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  1. I have a FB friend (a friend's wife in truth) who posted the most unpleasant taunting post on FB after the Demons missed out on the finals in 2017 by 0.1% (or whatever it was). It was after the Demons lost to the filth in the final round, and WC beat Adelaide to scrape in ahead of Melborne. She is a filth supporter ... Her post was something along the following lines ... "What's better than Collingwood beating Melbourne? Them missing out on the finals by 0.1%." Call me overly senstive, but it kinda reeks of taunting the little fat kid when he's just missed out on getting a game in the school footy team after thinking he/she was a real chance to get a game. If the Demons win, I'm tempted to post "Karma's a [censored]" ... and remind her of her post and draw to her attention the filth's 2021 ... sacked coach, finished 17th, board a shambles, President effectively sacked, independent review into racism, salary cap fiasco involving Treloar, Stephenson & Phillips. Would that be a bad thing to do? Hopefully the Dees win so I face this dilemna.
  2. Of course it wouldn't be the same. Unable to go to the final training session before the GF, the parade, the excitement of going to the G for the match, the aftermath, the celebration the following day ... Despite that I'll be thrilled to get the monkey of the back.
  3. This season has been unbelievable for me and my 3 (adult) kids. I was going to say that this will create an incredible bond between us. But thankfully we already have that!! But this would be an incredibly important and exciting event that we could share. The next item on the bucket list would be to become a grandfather !! C'mon kids .... get on with it!!
  4. I could tick off one of my remaining bucket list items ....
  5. I'm a longstanding supporter and member. if the Dees win, I think I should get a medal too.
  6. I agree that the media narrative is tilted towards talking down the Demons and talking up the Doggies.
  7. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-on-alert-as-ill-coach-goodwin-isolates-with-gastro-symptoms-20210917-p58sk5.html
  8. I thought the same thing. Petty is a good match up for Naughton.
  9. King & Montagna discussed this the other night ... but failed to mention that Petty on Naughton was a possible way to address this issue.
  10. Lyon is a rude, arrogant man. (Witnessed it first hand on a number of occasions, as have others.) He was one of my favourite players to watch and a legend of the Club. Despite my dislike for him as person, he is clearly a suitable person to present the cup.
  11. Collingwood On the balcony of a townhouse
  12. I attended both 1988 and 2000 Grand Finals. Total carnage. Demons were never a chance in either. The 2021 side is the best side in the AFL. If we play at or near our best we'll win. The 2 things that worry me - 1. Free kick Bulldogs (and/or it's ok to throw the ball under pressure), and 2. Potential failure to take scoring chances, particularly early in the match
  13. Pseudo Echo ... hmm Funky Town of course. "Love an Adventure" and "Listening" say hi.
  14. The petition to allow Neale Daniher into WA to present the cup was ridiculous. The organisers failed to ask Neale whether he would actually want to do that. And, in fact, he said that he didn't.
  15. Hey ... for all those on their own during the match, we're a family here so we can keep in touch on the game day thread !! 😍
  16. I live on my own. My elder daughter is my bubble buddy and, of course, a Demons supporter. She'll be coming round to watch the match with me. My other 2 kids live in London and Sydney respectively. Both are Demons supporters and are totally over the moon about the team's run this season. We'll be in constant communication during the match.
  17. Petty on Naughton ... Hibberd on Hannan. (Weightman would be too quick for Hibbo.) Probably Rivers on Weightman? Or Bowey?
  18. Hmm, perhaps I've gone overboard ??
  19. I suspect that Petty will start on Naughton, even if May plays. Majak Daw ... really? Smith on Smith is probably a good match up. Viney on Libba. Bont ... hmm .... not really possible to tag him, but perhaps Harmes? Or Smith?
  20. That's so sad for Lingy. He was 'lauded' as a successful businessman, but obviously dropped the ball on this one. He is also apparently a top bloke. So much suffering ATM. I feel so sorry for Lingy, and everyone else facing financial (and other) distress.
  21. I might have a look at the Big Footy/Port forum. I'm sure they'll be blaming the coach.
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