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  1. Petty is the oldest and slowest 24 year old I've seen
  2. When gawn came on to do the ruck, I would have liked to see van rooyen go back to the forward line rather than sit on the bench.
  3. Knew essendon would win so didn't bother watching. Just watching freo gold coast. Watching amiss miss another shot. Of course that day he couldn't miss against us, could he.
  4. I hope they review that last quarter. That was disgraceful we could not score anything against the bottom team
  5. Did we not give Brown the gatorade shower. Which isn't a bad thing
  6. Fritsch should be dropped but Goodwin won't do it
  7. We kicked no score in that final term. 0. Ridiculous against the bottom team. But rivers into the midfield was a positive
  8. Don't celebrate that Melbourne. Pathetic against the bottom team. 0 goals to us in that finals term. Kynan Brown game saving tackle. Maybe give him a full game next week
  9. Frittas 1st kick paid off. Straight into maxys arms
  10. Last night I commented on how the carlton forwards especially the smaller ones put a lot of tackling pressure on and chase. I saw fritta and kozzie walking. Oliver needs to focus on the ball. At one point phillips was into him off the ball & koltyn ran in to help out.
  11. There was a bit of a melee. Shame we didn't put in this much fight against Collingwood.
  12. Gee fritsch is lazy when it comes to defending
  13. May has started better Oliver more focused on fighting with phillips. You're the better player. Use your skills
  14. Can't even kick a ball to a teamate on their own without it going on the full
  15. Isn't this game meant to start at 7:30? Why isn't it?
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