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  1. Good call (Although i do like Rivers) I think we just missed out on Dursma as well
  2. I was really happy to see us keep another team to 5 goals. Good signs. Oliver took big steps again in the right direction. Offense still needs a lot of work, but it is getting better. Do it in the big games now
  3. Don't bag the umpires Mr Mac, Gil and his cohorts will be after you.
  4. They cant even umpire consistently in the same game
  5. Maybe that umpires (not sure what number) but maybe his whistle is broken and thats why we aren't getting fks
  6. I really enjoyed the no call on Goldstein pushing off with an arm on Jackson. Umpires are an inconsistent joke
  7. Good to see the kangas generate their shots from fks. [censored] me, bow do u got from.petracca getting leffed to dubious high fks. Mindboggling
  8. I have nothing against opinions as long as it is accepted as opinion and not fact. Our defensive cohesion is actually pretty good. But why let stats get in the way of eyes. I 100% agree with you on offensive cohesion though, we are pretty poor.
  9. Thats a good point i hadn't considered (mind you ive been busy with little ones and haven't had a chance to think about footy yet). With on of the clang brothers out it will be interesting to see how our midfield mix goes with Brayshaw and potentially Harmes getting more time in their preferred positions.
  10. Tbh im unsure. All i know is he's unavailable this season. I reckon he will be a very handy 3rd tall down back or even pitch hit up forward (thankfully though Jackson and Weed look like they'll do t he job now). May, Lever & Petty would make a handy back 3 to build around i reckon.
  11. I saw the Grimes? Tackle last night and laughed. Nibbles get 4 weeks (rightly so) but Burgoyne and grimes disnt mean it and get slaps on the wrist. Afl and integrity hahaha what a joke
  12. Pretty muxh spot on maye. Coaches will always tweak with things but if u look at the tigers its a prime example of how the modern game works. The team plays as one unit. Positions are irrelevant these days.
  13. I agree but i also thought he was good vs the crows when he wenr in to the ruck. I love Max but this kid oozes talent. Ps- i reckon we are really missing Petty this year.
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