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  1. let's be honest, more likely than the peptides winning a final this year
  2. chandler's goal kicking making the difference this quarter, we now lead by 0.12
  3. silly dorks, gimme goal to chandler
  4. casey's goalkicking has kept box hill in it
  5. nic nat's best seasons were when he was second fiddle to dean cox
  6. at some stage all our hyphens will play in the afl and amz to anb to jvr to goal will be a commentator's tongue-twister
  7. yeah think i was a bit harsh on baker since noticing how everyone else's disposal is arguably worse breeze definitely playing tricks with kicks
  8. if baker could hit the side of the barn door he'd be a decent player
  9. not a club; they're a franchise sole (soul?) purpose to to have 2 teams in the brisbane market and bolster the broadcast rights deal accordingly
  10. i wish nothing more than mid-table mediocrity upon them
  11. yeah i saw that too and thought 'mcg screen definitely said 39k' crowd was right on my expectation but on the train coming in on the caulfield line i must admit i was thinking it could push 50k - definitely the squishiest train ride to the the footy this season so far
  12. alice doesn't have the taxing humidity of cairns or darwin
  13. he's replaced eddie betts as the most universally respected and admired and genuinely liked player in the game
  14. i don't think we acknowledge often enough that gawn, oliver and petracca are three of the greatest demon players in the last 50+ years gawn is a brilliant player and an outstanding leader
  15. like most, i can't see anb coming up the others are advantaged by going thru their mandatory quarantine period and being able to get a training session plus a captain's run in before the aints game IN: jackson, sparrow, petty, pickett OUT: melksham, weideman, dunstan, smith
  16. 6: gawn 5: oliver 4: brown 3: petracca 2: viney 1: bowey
  17. aints are gonna be knackered next week
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