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  1. gw$ up and about under McVeigh* *slobbo column tomoz: ALL HIRD 14 goals in a quarter at the gabba; i love watching games like this where i know these days that the dees simply wouldn't allow it to happen
  2. that's not going to happen - all decisions will be made under gil's watch as such, his replacement MUST come from inside the boys' club nothing ever changes at afl house
  3. gone from a hater to a lover of milkshake hope he has a ripsnorter today
  4. i was one of those anti-milkshake haters during his first season with us but it was when he was shifted from half-back to half-forward that i became a HUGE fan - think it was defensive effort on jj in the game in which lever did his knee at the docklands carpark that made me admire his workrate, and the goal off two steps in the final vs hawthorn that made me love him hope he has a ripsnorter today
  5. i'm mostly interested in the crowd it SHOULD be upwards of 85-90k...but will it be?
  6. bloods? bears puddy tatts us footscray gc17? aints carltank? pear interesting few games coming up this weekend
  7. if a 19th license is approved then a 20th has to follow quickly thereafter there is no value in adding a 19th team in the competition; a 19th and 20th gives one extra game per round which will provide actual value to broadcast rights etc. still don't think it'll be nt; it'll be a 3rd team in wa
  8. in: viney out: dunstan melksham gets his 200th and bedford remains the super sub
  9. i think it's impossible to compare crowd sizes yet, primarily as wa was at 50% capacity for the first seven rounds, from memory, and kardinia park is undergoing it's latest injection of taxpayer funding, and is at about 60% capacity ultimately the real key is tv / streaming viewership, which has grown significantly over the last few years, and club membership remains super strong throughout two seasons where people were, for the most part, completely unable to attend whatsoever
  10. tassie govt won't come to the party with $$s if it's a relocated team
  11. ralph wrote that story ffs god he's a [censored] of a journo
  12. they paid glenn luff a small fortune to poach him from champion data the news about jason horne-francis going 'home' to sa - and not telling the club about it, and them only finding out cos of social snaps of him being, ahem, 'enthusiastic' on the evening away - is REALLY not good
  13. i don't disagree but i think our midfield won't allow them repeated easy exits and f50 entries, our defensive workrate will stop their ball movement off half back, and our backline is as stingy as they come
  14. brisbane have had scores in excess of 72 points (12 goals) six times outta ten, including two losses we've had more than that scored against us once in ten
  15. i like to think i started that - it was all to do with the fact that his kicking action is eerily reminiscent of the great tony lockett not to mention that he 'plugs' into roles no matter where he's needed
  16. the amount of hanrahan's on this thread... good grief
  17. you mean '...might win a final'
  18. i always forget how much i loathe going to docklands; it's a glorified car park - and it is absolutely FREEZING in there not surprised there was less than 15k there; was right on my expectations for the crowd and the result - we wasted opportunities but we were, for the most part, very professional in the way we went about it lousy time slot, shocking opposition, horrible stadium
  19. 6: oliver 5: lever 4: petracca 3: spargo 2: fritsch 1: pickett
  20. how odd! quick google: maybe he was 193cm in long stops??
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