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  1. I've been hoping Grimley might seek greener pastures for a couple of years. Hope we have a crack.
  2. I was keen for the Demons to look at Cornelius before Clark, Dawes and Hogan. Watched him closely this year and last and noticed that he's got a bit of the Ryan Gambles about him: he's a liability when the opposition are trying to clear the ball out of their defensive area. Doesn't chase and isn't agile. Lovely mark and decent kick, but I can see why Brisbane have delisted him.
  3. Spends most of his day swivelling and kicking blindly because he lacks poise. Those players are a dime a dozen. Certainly not for Pick 2, and preferably not at all.
  4. I get the feeling his kicking is terminal in an AFL career sense. I wouldn't be sad to see him traded - would be very surprised if his value increased beyond next year.
  5. There's a difference between poor kicking skills and no kicking skills. There's a difference between being a poor judge of the ball's flight and consistently misjudging marks. Jamar certainly reached his best late in his career, but he was always strong above his head and a decent judge when the ball was in the air (from memory, his main problem was not having the tank to get to the contests on the bigger AFL grounds and take the pack marks that become his trademark at his peak). If Spencer makes it as some on here are suggesting (and by makes it, I mean nothing more that he plays 40 or 50 games) I would consider it one of the greatest elite-level sporting improvements in the history of sport. I disagree that ruckmen in modern footy can be valuable while possessing poor basic skills. They are bigger liabilities than ever before.
  6. Why do people talk about Spencer as if he's a realistic AFL prospect? What am I missing with this bloke? Absolutely nothing against him personally, I just think he's the most limited footballer I have ever seen play an AFL game.
  7. But I see desire and effort down at the local park on a Saturday arvo. Some of those players have more natural skill than Spencer. I think after a decent trade/free agency period, this is a really poor decision. Why not just take the best delisted ruckman in the PSD?
  8. I have never been more intrigued about a situation and hereby seek the judgement of better footy watchers: Spencer. Why?
  9. I've never considered him a particularly exciting or dependable player. Would be disappointed if we gave him a gig.
  10. Pretty good summary, I reckon. I think 45 is still a touch high for me (although I wouldn't mind us taking a punt on him). Essendon don't want him - why should they expect much more than a peppercorn for him? Pick 20 would be absolutely ridiculous.
  11. This reminds me of the time the rumour went round that we intended to give up a first round pick for David Hale. Some laughed, many twisted themselves in knots trying to justify why it would be a good deal. Pick 4 for Dawes and Wellingham would be utter stupidity from our club.
  12. Well said. Watch the AFL tweak it a la the Judd Visy rule once this trade/draft period is over.
  13. A tagger who's certainly honest, but who seems to get turned around by opponents an awful lot.
  14. Pretty much agree with this word for word.
  15. It's hard not to like Rodan, but what's the point of a club in our position picking up oldies?
  16. Who knows if any of this is true, but in the case we are chasing the two big(ish) lead-up forwards mentioned, I completely understand Dawes (I'd love to see him in the red and blue, actually) but I don't get Lynch at all. We looked five years away last year. Is now the time to be filling holes with 30 year olds? At the very best he'll play for three more years. Then what? Who's he buying time for? Fitzpatrick?
  17. Is he quick? What does he do well and where do his weaknesses lie?
  18. I'd love the Demons to take a punt on Knights, but he sounds like he's over the line at Richmond. Have to say I'm a bit surprised by the Bate comparisons. Not in the same stratosphere.
  19. Me too. Genetics - what a bastard it can be. If I were a recruiter, I wouldn't touch a bloke who's done two knees and has a family history of dodgy ligaments before he's 18 no matter how promising a footballer he is.
  20. Ah, excuse my ignorance. I had it in my head that once you negotiated contracts, when you paid what amount became inflexible.
  21. I'd want to know that Gawn's not going to keep popping his ACL before trading Stef.
  22. Green, Moloney and possibly Davey all gone come Draft time. Numerous other players on a decent (if not stratospheric) wage will also be shown the door. I know Clark is taking up a bit (although pre-injury he was looking like a bargain buy), but surely we will soon be way way under the minimum TPP. And if not, who the hell is getting the coin?
