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  1. You know what I won't miss seeing. Peter daicos. I get the history, he was a great for the pies & has produced 2 great sons but gee it wasn't about you this week.
  2. Ugh you just think of moments where the pies could have been beaten but they annoyingly held on. I thought they wouldn't have enough goal kicking power to win especially when McStay went out, presumed Brisbane had the better forward set up but stupid hipwood couldn't kick. At least Brisbane can go home and escape this, we have to hear about it until next year
  3. I had all these comebacks to these pies fans on twitter but obviously now I'm staying off it for at least a week
  4. Now we have to have all this Collingwood merchandise thrown in our faces. Ugh
  5. Our premiership feels like a lifetime ago
  6. So I'm sitting in a relatives apartment in South Yarra and suddenly from outside I hear the stupid chant. Could not believe it
  7. You know what will really suck. Waking up tomorrow morning realising today was real and not just a dream
  8. I know that there were other factors but I wonder if anyone will bring up that so called advantage.
  9. I swear to god if we are drawn to play Collingwood R1 & they unfurl there flag against us I'll absolutely be furious and spew up.
  10. Once Murphy went off concussed the Brisbane forward line should have really dominated then. Oh well.
  11. You know what's annoying. My sister in law calls herself a Collingwood supporter & never goes but got a ticket today & she has now seen her team win a premiership at the G. Ugh
  12. I wonder if Fagan will say anything to berry about that dumb 50. But again they let there opposition kick the first 2 goals. Then let De Goey respond after daniher kicked that goal.
  13. I just wanted to knock off Collingwood so then they would have had to go to Brisbane. Brisbane would have knocked them off at home. It's all what ifs and buts but Collingwood just believe and never give up
  14. I watched Moore's speech because he is actually likeable but they won 3 finals by a total of 10 points. We have a lot of work to do to get back to gf day. Smart recruiting would help. So now I'm going to avoid social media, not even going to bother watching any footy shows even the sunday one & radio. Can we start trade week now?
  15. Well he got his flag. We can't do anything about it now. Karma doesn't exist for some people. They are untouchable
  16. That's makes it even worse. Collingwood, Essendon & Carlton now lead the way. The 3 most hated clubs
  17. I'm not even watching this presentation. Cannot stomach it. Makes me ill the thought of Maynard, cox and Howe getting there medals. Jarrod berry you are an [censored].
  18. I'm hoping he cops a bake for that dumb 50. Cost them a goal
  19. I think if that next player chooses to take the next kick advantage is paid. He should have stopped. Can you believe Frampton is now a premiership player? The bloke did nothing. Hipwood failed to fire and whoever was on hill hope that lives with you over the pre season. I was secretly hoping they'd snag another one & Brisbane win by 2 points. So frustrating. Pies kick badly but win a premiership, we kick badly & lose 2 finals
  20. Now we have to hear all about this forever. Stupid Brisbane. You let me down
  21. Ugh that just makes me sick. There is no justice in this universe. Why the hell did they take that advantage. Now Howe gets his premiership. I'm so angry.
  22. Collingwood will win this. Brisbane doing dumb things with the footy
  23. Hipwood doing nothing either
  24. One more quarter. Come on Brisbane. Here's hoping the pies bad kicking comes back to bite them.
  25. Fagan would be frustrated with those 2 goals on the siren after each quarter. Can't let it happen again. With Murphy off surely that hurts there backline & the Brisbane forwards should dominate
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