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  1. Flying the flag in Canterbury Bankstown Sydney
  2. don’t usually rate these types of past player perspectives but this is definitely worth the listen. Gives a great insight into the Lows and highs of the past decade or so of the MFC and how far we have come and clearly Jack is a cracking guy.
  3. I have often wondered how some of these media types/commenters get hired or keep their jobs. I assumed the networks based these decisions on audience research and ratings etc which if true is an indictment of the average supporter/audience. If James Bradshaw for example, is popular and rates well then there is little hope of improvement in this arena. Alternatively perhaps it is just jobs for the boys cronyism and the audience’s opinions don’t count for much as they know people will still watch because they are locked in regardless.
  4. Too many bath water protein shakes
  5. Goodwin will be pleased as we kept the opposition to 9 goals
  6. Lever May Brayshaw Hunt Petracca Gawn
  7. So logic Gill and Walsh members of Eagles?
  8. Bailey and Hay were members of the band “The Saints” Not sure about Milne although he played AFL for Saints
  9. Commonsense approach would be to stop the season now and the top 2 teams should play off in the grand final in September once the winter is over
  10. Oliver Lever Petracca Gawn Jackson ANB
  11. I think they sacked Tommy Hafey after the Dees beat them in 1982 but not 100% sure
  12. Oliver Lever Salem McDonald Rivers Langdon
  13. Jackson out with for 1-2 so surely SW gets a gig
  14. To have joe Daniher in a list when he has hardly played a game in 3 years is farcical
  15. North Melbourne - Brownlow medallist Brian Wilson 154 games for the Demons went alright
  16. Fairly sure Petty just signed up for another 2 years
  17. So the club identified a need for outside run targeted Smith to fill that need, missed out and now think our current list will cover it?
  18. FWIW https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/10/16/garry-lyon-puts-to-bed-clayton-oliver-trade-rumours/
  19. ANB’s goal in the final round was a good one too
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