  23. Nathan Jones: 9 - Didn't think he had another gear to move into, but that he did. Most improved Demon I've seen in my 20 years. Mitch Clark: 9 - I had high hopes but my expectations were spectacularly exceeded. Remarkable agility for a bloke so good at busting packs. Stefan Martin: 2.5 - Distance between best and worst massive. Hard to know how much was injuries and how much was nous. Jeremy Howe: 8 - Extraordinary that a bloke of such natural talent could be overlooked for so long. Love to see him move back forward when we get the midfield sorted out. Col Sylvia: 5 - Not sure if I love him any more. Seemed to bully ordinary sides and go missing against average/good ones. Jack Trengove: 3 - By far the biggest disappointment of the season for me. I'm praying it was a chronic, play-throughable injury. Jack Grimes: 7.5 - asked to do too much, but did most of it pretty well. A more than adequate first year as skipper. Dan Nicholson: 5 - worth persevering with. Creative, but may never have the skills to turn theory into practice. Jack Watts: 5.5 - still willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Next year needs to become a key forward or a creator from half back who doesn't get pushed off the ball by smaller opponents. Just fair this year. Jordie McKenzie: 5 - not as much of the inside creativity that I liked so much last year. Shut down some good players, let other opponents get too much of it. Clint Bartram: Cale Morton: 1 - I can tolerate just about all of it except the kicking. How did they rate his kicking as "elite"? Mark Jamar: 2.5 - none of the powerful marking that made him such a good player a couple of years ago. Jake Spencer: 0.5 - I don't get it. I desperately need someone to explain this to me - is it like the AFL equivalent of Fred Basset? Not remotely close to the second worst player in the league. James Frawley: 4 - considered him our best player in 2011. What happened this year? Often beaten one on one. Seemed a yard slower. Poor. Joel MacDonald: 2 - astonishing that he continued to get a game. You haven't been able to get away with both poor decision-making and poor execution by foot since 2002. Tom McDonald: 6 - Love the endeavour and obvious aerobic superiority. I seem to be far more concerned about his kicking than others. Won't make it if he keeps dropping it like a sandwich. Matthew Bate: 2 - No. James Magner: 5 - Got a hint of the post-15th concussion Luke Balls about him. Good start, but Neeld was obviously not convinced. Lynden Dunn: 5.5 - It went NO, meh, yeahhh, then meh again, if you get what I'm saying. I'd keep him purely on his play-on-and-hit-a-target from defense ability. At least until someone better can do that. (Agree with DA.) Remains one of the best kicks for goal I've seen at the Demons. Col Garland: 4 - classic confidence player and seemed to have little this year. Too talented to dismiss. Rohan Bail: 4 - loved him right up until THAT turnover game. May quickly be passed in 2013. Brent Moloney: 0 - I had to say I told you so, but I did... on 'Ology. Brad Green: 4 - Not a great end to a great career. Jared Rivers: 8 - Love the bloke. Has shown he's more than a fly-and-punch backman. Has every right to seek greener pastures, but I'd be devastated. Sam Blease: 6 - I still think he's the most exciting player on the list. Run all pre-season, Sam. Luke Tapscott: 3 - Didn't get anywhere near enough of it. Not hugely impressed with his kicking, either. Still optimistic, despite all that. Aaron Davey: 2 - So sad. Jordie Gysberts: 2 - I still have high hopes for him. Hope they keep him. James Sellar: 3 - Played the "Leigh Brown role" but with little of the effectiveness. Not convinced at all. Nevile Jetta: 4 - Wouldn't be upset if he got one more year. Still have no idea where his best position is. Neat footballer. Ricky Petterd: 2 - Absolutely no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Looked a gem just 18 months ago. Tom Couch: 1 - Yeah nah (DA) Liam Jurrah: 0 - I'm shaking my head as I type. James Strauss: 2 - Recruited for his kicking - still haven't seen anything to make me think it's anything other than slightly above average. Admittedly, difficult to show it off in THIS team. Josh Tynan: 3 - Promising in patches. Jamie Bennell: 1 - Does etiquette say you hang on to a bloke with a ruptured ACL? That'd be the only reason now. Jack Fitzpatrick: 2 - A glimmer at the end?
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