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  1. Good win in the end. Now for the Aussies to knock off NZ in the cricket
  2. Yes that was a good end to end goal then.
  3. My god the men's team frustrate you then you get to the women's season. That 2nd quarter was so hard to watch. Just miss after miss. Hopefully we can kick on in the final term
  4. Any chance Bannon could get into this game?
  5. Course not. It's a positive story
  6. I see West coast knocked off Essendon at Windy Hill today and I'm here for it. That was a good win.
  7. Players to pull there heads in, kick straight & for us to be out of the media for bad news
  8. After the game it was a bit of a shamozzle. We went around to where the girls came off and they came over which was great but for some reason a couple of the girls had to run back to the other side to do the broadcast interview. Not sure why it couldn't be done closer. Then the siren went for everyone to go on for a kick, security were running everywhere because some of the girls were still on the ground, not sure they'd be in danger, Kate had to then sprint off up the race. So instead of the girls all walking off together like the guys do, they were all going up the race separately.
  9. I forgotten what it's like to come to the footy & get frustrated with bad kicking & missing goals. Hopefully we can kick the first couple & put them away
  10. Good support for Melbourne. Don't think nth have a cheersquad here
  11. So before the game I'm grabbing dinner in Lygon st first. Don't really want to wear Melbourne stuff down there for a few reasons
  12. I'm actually going tonight. Haven't been to a women's game in years. But it's great that we are scoring really high now and looking foward to seing Bannon hopefully dominate.
  13. Yep just heard on the news this morning. Gws v Collingwood, Sydney v Melbourne . Could be wrong but at least it's one interstate game game out of the way early.
  14. Gosh is it a west coast teams coach prerogative to complain . Adam Simpson did it years ago and now yesterday. Maybe take advantage of playing a top team and see what we are doing right. Stop deflecting from your teams and bad coaching performances.
  15. I can't believe Taylor Adams has left the pies.
  16. Well that was a great idea goody.
  17. May should be filthy at his teammates who can't kick accurately at goal
  18. Unfortunately there's not to much you can come back to pies fans with. They're the ones that won the gf on the G & the fans got to see them do that. They're the ones that are celebrating & soaking it up. Lets face it, if roles were reversed & Maynard or degoey said that about Melbourne we'd be all over it. We just have to suck it up & realise we've stuffed it up 2 years in a row & come back better next year
  19. Do you secretly think May means we were the better team but our forward line couldn't kick straight and the mids kept kicking them out on the full or shanking them. He is probably frustrated the backline went ok but watching miss after miss annoyed him, because it annoyed me.
  20. Well the pies fans aren't to sympathetic. Just glad he's alright. Anaphylaxis is very serious.
  21. For the people in the room they did skip the Collingwood final or go back to it? Gee Clint got a bit salty with some people at the end when they came back from that extra long break. Maybe he wanted to get home early as he probably has to get up for weekend today. Did anyone go up to Grundy & have a chat?
  22. Not going to lie. I wanted Jack to win. Loved how McVee finished top 10. Kozzie bit surprised with his position. Not sure if it was a pointed message about culture but I think everyone in the room should have got the message. Steven may. Ha ha. Wait until the pies fans find out what he said. Sadly they're having the last laugh
  23. So they just keep showing our sponsors on the stream. What's going on? Also did they deliberately skip the Collingwood final for obvious reasons?
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