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  1. Scoff all you want but he's an important role-player and one I want fit and playing. Certainly didn't look ideal.
  2. Are we there yet? This 2 week wait is BS. Why are we doing it again?
  3. Had a fool at work have a crack that I had dragged my Melbourne cap out. I wear the thing every forken day. Except on frosty mornings when the Melbourne beanie comes out.
  4. I hear ya. I'd be fast forwarding past all the opposition goals so may as well make it a Melbourne rout. I'm Spewing Brown hit the post straight up. Spewing Trac missed his on the run. Spewing Kozzie didn't get that little intercept in the middle. Spewing Gawn didn't make it 6.
  5. Dunno man. I've had the highlights from last weeks game on repeat all week.
  6. Firstly .... Thank-you for your service. Hope ya poo wasn't too heavy. Secondly .... If you didn't get a ticket I would have been disappointed.
  7. Lol ... Nah. Couple of your cute girl coppers would pat her. You guys seemed abit more laid back then. The ones we have now are Over the top.
  8. No doubt. Often had my dog in the back. Always gets attention.
  9. Not being able to get to the game is one thing. Not being able to turn up to the 'G' on mass to give the conquering players a heros welcome on their return is another.
  10. Might not live in Afganistan but it feels like Guantanamo. Cross the Murray river here to get milk and I need a border pass to get back into Vic. Tracking devices even got clipped onto us at work yesterday. Looking forward to a wrist tattoo next. But hey .... Follow the science.
  11. I see their 2AAs and raise them 5AAs. Noughton might take a hanger. But he won't take 5. We know what Hannan brings but Weightman needs controlling. If the Bulldogs do get up we played poorly. If we do what we've done all year. We win. Kick straight ... We kill 'em.
  12. I got a tear as soon as Max slammed that one from 55 last week. Would love them to do similar this week. Wrap it up nice and early so I can just enjoy it.
  13. Take away that age old retort from the mindless fools. "When was the last time Melbourne won a flag."
  14. My top 1 if I was honest. Just can't be there in person to see it, hear it .... Feel it.
  15. I remember back in '88 and 2000. Media talked us up like we had a chance as well. Playing 2 of the most dominant sides of those eras. None of it matters when the ball gets bounced.
  16. Reminds me of an American Football coach Vince Lombardi. The Norm Smith of the Green Bay Packers if you will. The Packers only used about 3 plays, 1 in particular repeatedly. The whole competition knew what they were. But they had to stop them from executing them. Which they couldn't. Good teams don't need tricks or plan Bs. They just need to consistently execute Plan A.
  17. Considering we're in lockdown it'll be on the phone with my sister and old man. Cannot even show up to the 'G' to give the players a heros welcome. What a forken fork up.
  18. Well they're in it so they can win it ..... But I doubt it. We've got the impenetrable backline with 2AAs, inform forward line and amazing midfield with 3AAs. What no-one mentions is our choking game plan and unrelenting heat on the ball carriers.
  19. Understandable. As they say 'You're only as good as your last game." Both teams flogged the opposition in their Prelims.
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