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  1. We need someone tall to go To BONT when he goes forward... Viney isnt the right match
  2. Chris Scott politely referred to it as a "weird hypothetical". Seriously who actually pays these journos to come up with this stuff...
  3. just another nerd-wanna-be-jock by hanging out with them and trying impress them with his Dodge Charger
  4. There is a bit of discussion about Alternative Australian Flags.... https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/tiktok-erupts-in-debate-over-five-proposed-replacements-for-the-australian-national-flag/news-story/3958e21101ae854a58e70ce5f3a8447c This one gets my vote!
  5. to all those dons who love to count... whats 6302 + 365 ?.... groundhog day :)
  6. the bad side of the ego.... you don't exist, I don't recognise you/see you.... i walk through you...
  7. then comes the inevitable response from ross... https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/afl/i-m-not-here-to-defend-myself-lyon-responds-to-langdon-jibe-20210829-p58mww.html doesn't seem to be too phased by it and takes it on board. no harm done.
  8. then what final score do we need?? 20.21.141
  9. crows scum at the stadium booing Lever please go home
  10. Suprised Guthrie didn't make it in front of Fritta. They must have punished him for that Out of bounds on the full in the dying seconds....:)
  11. slightly extended highlights here
  12. One Word - Belief. We can believe and know we can do it now. Absolutely awesome.
  13. Ross Lyon is well liked by melbourne power brokers according to Ross
  14. we have won 2/3 quarters so far..wtf
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