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  1. Can't wait to see who our draft pick will be compared to. So far the draftees have been compared to Burgoyne, Martin, Harvey and even Pickett
  2. Honestly I haven't watched a draft for awhile. Only tuning in tonight to see our picks 7 & 11
  3. Love the little kids up on the gold coast cheering on the players that get drafted
  4. Is Ben Dixon going to interview every top 10 pick?
  5. My god why did it take so long for west coast to tell us they're picking Harley? Also what happened to the clubs reading out the players they are drafting
  6. This is going to drag on isn't it? Can't we just start
  7. Very disappointing. Kicking 1 goal again until 3/4 time is not good enough. Like the men's team, a wasted year
  8. Life as a Melbourne supporter. We get disappointed in September We get disappointed in November
  9. No trip to Geelong and we get West coast at the G. Finally
  10. The million dollars has gone to their heads. That was actually a pathetic performance
  11. Well they've got a lot of work to do & just shot ourselves in the foot for a home prelim.
  12. Game over. This is more disappointing than the men's performance
  13. Zankar and Bannon done nothing today.
  14. We finished 2nd on the ladder right? This is terrible. A home prelim is on the line
  15. My god, Pearce has the gawn kicking boots on
  16. Come on girls. Just get the 1st goal & go from there
  17. Take a shot at the goal. Don't pass it. My god the kickouts from a nth behind are so frustrating.
  18. It's almost like he planned his own weather forecast. 31 degrees
  19. I would like Max to focus on his kicking as he is ranked the worst kick in the comp. He is our leader and during that finals series he botched some shots at the goals.
  20. Good to see Collingwood not make it, shame Essendon did. When do they announce the finals fixture?
  21. Heard the interview. He speaks really well & was respectful with his responses when asked about Melbourne. It's not his fault that the club couldn't make it work. They sold him a plan and couldn't execute it. Good luck to him at Sydney. I have no issue with him. I did have a laugh when he said he found a place in North Bondi about 10 minutes to training & a bit different than driving out to Casey
  22. It's so typical of a Melbourne team to do that
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