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  1. Could this day get any better? Pies and Blues tearing themselves apart. Could it get any better? Over to you Essington.
  2. There is also a lot of opportunities for cameo appearances. I reckon Roost should poke his head in, maybe even Neeldy.
  3. I don't believe I will have any part in the remake but would definitely appreciate a cheese platelter. And the $cully money bags guy and bugler need a mention too. The remake has potential.
  4. Get Track, Gawn and the boys plus a few cameos would be sensational. It's a great hype vid would be excellent as a finals lead up.
  5. I am hoping we can get a remake of this classic for the modern day. Would be a ripper. Make it happen MFC media department. Much thanks
  6. We definitely need a sack someone thread. Anyone keen for Jack Watts updates? I personally enjoyed his commentry on his career.
  7. What happened? I was too busy booking ski resorts for next weekend.
  8. What position of the earth in particular are you requesting?
  9. The AFL is already a joke but just how pathetic the decision was - Not deemed a clash
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