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  1. I can’t believe this lockdown. I’ve been looking forward to going to North v StKilda for weeks! Damn you covid, damn you!
  2. The lesser likes for me. Harmes, Spargbol, ANB, Jordon. So clean and hard and don’t stop working. Really good from those 4 plus Brayshaw shutting down a wing. Oliver is head and shoulders above their much lauded midfield. Great win in a weird to watch game.
  3. What a petty, hate filled thread. I love it. 1. Dangerfield. Flops around, always limping when it’s time to chase. But worst of all, tries to be funny when he clearly isn’t. 2. Selwood. Absolute champion that’ll leave the game with a reputation of a diving, throwing, sore loser sook. 3. B*tch mode barometer Mathieson. If you’re running with the name Beast Mode, probably better to not need 5 senior players injured before you get a look in. 4. Lynch. Goofy lookin velvet tack hammer. Can’t believe it took that long to get a Richmond player in the gun. 5. Papley. Wombats excrement is cube shaped. He’s a cubed shaped piece of human [censored]. 6. Dylan Grimes. Coz Rance retired. 7. Taylor Adams. One of those Sam McLure lookin heads that no one wants or wants to look at. 8. Nat Fyfe. You’re not that cool mate. 9. Joe Daniher. Yuck. 10. Those few Port kids that are all talented but I can’t tell the difference between. All cocky and celebrating and stuff. And their stupid pregame song. No. *If he didn’t play for us Jake Lever would intercept one of my spots.
  4. Kicked a goal then mimed ripping the shirt open like superman and stuck the forehead and his massive underbite into Baker.
  5. Poverty stricken man’s Selwood.
  6. Wonder why Riewoldt didn’t wander down and have a chat to that stain Mathieson.
  7. His 2nd halves destroy teams. Seems to ramp it up while everyone else is slowing down. At least it looks that way. The most consistent player in my time on earth.
  8. lol I see these in every game. Dusty dropped 2 into Lever’s head. Nada. Anyway, still plays so who cares. Should’ve kneed the lot of em.
  9. Not Grand Old Flag either. Sick of hearing it.
  10. I thought it was a good win. Carlton smashed in the media all week, I expected them to come out with a bit of fire. They did, but it lasted 15 minutes, it’s all just a bit too hard against us. Centre clearances are [censored] me to tears. Don’t look like winning one, when we do it’s a free against. The cleanest was with Weid in the ruck. Jackson so much more valuable than Weid. Bad day for talls, but Jackson smashed Richmond in the wet. Hopefully a better look at Weid and Brown in a dry Adelaide. Love our mosquito fleet. Trust all of them to do the right thing with the ball, best in the biz without it. Oliver>>>>>Cripps. Always had faith in Petty (narrator: he didn’t have faith in Petty). Really assured game. lol @ the nerds that wanted Fritsch dropped. Tomald ?
  11. Big Chandler fan. Hope he smashes some tackles, has quick hands, snags a couple and keeps his spot.
  12. That shinboner spirit doesn’t let you lose the first 9 in a row.
  13. According to David King, 1-8 isn’t a premiership. I thought it was, I feel so silly.
  14. Hard to say this, but onya North.
  15. Thanks for the updates legends.
  16. Should’ve picked him ahead of Weid. *hides*
  17. Geelong will be ready to swoop when it runs out.
  18. He’s lost something. Conference especially. This week and last passing off shots he used to slot with ease.
  19. Jordan Lewis please stop saying furtherest.
  20. I’m similar except for the last bit. One premiership will satiate me. That’s all I need to see, just one. Stalking the Richmond board after losses, those ungrateful [censored] make me sick. It’s like the recent flags stand for nothing, they get stuck in and world is ending. I’m also a Liverpool supporter, we’re having the season from hell but I couldn’t care less, I just saw a Champions League and Premier League trophy, yet some fans want the whole club sacked. I don’t get it.
  21. Big call, hopelandic call. I’m not gunna argue. Untitled #8 is my favourite song of all time. Derailing the thread a bit so to get it back on track, go football!
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