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  1. Teague sounds like a young AFL360 Robbo when he talks at his pressers, he his still then all of a sudden arks up... His dozey eyes don't help... surely his nickname is "sleepy"?
  2. They will be favorites now against us. they did beat the only team to beat us so logic should prevail....
  3. "Missy" higgins..... how will he ever live that nickname down now? haha
  4. I guess quite a few melbourne supporters are not used to having weaker belief than the players after having believed for so long in the red and blue. maybe any supporter losing belief should show restraint and eat some humble pie before announcing their instinctive lack of belief. it may feel strange.... but will feel good at the end
  5. Definitely best I have ever seen after Round 12. The question is how much we could get worse, get injuries etc, and then how much/fast every other team gets better improves. I hope we can still change gears come september. Also notice the significant analysis of every word coming out of every player / coach's mouth after a win these days...some like to see this as footy IP "leak" opportunities which they are taking seriously given our W/L ratio
  6. The home and away season stops now, teams 1 and 2 currently on the ladder play off for the flag this weekend...
  7. Really surprised it wasn't mentioned on Access All Areas as it was done with the mark decision in the Swans v Cats game a few weeks ago. Just shoes the purple [censored] isn't as independent as he always claims to be and is pushing some agenda...
  8. Really missed Salem....our disposal from the back was poor
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