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  1. I do not make that assumption but I am not accomplishing anything and obviously be annoying so I will stop. Bye bye.
  2. A bit of a jackass for concentrating on the last match. We missed out by 0.5% X 1934 points = 10 points. We could have easily gone sleepy-bye-byes later in any of our wins to earn this.
  3. Anything by a Chicago Bluesman about a faithless woman
  4. I am helped by expecting it from around Round 18. Like a slow-motion wreck. If we had won by extra goal in any of the games where we were momentarily 40 - 60 up and scrambled home, we would be in the finals. This match should have been irrelevant.
  5. Thank you for your considered response. It will be interesting to see Lewis in the B + F and how the club rates him. Nah, I too wouldn't give much for Vince but it may be worth a shot.
  6. Way back in Primary School, the teacher used to split you and you friend up to stop you mucking about. So you are in effect implying that the coach has control of his class. Not that I am seeing.
  7. Spencer and King have done nothing. Vince's kicking is a menace to the order of the universe. We are flush with dynamos in the midfield where he does less damage. Lewis is knackered.
  8. About a third in, we were looking pretty irresistible with clearances and handballing forward. Then we choked as expected. The first part is the easy part. Trade Watts - he consumes too much of the club's attention and is difficult to keep out as a number 1 pick. Kennedy, old man Trengrove, KH all perform better at VFL. If contractually (or otherwise) entitled to be picked, he should tried at CHB where we could drool at kicks I50. Trade Bugg. Troublesome and still has currency. Offer and then delist if required Vince, King, Spencer, Lewis, Kent, Hulett, Garland, Trengrove Rookie a ruckman from Box Hill. That is where we got our good ones from. Only recruit KPP's over 195 cm. Hullett, Smith, Smith, Kielty are unlikely. The second part is harder being an apology from the Board that we did not reach our full potential. An acknowledgement from the football department that they were gooses in picking players which they could not trust. The players don't gate-crash. They are picked without immaculate disposal in the VFL and reasonable in the AFL. They are picked while not running to contests in either. Revelations -- Hannan - looked good when filling in in the midfield TMac up forward Hunt Rubbed our noses in it - Kent Don't give up yet - OMac, Frost, Wagner
  9. Pederson - can rely on Jones - can rely on the rest - Nah, not really and started with Vince - traditional dud kickout
  10. That would be good but I do not think that he has it in him. That is my prediction of the future as is that the Swans are going to crush the Crows. Another opinion is that he represents better value as a trade to those he played well against. I would be chuffed if he won the Norm Smith medal but that is going to Nathan S.
  11. No point in dropping Watts for one game if he doesn't repent at Casey. I can see him not playing again this year and being traded. It's time to move on with our (football) lives.
  12. Thankfully the game wasn't on free to air and I saw no vision. BUT how can Garlett have one kick and two handpasses? Really! How! Was he running away? One of the three disposals was effective. How can he be up for selection?
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