Well worth having a look at.
  5. A very interesting interview with Josh Mahoney, Watts the matter. I caught it by luck...very interesting!
  6. Always came across as a great clubman. Thank you for your years of service. Like others we loved calling PEEEDDDDDOOOO!!!! Wishing you and your family all the very best with your future endeavors ?
  7. 2017-Rd 23 Gutted 2018-Prelim Final Disappointed 2019-Looks bright to me! As a 'long time' reader of the Demonland site and new member this year one of the highlights of the season was having the opportunity to listen to, reflect on and chat about our great team with you fine folk. Here's to a successful trade period and an even better 2019. Go Dee's ❤️?
  8. LOL America, we just said the same thing! Perhaps some dodgy coleslaw on the Virgin flight???
  9. Aunt just finished the Moet..We're now opening the Veuve to start drowning our sorrows... Errrrrr wondering if the sunscreen has dripped off their heads onto their hands????!!!!....
  10. So, so nervous. Have managed to resist checking Demonland until now-LOL. Family coming to watch have got an epic meal prepared for this evening (aka Christmas Day) just trying to keep busy ? Wearing same outfit as worn to the last two finals! C'mon Dee's!❤️?
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