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  1. Who will replace him as super villain now? Bugger all left in the game to vent at. Tom Lynch, Toby Green and Jeremy Cameron flying the flag. Ben Brown has been rehabilitated now that he with us.
  2. Came to us for an AFL career, went to the Hawks for a flag then went to St Kilda for his superannuation fund.
  3. Ben Brown has better career contested mark averages than Josh Kennedy, Jeremy Cameron and equal to Jack Darling. He is in the elite group of contested mark takers in the game and has a 67% goal scoring accuracy for shots on target. In the top handful goals per game scored. Cant get better than that in the modern game.
  4. Kamala Harris would have been a great get. She’s another yank like Peggy. Shame she is currently unavailable. Kim Kardashian might be worth a punt as her realityTV show is closing down soon.
  5. The apology did have a modicum of sincerity and the contrite players propelled us up the ladder to vertigo inducing 8th position in 1982 and 1983. However by 1985 we were back to our mediocre worst and bottom feeding again until Northey came along.
  6. If true that Treloer wants to spend several day every week up in Q to be with his missus then I question his commitment. Not what we need and dumb to take him on his terms.
  7. We won on average a flag every 9 years since the start of WW2.
  8. Good to hear. If only now his field kicking becomes as good as his goal kicking and get more of the ball.
  9. Jacko never liked teammates upstaging him or trespassing in his territory. Robbie must have gotten under Jacko’s skin early. Bulldogs were also crap that season. They only won two games in 1981 and one of those wins was the return game against us.
  10. And Wacko Jacko kicked 8. Flower must have used him as step ladder as Jacko rarely moved outside the goal square.
  11. 89 games with 44 goals. Averages 22 disposals a game and 2.5 tackles. Had a fairly ordinary season this year by his standards in this disrupted and truncated season. I’d jump all over him. He would be a great get and only 24 years is yet to hit his prime.
  12. IIRC I believe he stayed on the field to the bitter end with his injury. In his final season Flower reinvented himself as an effective forward. Dipper was school mate of mine. A perfect gentleman in real life.
  13. And Flower retired as our leading goal kicker in our breakout 1987 season.
  14. Tired of reading about culture and Jones all in the same sentence. Our culture has been poor for decades but completely pathetic ever since he’s been at the club. He’s done bugger all to improve it and if he is the heart and soul of the club then there is bugger all to it. Results speak loudly and he’s been the standard bearer for the crappiest culture in the competition.
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