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  1. So until a player comes out we must assume there are none? And therefore the topic must be shut down? What a ridiculous proposition!
  2. What are you... 13? Go away
  3. Hope its not 3 years. Doesnt matter that he was drafted later than most. He'll be 32 at the end of this year and missed some games with injuries. Do we really need a guy running around for us at nearly 35? One year, sure. Two, perhaps. Three??? Nah. Unless the 3rd is purely a coaching role
  4. Wish Shaw the best and hope he gets all the help he needs. I believe North wanted Blakey to coach with Roos to assist. But Blakey is reluctant as he prefers the assistant role. Archer called an emergency meeting of the NMFC board earlier in the year to work on a path forward Ben Amarfio trying to run the whole show despite being there for 5 mins, pissing everyone off And apparently they are still paying out Brad Scott from last year North are in a huge hole. Surely the AFL will need to step in
  5. And that has zero to do with him allegedly being racially vilified As usual you are using the straw man line. Big deal if he's an odd cat. Does that justify him being called a monkey? So you don't like him because he's an attention seeker. Seems to me the one person on this thread seeking attention is you
  6. I have heard a bit of chatter around that in one form or another North will be pushed to Tassie, and that internally the AFL are keen on a StK/Footscray merger
  7. Would be interesting to read a report of each club's finances without the creative accounting Don't Brisbane and Carlton have significant debts? Interest rates are very low, but they won't always be so. Did the Hawks take a loan on Dingley or did they fund it themselves? Careful Jeff... there but for the grace of god go I. North must surely be in trouble. 'Tassie Kangaroos' sounds good to me. The pandemic will create opportunities for long lasting change in the AFL
  8. The Age reporting Collingwood are open to trading Philips https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/magpies-open-to-trading-contracted-phillips-20201014-p5655x.html
  9. Previous Lumumba thread locked. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/lumumba-sues-collingwood-and-the-afl-over-racism-claims-20201015-p565k1.html https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/oct/15/heritier-lumumba-former-player-sues-collingwood-and-afl-over-alleged-racism
  10. Always knew they liked a bit of 'special' grass in Queensland
  11. Good luck to them. At least Howe could mark and was a good field kick with us, still is.
  12. Gold! "Mr Dobson (Hogan's lawyer) also said Hogan had been in lockdown for months and in that time had not been with a woman, prompting Magistrate Adam Hills-Wright to ask "he couldn't wait 13 extra days?""
  13. AFL will push North to go to Tassie. Could be a consequence of getting COVID assistance from AFL.
  14. Trading Ben Brown is the least of his worries. Unlikely to coach again
  15. Bombers imploding, and now North imploding: Will Rhys Shaw be coaching again? Don't think so. Wish him good health though Longbow called crisis meeting of board earlier in the year A prodigal son is reluctant to be Kangas senior coach in 2021. Will need help like we had. Could all be just a Roos though. North are not Scott free of outstanding coaching payments. Hard to pay out two senior coaches and have $ for another Players given up, assistants given up. The clean out continues. Armafio trying to call the shots, but hasn't earnt the right yet. Pissing many off.
  16. Kangas are desperate. Could Rhys Shaw be in trouble? Why are they so keen on Roos and Blakey? #onthenose
  17. You're kidding, right? Here's the glasses you must be wearing:
  18. As long as Viney re-signs for 4 or 5 years, who cares when he signs above the line. We're all nervous until he does that. Could be worse - some of the rubbish posted on Demons fb groups is out of this world!
  19. is this a footy board or a politics whingefest? Thought it was about WCE and Collingwood. Silly me!
  20. Great news. The signings are coming thick and fast. Got to get Jack Viney's signature next!
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