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  1. Jack Watts hasn't played like someone who is at all concerned he won't make it in AFL. Players picked later in the draft need to prove to themselves and thier club from the very start that they are capable. Jack would have been told that he has nothing to prove, and is playing to gain experience. Nothing is being demanded of him. There will come a time when his coach and team will demand something from him, and that is when he will need to deliver.
  2. Blaming any lack of future sucess on missing out on Scully/Tengrove/etc is a very, very simple way to look at things.
  3. People are excited because there is a very unique story behind a player that also has great potential. Really looking forward to seeing him in the bigtime. The story is only beginning....
  4. I was calling for Sylvia to be dropped about 6 weeks ago, but since then enough has happened for me to think that he does have a real opportunity to be a vital and important part of MFC for the next 5+ years. The vast improvement in his form is the obvious one, but for me the honesty and commitment to improve all parts of his football and personal life that he showed in the article, and that he has continue to openly talk about in interviews since, is a real big tick for me. If he continues to stay on the track he is now on, I think he will pick himself in the leadership group in the next two years. Some people seem to deny others the chance to redeem themselves and make good, but I definetely don't. I think people who have taken the long way to reach their full potential can be equal, if not better leaders than those that have always made the right choice.
  5. Would love to see him get involved a little bit more as he appeared to do a bit of spectating at times last weekend. Having said that, he will prove to be a bargain as a PSD pick and I am hoping to see him in the bigtime sooner rather than later. Our last two PDS picks could very well prove to be inspired choices.
  6. I've been a little concerned with Rivers form tbh. Some will see it differently, but IMO if we had all our players fit, I would stuggle to find a spot for him in the backline. I would have Garland ahead of him. Hopefully he can find his form or adapt to current forward set-ups, or do whatever he needs to do, because like most people he is a real favorite, but right now he seems to be struggling.
  7. The problem is that when 3 players charge in to tackle, we leave at least one oppisiton player nice and open to receive a handpass over the top. That player then has an eternity without any pressure to move the ball forward. Pressure is caused by a player bearing down on you AND a lack of options. I hope it is a learning thing and our players can develop some more strategic pressure.
  8. I have begun to get really frustrated with our tendancy to over commit players to the oppisition ball carrier. I have noticed numerous times in the last few games that several players will go and pressure the oppisition player with the ball, leaving free oppisition players for easy outlets. This wouldn't be so hard to swallow if the free player/s wasn't so often on the attacking side of the contest. I feel we have to get a lot smarter in the way we put pressure on the player with the ball. Yes, we have to force him to dispose of the ball, but we can also create pressure by reducing the options he has. I would like to see our players think a little bit more before chasing the man with the ball. If a teamate is already heading to the ball carrier, start to limit his options by staying close to his possible outlets. Is anyone else noticing this? It's really beginning to frustrate me, even more than our poor disposal.
  9. I'm a big fan of Martin also, but think he will be able to learn his new position just as well at Casey. Perhaps even better as there will probably be more opportunity (Insdie 50's). I really, really hope this kid makes it. He seems to be a fascinating person (his IQ is probably more than the combined IQ of the Collingwood cheersquad) and I am a sucker for late starters and low draft picks coming good.
  10. I agree he has been showing that he has a good future, but I think in order to help him develop he needs both time at the AFL level to get familiar with the speed, hardness and pressure, but he also needs games in the VFL where he can spend far longer in the midfield (which appears to be his destination). He isn't getting a hell of a lot of TOG and possessions at the moment for Melbourne, so I think it would be good for him to rotate between AFL and VFL to benefit from both levels. I think that is the best way to get our young midfielders (and to some extent forwards) to develop. Our young backs are seeing enough of the ball at the moment to fast track their development, as long as they don't lose confidence.
  11. I hope we can find room for Newton and Cheney. I wouldn't be too upset if Robbo has played his last AFL game. Perhaps Maric could do with a game back with Casey.
  12. Awesome thread guys. Highly amusing. I never imagined people would start bragging about IQ scores during a discussion about team selection. I only really have one thing to add. IMO Bell will do well in a half-forward or attacking midfielder role. His temperment just wasn't cut out for work deep in the backline under the pressure we have been under in the last few seasons. I am really hopeful he will flourish away from the pressure and hope he can resurrect his career.
