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  1. I reckon James Hird was clearly our biggest drafting blunder. Jackovic seriously hardly played for us.
  2. Swanny is still upset that Oliver doesn't think he's cool. #Swannytryingtostayrelavent
  3. Aww im sorry i upset you. Please continue whinging
  4. So above you're talking TPP and that wasnt the point. And again we have no idea how the contract would structured. It could be front loaded and he could end up plsy ing for minimums plus incentives for 2 of the 3 years. Would you say Smith is more valuable then say a pick 50 then? But the point made by Moonshadow was contract length anf not terms. Contact have multiple ways they can be broken, including retirement, mutual agreement and dismissal. The whole length term argument for smith is irrelevant. You either want a more talented list or you don't. Lets not pretend recruiting
  5. Sorry for the deja vu But you do realise contacts can be broken. You also dont know any if the details on how their structured and what incentives and options there are. Who cares and you have no idea what your talking about.
  6. If Oliver is serious about leaving he wont leave this year unless something has gone seriously wrong. It makes no sense. No one will be able to afford our trade demands. It makes more sense that he wouls lwave next year as a free agent. His management would be smart enough to know this. I wonder if there is a bit of message sending here. Anyway time will tell.
  7. I support this wholeheartedly on the one condition that @Demonland films and repots on the progress.
  8. Just like the De Goey story? Im not having a go at you dazzle just think news has been slow in the AFL trading space and they need to fill space. Will be interesting to see though if there is smoke there is fire.... no real details have been tabled about Oliver but as we've seen from Chook in Perth, he is upset with something. It could be as simple as Olivers management gauging market value or it could be Oliver is upset. If he does move i hope it's this year. His worth will be the highest this year. In saying thay good clubs het good players to stay. We will see what
  9. Both are perennial underperformers who are over rated by the support base?
  10. I wonder if the Pies will review the game?
  11. Fair points and I'm not upset I admit i dont know the details, but i find the rumour bemusing and selfish that a player can be so impatient with success but not actually be a complete player himself. Let's not kid ourselves he's not a brownlow medalist. Anyway what will happen will happen. He will either step up or sook it up we will see.
  12. [censored] me.... seriously. Upset he finished 5th so I'll sook it up. I must be getting old, but that is weak as [censored].
  13. Therr is a bigfooty rumor getting around about Shaw. Pretty devastating if true.
  14. No real substance but SEN reporting Merrett more likely now to stay at the hangar.
  15. Good call. I actually thought he was handy when he played could definitely fill in a spot with injury/form. But we still need complimentary smalls to put on pressure/crumb and kick goals
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