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  1. under 65k today at the g; where's the outrage from the media about the filth and the scum not turning up? 33k for peptides' big win crowds are way down i still think it'll be about 30k tomorrow; crazy that i've been at games v st kilda where we had over 50k in attendance but they'd been completely banished from my mind...primarily cos of the disaster against the filth to cost us a spot in the finals...
  2. the only thing that matters is that we're top two at the end of the home and away season
  3. simon fabflag - went from badloss to the promised land, breaking a 57 year drought, and seems to provide a remarkably level-headed and balanced approach; the quintessential 'modern' coach swooper - broke a 23 year drought and won finals every year for five years in a row and brought a steel to a club that had been pretty spineless for a long time the reverend - up down up down up down up up up finished; never could get consistency in his group and in results, but when things were going well we were super entertaining and a team that played hard football roos is NOT the messiah - helped change the culture of the club and provided the stability we desperately needed at a time when were were the laughing stock of the competition balme - the only one of the five not to have an interesting name (balmy is the best anyone could do?) but his body language and facial responses in the box were always amusing even if his team's results weren't for the most part
  4. moore being destroyed by lynch
  5. ninthmond a different team with neck tatts down there the filth show a lotta potential
  6. noble took the job that no one else would give him more time
  7. bringing him in as a free agent is exactly how you maintain quality and ready-to-go ability on the list amon has been excellent tonite fwiw - gut running and good decision making
  8. yeah don't think yr thinking of karl amon at all @Sir Why You Little good player, well worth kicking those tyres
  9. the amount of hanrahan's in this thread! we'll all be rooned!! especially if we: keep badloss lose fabflag lose player X keep player Y don't have a home base have a home base out at casey we're the reigning premiers the rest is all FUGAZI
  10. agreed amazing he was training with meth coke right up until january
  11. it'll be interesting to see what the next cba approach is - my expectation is that years played to qualify for free agency will come way down
  12. has melbourne v st kilda EVER achieved 50,000 in home and away games? two minnow clubs 30,000 will be a good result
  13. They did, and Mahoney’s messaging was that the peptides overachieved last year winning 11 games For a club obsessed with optics it was atrocious
  14. meth coke are the richest club in the competition, by miles i remember pre-covid they were estimated to have $20m in the bank that they didn't know how to spend
  15. no he's not he's at the end of six years in the system; if he was ooc next season then he'd be a free agent, but he's not, so he isn't
  16. Yeah I would’ve thought so too, but meth coke have twice targeted English when he’s been in contract years
  17. No he didn’t; he raised much needed cash for a club that were about $10m in debt at the time
  18. joel smith has never played more than four consecutive senior games - and then only once - in six years
  19. hasn't been able to get consistently get on the field for three seasons and is about to turn 32 again, it's a no
  20. i absolutely love 'plugger' mac it's a massive question as to whether he or weed gets retained for this weekend could go either way
  21. he's on absurd money for the next three seasons and currently can't make the side who are mired in the bottom four it's a no from me
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