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  1. Did essendon get on the wrong end of a few umpiring decisions? Ha ha
  2. So remember when the media kept bringing up Toby Greene and him jumping up & sticking out the boots, well when will people wake up & start bringing up Darcy moore
  3. Gee what's happened to the giants?
  4. People are starting to wake up to moores knees to
  5. Good to see opposition fans in social media having a crack at Maynard & his staging. It gets the pies fans riled up
  6. Bont would be a true gentleman & someone who parents would be happy to date their daughter. I don't think he'd gave a nasty bite in his body & he is a fantastic player to watch I really hope he wins a brownlow
  7. I'm watching Adelaide v giants. More interested in that than the other game
  8. Also it's school holidays. Most people escape Melbourne to get some sun.
  9. What a great idea to have the country game on a Saturday night for all the country people to attend & get home.
  10. So the Gold Coast did something we couldn't do. Beat the filth when the pies had most of their good players back. Dimma just needs to teach them to win away
  11. Yes go you gold coast. Woohoo!! Now for the bummers to lose. Yes I know that means Geelong will win but I do not want them moving up to 2nd
  12. You just know daicos will do something to get them over
  13. Ugh gold coast haven't scored a goal at all. They've let the pies kick 5. I hate how Collingwood have this belief they can run down any team.
  14. Nup nothing will get mentioned by anyone
  15. They're going to run them down and win aren't they? Ugh
  16. Poor gold coast fans having to put up with that stupid chant
  17. Every week I ask the footy gods to injure Jack crisp. Just a hamstring or something that will end his streak
  18. Alright over to you gold coast. You have one job. Beat Collingwood
  19. Wow what a finish. Freo deserved that win.
  20. I feel like this is dejavu. Last night we led only to get pipped & I feel Sydney are going to do the same
  21. Hope freo can hold on. They have been great all day. They deserve to win
  22. Sorry have I missed something. Where is Ben Brown?
  23. What kozzie did last night we need more on a consistent basis & if he actually started tackling more then he'd be the complete player.
  24. Just want essendon and Collingwood to lose. It sickens me we are playing badly & these 2 keep winning.
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