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  1. I thought he got fired earlier in the year and ended up at the Dogs?
  2. Criticism of Eddie is warranted. Sorry i went off on my own tangent
  3. The whole invasions point is interesting - the world has been invaded and evolved since the dawn of time. England itself isn't even made up of native people but a mix of cultures. Is it also realistic to believe that Australia would have never been invaded at any stage in history and that the first nations people would by custodians until the end of time? Does anyone really believe that in 200 years white Australia will even exist with globalism and expanding populations? I just find the whole argument a bit confusing and wonder if the language should change around it. It is ver
  4. It might be surprising but many actually volunteered. Now Military strategy on the other hand is actually quite interesting.
  5. You forgot the Spanish, Ottomans etc. Correct me if Im wrong but the Spanish have the lavish claim of settling a continent and the inhabitancy disappered? There is a little known history of British enslavement where the Brits themselves were taken as slaves, very exciting stuff.
  6. The relevance here is that we are lucky to be in a country that allows us to discuss matters in a free and respectful way and not be dictated to by Governments or anyone else on what we can or can't say.. As some Pom once put it "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
  7. Don't take it personally i am just having some fun. Give me a best 22.
  8. I think our record of going to Perf to play the E Girls is just as good
  9. I definitely understand that. It's all about Gil filling his pockets with ad and tv revenue.
  10. Same. I thought there maybe some good info. Turns out no, there isn't.
  11. I understand that. It just makes you wonder why have a deadline if it's not really a hard deadline. What is the definition of a completed deal? Why should they be allowed to f around for so long ad leave until the end?
  12. Any word on Jordan or any other OOC players? Any ideas of the DFAs we might look at? Cheers PS love your work @CHF thanks for the info
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