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  1. Spent my whole life as a melbourne supporter, I don't have to imagine. And our gameplan while somewhat effective is ugly AF and a tough watch. And that's if we're playing well. Every game is a grind .... For me as well. Goodwin is wasting the careers of our guns and the best big marketing opportunity we've had for 59yrs playing boring unattractive footy. If this club wants to survive long term we've got to get bums on seats, eyes on TVs, which will excite and expand the membership base and create more lucrative sponsorships. We've got to entertain the mob. Not bore them to tears using a rugby union type maul for the gameplan. There, I said it. Rant Over.
  2. Similar to knowing you've 4goal wind coming every game.
  3. Watched it again after posting it. Dunno what it is, no matter how may times I see it, right toward the end of the 3rd Qtr my eyes start watering. Strange phenomenon I thought might go away but seems to be lingering. Also makes me feel happy and warm so that's a plus.
  4. Despite my comment about his GF address being disjointed babble I do think this is fair. He might be eccentric but he can't be a mug. His results are far better than that.
  5. Whenever I think of Bevo I think of the different halftime instructions Goodwin and Bevo gave to their players. Goodwins message was clear and concise whereas Beveridge was a disjointed old school babble.
  6. The defence saved our arzes so often through the middle of the season during 2021 it wasn't funny.
  7. There was another similar in the 1st half. On the rebound from half back a player running down the wing (not sure who) crying out for someone to lead at him and all our forwards got their backs to him bolting to the goal square. It was like they didn't want it. That ended up being a bomb to no-one.
  8. I knew the game was over as soon as we let Hipwood and Daniher kick the 1st 2 goals. My only surprise was that Charlie Cameron didn't kick the 3rd. No surprise Nibbler got our 1st. Does that quite often.
  9. Meh ... What happens in the gameday thread stays in the gameday thread. We're there to share the highs and the lows with fellow tragics.
  10. OMG. On Nightshift tonight and I'm skipping my pre-work nap for this garbage. Gonna be a looong night
  11. And forken Daniher. All we need is Cameron now cutting loose. Not looking good.
  12. He's a liability in my Supercoach side ATM too.
  13. Forken Daniher. Don't need those 2 clowns getting their tails up. As they tend to do against us.
  14. As a young fella with Essendon supporting relos I remember being excited and happy for them when they won the flag in '84, was a huge party that night. Those same relos and essendon supporters in general then proceeded to rub their success in my face for the next 30yrs solidifying my hatred for the club. These days I work with a couple essendon supporters in their early 20s who don't remember being successful at all and I love to listen to the disappointment in their club. Showed me where their next generation of supporters are psychologically. Fair to say I bathe in their miserable tears.
  15. Fork Essendon. Long may they wallow at the bottom of the ladder.
  16. Surprise, surprise. Last year was rigged too.
  17. It's a tough watch. Abit like watching us without Gawn, Petracca and Oliver.
  18. Wrong thread. Need a delete post button.
  19. I saw an interview with Goodwin before the season and he was asked again about our culture. He replied with a steely eye something like our culture is 2nd to none and when the season starts we plan to "Show 'em what this footy club is about." Was wondering at the time if it was abit of false bravado especially after having our pants pulled down by the swans in Rd1. But here he is. Got all the guns on the ground, sitting at 4-1 and looking like they're on a mission.
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