  13. Yes he is a great clubman, with a great work ethic. Yes, he is good in the clinches and wins the contested ball but... 1. Far too often he butchers his kicks (and often his handballs as well). Good, consistent disposal is becoming more and more the most valuable skill in football, and too often Brock totally duffs his chances. People moan and whine about forwards (Newton) missing gimme shots at goal and then the same people turn a blind eye when midfielders miss targets by 10 metres. In the last two weeks in particular, Brock has cost us shots at goal because of poor disposal. It is not something that has always been evident in his game (or perhaps his work ethic covered it up?) but it seems to be happening far to often at the moment. Supporters from other clubs are noticing it as much as I am. 2. His leg speed is becoming a real worry. He really labours and almost looks in pain when chasing down the loose ball. I really hope it is an injury and he can rectify it, but it is a real concern. If both of these things can be sorted out, and return to the level they were 2-3 years ago then he will be a vital piece in what will be a good time for the MFC. If however he continues to struggle with his disposal and can't improve his leg sped, then he may miss the boat. Trade him? No. His value won't be there if he doesn't regain his mojo. He will be too valuable to us to trade if he does. Rest him to get his body right, if indeed it is an injury issue? Part of me says yes, because I hate seeing him struggle so much, but for now I think we need him out there for his experience. I wouldn't be surprised to see him finish the season early for surgery though.
  14. Not sure if this is a good example of the point you are trying to make Freak. Both kicks cost goals. The bad kick in the backline can lead to a goal to the oppisition. A bad kick into the forward line can cost your own side a goal. I get just as annoyed when someone duffs a kick to a wide open player 20m out as I do when someone does a bad kick-in directly to an oppisition player.
  15. Very surprising INS. Hadn't heard about Valenti being promoted. Hmmmmm
  16. I can't belive our leadership hasn't responded to this....
  17. In: Jetta, MacNamara Out: Sylvia, Bate Jetta didn't play anywhere on the weekend and will miss another week if he doesn't play AFL with Casey having a bye. Jetta is in Wona's spot and should stay there until Wona is ready. MacNamara was really good on Saturday, and is more than a tall backman. Was very impressed with his work. Sylvia took the first half off on Sunday, so we may as well give him the week off this time. Needs to drastically improve his consistency. I am not sure of Bate's role anymore. Only seems to come into games after halftime once the sting is well and truly out of it.
  18. So you can tell how much work he does in the gym, simply by the "definition in his arms". It's nothing to do with his physical make-up. It's all about putting in the work. Robbie Flower, Michael Tuck and Kevin Bartlett must have been lazy sods in that case.
  19. Let's get over all the bad injuries now and have a clear crack at in 2-3 years time. Hopefully he doesn't have any long term issues with this and can be ready to push for senior selection for the pre-season games next year. No point stopping these guys being kids though. Accidents will always happen. I think it is good players can continue at school if they are drafted young.
  20. The only teams I can see us possibly beating this year are WCE, Freo and Brisbane in Melbourne and perhaps Richmond again. Without studying the fixture, I can only see us winning 3 at the most more games this year. The younger players that have played so far will soon run out of steam (Jetta and Bennell in particular), and the ones yet to play (Watts, Strauss etc) won't be game winners for a season or two at least. I hope to see continued improvement from our mid teir players, overall "competitiveness", good skills under pressure and gametime into as much of our list as we can. The fact we have made the 30,000+ members mark shows that supporters of the MFC know where we are and where we ae going, and that is good to see.
  21. It's interesting to hear/read the differing opinions about Newton. What some people see as lack of effort, skill and work ethic, others (myself included) see as very low confidence. We know he can kick and yet he choked under the pressure he felt on Sunday. In many ways he reminds me of a young David Schwarz without the self confidence.
  22. I can't believe anyone seriously thought Morton was running away from Lade. Very funny!! He was running to the next contest. He couldn't care less that Lade was there wanting to fight. His expression quite clearly showed me he was taking care of business (playing footy), not that he was scared. As for how he approaches contests, it seems he is more playing within his means. He doesn't possess a large, robust physique, so why attract heavy body contact? He will only damage himself more than the other player. The real test for him and all footballers is to show courage when it is really needed and I haven't seen him fail to do so.
  23. I wasn't at the game, but if I was, I would have booed like so many others. Why the hell not? It a game of footy, not the opera. Oppisition players have been booed for far, far less than what he did.
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