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  1. I've been hoping Grimley might seek greener pastures for a couple of years. Hope we have a crack.
  2. I was keen for the Demons to look at Cornelius before Clark, Dawes and Hogan. Watched him closely this year and last and noticed that he's got a bit of the Ryan Gambles about him: he's a liability when the opposition are trying to clear the ball out of their defensive area. Doesn't chase and isn't agile. Lovely mark and decent kick, but I can see why Brisbane have delisted him.
  3. Spends most of his day swivelling and kicking blindly because he lacks poise. Those players are a dime a dozen. Certainly not for Pick 2, and preferably not at all.
  4. I get the feeling his kicking is terminal in an AFL career sense. I wouldn't be sad to see him traded - would be very surprised if his value increased beyond next year.
  5. There's a difference between poor kicking skills and no kicking skills. There's a difference between being a poor judge of the ball's flight and consistently misjudging marks. Jamar certainly reached his best late in his career, but he was always strong above his head and a decent judge when the ball was in the air (from memory, his main problem was not having the tank to get to the contests on the bigger AFL grounds and take the pack marks that become his trademark at his peak). If Spencer makes it as some on here are suggesting (and by makes it, I mean nothing more that he plays 40 or 50 games) I would consider it one of the greatest elite-level sporting improvements in the history of sport. I disagree that ruckmen in modern footy can be valuable while possessing poor basic skills. They are bigger liabilities than ever before.
  6. Why do people talk about Spencer as if he's a realistic AFL prospect? What am I missing with this bloke? Absolutely nothing against him personally, I just think he's the most limited footballer I have ever seen play an AFL game.
  7. But I see desire and effort down at the local park on a Saturday arvo. Some of those players have more natural skill than Spencer. I think after a decent trade/free agency period, this is a really poor decision. Why not just take the best delisted ruckman in the PSD?
  8. I have never been more intrigued about a situation and hereby seek the judgement of better footy watchers: Spencer. Why?
  9. I've never considered him a particularly exciting or dependable player. Would be disappointed if we gave him a gig.
  10. Pretty good summary, I reckon. I think 45 is still a touch high for me (although I wouldn't mind us taking a punt on him). Essendon don't want him - why should they expect much more than a peppercorn for him? Pick 20 would be absolutely ridiculous.
  11. This reminds me of the time the rumour went round that we intended to give up a first round pick for David Hale. Some laughed, many twisted themselves in knots trying to justify why it would be a good deal. Pick 4 for Dawes and Wellingham would be utter stupidity from our club.
  12. Well said. Watch the AFL tweak it a la the Judd Visy rule once this trade/draft period is over.
  13. A tagger who's certainly honest, but who seems to get turned around by opponents an awful lot.
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