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  1. Yeah it's ok on my phone. Clicked on just as Kate was speaking. She's right with regards to the trade talk. So from now on I'll wait to hear from the club about speculation and not others
  2. Mick Warner lost creditability with me when he wrote a story on the stairs dan fell over. Anyway who is our MC tonight?
  3. Oh I stupidly flicked onto the pies b&f on Foxtel and saw BT as mc. Quickly flicked it over
  4. Just saw the moron on the news rock up to the pies best and fairest with his medal around his neck.
  5. Hope Tom Morris isn't there, actually he'd probably want to be there to see what gossip he can reveal Just saw on ch7 that they said Yze will be there which is nice and grundy, I'm assuming no JJ?
  6. I hope no melbourne supporter boos him next year. JJ has been a good player for us and dueto our elite midfield it was always going to be hard for him to grab a spot. So I hope he gets his opportunity at sydney and goes well for them.
  7. See Eddie McGuire had a whinge because they played country road so of course the filth fans booed. Ed didn't think it was right it was played because Charlie kicked a goal soon after & Ed said it fired them up. Shut up Ed, your team won the premiership. Just enjoy it.
  8. Gee the media will be there to report on a few stories. Obviously Clayton, how Angus is faring & Brodie Grundy and that stuffed up trade
  9. A forward line that can kick straight would be good. Also petracca to actually nail his set shots. Elite players should kick those goals that he was missing this season
  10. Good we need feedback on what the hell is going on
  11. Well Friday night will certainly be interesting now.
  12. Lets just hope it not the start of a dynasty.
  13. We'll get West coast in gather round
  14. Don't think the 4 umpires has worked. They were bought in to oversee what the others missed. That advantage call should have been communicated back to the ump that paid the free to bring it back.
  15. Gee just finished watching the NRL gf. Both grand finals were crackers of a game. It's a horrible weekend if you're a lions/broncos fan this weekend. Unfortunately the teams that won are the teams I did not want to win. Footy is horrible sometimes
  16. So now maynard, cox and howe have there medals. You know what will annoy me as well, if the great Jimmy's games record gets taken away by Crisp.
  17. For us to finally play west coast at the G No trip to geelong Only play essenscum once
  18. I stupidely went on my social media account and some dum wit pies fan sent me a photo of howe with his premiership medal. Gee they don't forget these pie fans.
  19. How about the out of bounds on the full by collingwood and the boundary umpire said throw it in.
  20. Just got back from shopping. Ugh the filth fans are out in force. What really annoys me now is I can no longer look at Howe and say you ditched us & we're the ones with the premiership. Lets hope they go backwards like west coast did. I doubt it, McCrae is to good if a coach. If we're feeling like this with the pies imagine how it will be when the bummers finally snag one.
  21. Turned on the sunday footy show to hear Jeremy Howe will join us. That's enough for me. Turning off. On another note when pendles retires we need to get him as an assistant coach. He oozes leadership & class and is a great ball user and has a footy brain.
  22. Do you realise last night that in 9 months time there will be a new breed of feral Collingwood fans being born.
  23. Well I'll be watching the NRL gf tonight, then focus on the cricket. The world cup starts next week. Just want to forget this footy season
  24. That's why I'm staying off them. Stupid me when on last night & saw Dane Swan gloating. It annoys me that people like Eddie McGuire will be up and about today and there feral fans. But gee Collingwood fc are going to be raking in the cash with all the memorabilia
  25. Yep yesterday when I was at the G all I could think of is hopefully one day I can see Melbourne be a part of this.
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