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  1. If high scoring becomes fashionable again he will be a super weapon.
  2. It only took rookie coach Rhyce Neeld...um Shaw one season to ruin his career.
  3. Worth debating. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/ben-brown-told-to-look-for-a-new-home-20200923-p55yj7.html
  4. here’s the article in The Age https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/ben-brown-told-to-look-for-a-new-home-20200923-p55yj7.html
  5. You hit the nail on the head. Look at Viney Brayshaw and Harmes. All momentum killers. Some say let him stay on till 300 games for the sake of the culture. But it is a fact that the culture has been the worst in the comp for a long time and his leadership hasn’t helped. Vastly over rated player.
  6. Now I know why Hunt is such an accurate and composed goal kicker. He practises hard to get on target. And CP5 has also improved markedly in finding the goals.
  7. The only accomplished goal kicker in the side for both set shot and open play. Like to see him get more of the ball. I don’t believe the club managed him well after that horrible hit a few years ago against Adelaide that sent him in limbo. Looks like he’s starting to settle back again.
  8. I hope the bummers give their transitional coach the same farewell game as we did to Paul Roos.
  9. Today is like watching half a game for me with the other half played tomorrow. Even if we win well it’s like half time scores level with 4 injuries on the bench. The dogs don’t seem like a club that would let a finals opportunity slip by. Freo though currently in good form have been fickle for many years. It will be a nerve racking wait.
  10. Jones was a good 200 game player who’s played on far too long. I would seriously consider ditching my membership if he gets another contract. It will prove to me that this is a recidivist old boys club not fair dinkum about moving on from a very mediocre decade and remains a lost cause.
  11. “I’ve had a tough year really, with injury in particular, but in saying that I’ve probably learnt more than I ever have just in really different ways of being able to influence and impact the group.” Is this serious?
  12. The incident didn’t seem to worry Max too much. He and Mummy had an amiable chat after the game. The main reason why these incidents continue is that the AFL continue to let them happen. It only takes an unlucky blow to cause permanent brain damage. I imagine things will change when the next John Greening like incident happens and the law gets involved.
  13. As Confucius said. Broadly worded laws are more workable than specific laws. Then again the umpires seem to have free reign to interpret all laws as they wish anyway.
  14. Flower also retired as our leading goal kicker in 1987 but he knew it was time.
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