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  1. I said this on the thanks Jonesy topic, but more appropriate here: B&F night 2021 "The inuagural Jones-Jetta award for the most selfless MFC player to both the team and the culture of the club is awarded to Angus Brayshaw"
  2. B&F night 2021 "The inuagural Jones-Jetta award for the most selfless MFC player to both the team and the culture of the club is awarded to Angus Brayshaw"
  3. Given what we are building culture wise, and Gus’s role in the leadership group and probably the player who sacrifices his own game to play a role more than anyone else in the team, I wouldn’t trade him for dusty let alone a kid who bails out on his club cause it’s a bit hard being away from mummy. I know that sounds harsh, but seriously how many of us moved interstate or overseas for years and years for jobs that paid a hell of lot less than his does.
  4. they kicked six goals from forward stoppages - which was the major outlier and something that we shuld be able to address. This was why Champion data suggested the predicted outcome was a draw. The cats were not a good indicator (given they have the worst small forwards in the league), but we did pretty well vs Brisbane in this area (except for Cameron in the first quarter) - but I think have improved with Bowey, and Hibberd as small defenders rather than having Smith in the team. We need to make sure midfielders (such as Bont, Smith, Treloar) are defended more closely this time around.
  5. Is that the same Kane Cornes who was saying that he thought Port’s small forwards could be the difference if they met in the GF?
  6. You guys killed it - thanks so much from all of us in front of our tv’s over here in the East. The noise, chants, and support from behind the goals as Max went beserk in the third quarter really added to my enjoyment of perhaps the best 10 minutes of Demons footy I’ve seen in my 54 years!
  7. I could have written this word for word. Perfectly summed up the way I feel
  8. Not Satisfied. I would be heartbroken. At least I feel very proud of where we are now as a club - but 2021 would count for nought unless we win this year and/or we don't at least maintain this level of consistency and competiveness for the next few years.
  9. I actually think Riv could possibly do this role. He is a great spoiler (long arms?). The danger is that Cameron drags him back to the goalsquare and is too strong in the body, but maybe if that happens he can hand over to Petty. They can't play all of Eva, Hawkings and Cameron in the goal square unless the centre breaks are like they were for 15 minutes in round 23.
  10. Their height is going to be a challenge for us with Smith out. If we can sneak through this week, I think this is actually a better set-up for a GF versus Port or Dogs though.
  11. There is a great article on the ESPN Australia website about the MFC past players association for those who are interested. How Melbourne's past is inspiring the new generation to success
  12. I can’t think of anyone I don’t consider a key player these days. God we have come a long way!
  13. I'm feeling sick because I hate Geelong so much I can't cope with the idea of them beating us and then potentially winning the GF. I don't think I will feel as bad as this if we get through to the GF, particularly if Port win their PF, as I have a couple of really good friends who I could be happy for even If I am devastated. I am starting to feel that Optus may be better for us than the MCG, as I think the crowd will be 90/10 our way (and pretty feral against the cats) and I'm hoping they will influence the umpires like they do for West Coast games.
  14. I do live in regional vic, with one of my kids still here but the rest are in Melbourne. Dammit - another zoom call then!
  15. like Binman, I have got over the fact that if we win this year I won't be there in person to see it - and my ability to reconcile myself to this fact is helped by the fact that I don't have the stress of trying to source 5 tickets for myself and my 4 kidults who have suffered through being the only Melbourne supporters in school through the worst of the 2007+ years. If I am not allowed to watch the game with them due to Covid restrictions and share the tears of a loss, or even moreso, of victory, should we make the GF, I am not sure how I will cope. I am getting teary even thinking about it. So hopefully this will be allowed by the end of the month. Furthermore, If we win, I can't wait to watch a replay with my older siblings who suffered through the worst of the 70's with me and particularly my 90 year Mum (who has dementia) and who will think we are winning the GF live! So lets all enjoy the ride - encourage those who maybe able to see the game live to channel the support of all of us who can't go, and hope that we will all be able to see a premiership in person in the next few years (which as per Binman again, I think we are very well placed to achieve). I also think I would find it a hell of a lot less stressful to be at a GF, knowing that monkey was off our back if we had snagged one this year.
  16. Think it might be another former captain handing over the cup should we salute the judge.
  17. I think Geelong win this week, and I think history and mfcss scars cause me to worry about them in the prelim. However I think Geelong’s recent form, and a hard run to get there will hurt them. Particularly at Optus and possibly in the heat. If we win, who do we want to play in the GF? I think I’d rather Port than the Bulldogs. The lions would also be ok, but I can’t see them beating the dogs let alone port. I’m more frightened of the bulldogs than anyone else now.
  18. I’m hoping he gets the chance to repeat the performance of GF day against his best mate. He, Harmes and Sparrow were the cleanest I think I have ever seen them. Definitely on a collective basis. And they kept it real simple. gives us a lot of options, and depth.
  19. Top 6 of players who get bagged way too much in this site! 6 harmes 5 viney 4 brayshaw 3 sparrow 2 fritsch 1 smith seriously though, we will be so hard to beat if our so called bottom 6 play as well as they did tonight
  20. Totally agree - I don’t care how good Cerra is, such a trade would do a lot of harm to the team connection we so obviously have and have we worked hard to create. whilst adding via free agency has worked for other clubs in the past , and I’m happy for us to explore this if we have salary cap space, I don’t reckon trades like brayshaw and picks for Cerra do. I also hark back to how Essendon turned a potential dynasty into one premiership when they traded out the likes of Heffernan and Caracella etc because of salary cap pressure and really ripped the fabric of the club.
  21. I'm basically the same, although I think Syd beat GWS. I'm most scared of the Cats - and would love them to go out in straight sets, but I think its out of them and us (whether we meet them in the PF or GF).
  22. Trying not to go through this thread to avoid all the usual game day bs, but has anyone pointed out this is our 3 game in a riw off 6 day breaks? They look as flat as a tack to me
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