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  1. What an extraordinarily poor attempt to cover the question of who Melbourne “will target with its first pick”? Three out of four paragraphs wasted on an NGA prospect who the authors don’t expect to be available at our first pick anyway and a vague guess that we might shop for another key forward if any are left in the 30s or 40s. A lot of thought went into this. Not.
  2. ROOS CULL FOUR: Former first-round picks among departures Dom Tyson one of four delisted at North.
  3. 6. Christian Petracca 5. James Harmes 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Steven May 2. Max Gawn 1. Alex Neal-Bullen
  4. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Petracca 4. Steven May 3. James Harmes 2. Max Gawn 1. Jake Lever
  5. That was the game where the Brownlow Medallist killed us at the stoppages and roved every Max Gawn hit out. Will Lachie Neal be back to torment us again?
  6. Very timely decision since we have no opponents on Sunday following the Giants' sudden withdrawal from the AFL competition this morning.
  7. Ben Brown not far away by the looks...
  8. Quarter Time and North have yet to turn up v Richmond
  9. I don’t think Jackson did much ruck work if at all in his only game so far this year v Carlton. He will probably be the back up when Gawn rests.
  10. How nice, they allowed Melbourne to play against the Swans on this weekend back in 1964 but now?
  11. Could someone please remind me as to which club was originally drawn to play against the Swans this weekend?
  12. I hope that you’re not suggesting red and blue lives matter.
  13. You obviously missed Pinball Wizard’s response to the attack on him by another poster - or the apology that followed. I was disappointed when we didn’t draft Zac Jones in the first place but sometimes you have no choice in a draft. But we never seemed interested in him when he was leaving the Swans and I think he would have been a handy addition to our lineup.
  14. Bombers’ speed advantage would be blunted in the wet. Bring on the rain!
  15. Thanks. I taped the game last night. Will now delete.
  16. Fund trustees for Cbus Super have agreed to the early release of Smith’s benefit on the grounds of “Permanent Incapacity”. The company has accepted independent medical advice declaring that he is incapable of ever returning to the workforce. Basically, the first AFL player assessed in this way but there are others as well who will benefit from this groundbreaking case.
  17. Clayton Oliver Bayley Fritsch Christian Petracca Max Gawn
  18. Brayshaw Petracca Lever T McDonald vandenBerg
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