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  1. Wouldn't hurt? He come 3rd in the Brownlow as a mid a few years ago.
  2. Yeah right. Didn't know that but am not surprised. Annoyed me other day that we just rolled over. When Collingwood finally got on top they just took over. On the big stage, 80k there .... We didn't give a yelp.
  3. Fair call, Watts would know what the kid's going through more than any-one. I actually felt pity for kids drafted to us in the dark days. They we're always gonna be behind the 8ball with our amateur operation.
  4. The only people who boo Oliver are morons. Problem was the "G" was full of morons on monday.
  5. Cox has got form. Pulled a similar stunt about a month ago. Got fined 2k.
  6. Dunno what the stats are but Tracs goal kicking in general is atrocious for an A Lister IMO. Gawn's ok if he can get to 50 with his little cheat. But we haven't got any as far as I'm concerned. The odd players that do have a crack mostly hook 'em looking for the extra distance.
  7. I'll leave the fortune telling BS to you. One thing I've learnt following Melbourne over the years is that anything could happen from here.
  8. We've got it right once in the last 57yrs.
  9. Well .... We weren't getting run over in 2nd halfs for a start. And our injury list wasn't as long.
  10. Who cares what Collingwood supporters think. They're the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to supporter bases.
  11. Nope. Last 3 games we've simply rolled over when challenged.
  12. Would help if the best decision maker could get a kick.
  13. Going forward we're doing exactly what we love the opposition to do. Move the ball slowly and kick long bombs to a pack into the forward 50. Reckon with all the focus on defence we've lost our attacking flair. Always safety 1st. Our small forwards are so defensive they've forgotten they're actually forwards.
  14. I've seen him play 3 good games. 2 of them against us on QB.
  15. Yep. What will they say when we really are loading.
  16. Nah, we've done this for years. A couple of times I thought they may have rectified the problem. But I was mistaken.
  17. Here we go. Crunch time. We gonna answer the question. Or roll over.
  18. Gawn and Pettys gone. Gonna be real tough from here.
  19. Similar feel to last 2 games. Far to stagnant going forward. And kick straight when we've got control.
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