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  1. I have a feeling Jacko could have a much more significant role to play in this game than people realise. Most focus in media etc has been on Gawny, Clarry and Trac. Gawny's dominance in the ruck in the previous games hasn't translated to clearances. So do we lose much by putting Jacko in much more of the ruck contests and free up Gawny to create a match up nightmare in the forward line or dropping back to chop out in defence. It might even work against the Doggies system if the ruck contests are more even and they can't shark off us as much. They would potentially get caught between setting up for winning contests themselves not just defensively sharking off us. If it is neutralised then Jacko becomes even more of a clearance weapon once it hits the ground and he can then run Martin into the ground. He'll be cooked before the last quarter. Also have a feeling Vines is going to have a blinder. This game will be tailor made for his manic attack on the ball and player at stoppages which is where the Doggies must win to have a chance of winning the game.
  2. I agree with all of this especially about round 19 but my point is all things being equal if we'd kicked straight we would have won that game even though we were flat, they had Bruce, won frees 25 to 11 and had some very lucky breaks. We can predict and plan for almost everything except for not kicking accurately.
  3. Based on the 2 games during the season there's one thing that may well decide the outcome and unfortunately it's not predictable. Scoring accuracy. We scored 13-9 then 9-13. They scored 8-11 then 11-7. So they had one less scoring shot but it was a 48pt turnaround to them. Our forward line is functioning a lot better now than in those games and they've since lost Bruce. I guess deeper entries on less acute angles will be the one controllable way to fix this. Other than the players kicking better and taking their chances. I remember at one stage Champion Data showed that we had the hardest shots on goal in the Comp. Don't want to do that in the heat of a GF. There will be lots of other keys to this game but this one sticks out as the major point of difference in those two games. Mind you the free kicks in the second game were 25 to 11 and some of those resulted in goals. @binman @A F @Axis of Bob
  4. I think you'll find it was what the Swans offered him and we had to match it to keep him. He was showing great form then and has never had a run at it since except that burst late in 2018 when he looked like a critical player.
  5. From memory it was $550k. Not insignificant for you and me or the TPP.
  6. Also AVB who was on significant money after we held off the Swans on his last contract.
  7. I wonder if there's any risk Rivers might want to return to Perth. Freo used pick 7 in his draft on Hayden Young and arguably Rivers has been better than Young or certainly at least as good. He's also 2 years younger than Cerra and has already proven he's going to be an outstanding player. But how much of an upgrade is Cerra over Rivers? It would want to be a lot to give him up unless there's some risk he might want to go back to Perth anyway.
  8. Like it. Dynasty Begun Dynasty Commenced Not tempting MFCSS fate a bit @binman @Demonland Maybe just 2021 got a simplicity to it like 186 but obviously with much sweeter connotations.
  9. I joined Demonology in about 2006 using the monicur It's Time and came across here in Feb 2008 using it. It's pretty self explanatory why I chose It's Time because even before Singo coined the phrase for Gough's tilt in '72 it was well and truly Time for another Dees flag and has been ever since. Soooooo come about 9.50pm on Saturday 25 September 2021 I am of course truly hoping It's Time will become a redundant name and I'm going to need a new one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and hopefully delivered in the happy spirit we are living in at present and not any less salubrious suggestions. Thanks in anticipation. It's Time for now but hopefully not much longer.
  10. I was told by the Club they will be transferrable but agree it should be clear in the email on Sunday.
  11. From memory MCC/MFC Premium membership is $229 which you have to have in order to then buy the extra $150 for the GFG.
  12. I'm a MCC/MFC member. So it was $150 extra just for the GFG on top of the max MCC/MFC membership. I don't know if they've changed anything all I can tell you is what I posted about what they told me. Maybe because of the post Prelim bye it isn't as urgent this year.
  13. I was told if we get through we would get emails about it on the weekend after the Prelims are finished so I assume this Sunday. The email will explain what you can do and I was told you can forward the email on to anyone you want to give it to.
  14. As I have previously posted I spoke to the club last week and was told the following :- 1. The club will be offering the option to get a refund for the GFG. 2. They will not be offering to roll them over to next year. 3. We will be able to give others our GFG barcodes for them to purchase tickets. Multiple tickets can be purchased on the one transaction with barcodes for each ticket. I think it's great if people pass on their GFG's to others. I will be passing mine on to family members. I also think it would be very fair for those wanting them to pay the holder the $150 they paid for them as otherwise they could get a refund.
  15. I have just seen this OP. I’m in Sydney so can’t go. I also spoke to membership dept last week and was told I can either get a refund for my $150 GF Guarantee or can pass it on to someone in Perth. If we make it I’ll be passing on to a family member. If people are thinking of pursuing the refund I encourage you to try and find someone who will pay you the $150 for your GF Guarantee. That way the Club keep the $150 and the team get extra supporters there.
  16. Couple of points come to mind about this. 1. If there is substance to this you’d have to think his ex teammate Lingers is in his ear big time. 2. Cerra would have to fit into our wage setups like players did at Cats etc. if he wants to come. I’d be very confident the Club wouldn’t mess that up by laying him the rumoured $750k Blues are supposed to be offering. 3. We will have the salary cap to co we that with AVB probably going and being in a lot of $$, Jonesy maybe Melk and Hibbo. 4. We’d have to possibly also move some players on to Freo as well as picks. I don’t believe that would include Gus. He’s done his time to put the team where it is and deserves to reap the rewards over the next few years. It could be T Mac they’ve probably got more salary cap for him than we do. Could be Weid if Harmsey went it would open it up for Gus to go back into the middle and Cerra to the wing. 5. The Club have been masters at getting trades done the last few years. It might not be possible but they’ll give it everything and it could be surprising.
  17. I was just about to turn 4 but don't remember it. Grew up in a Saints family but I was always the first up on Saturday mornings and loved watching Ron Barassi's footy clinic on the Happy Hammond show so I was a Dees supporter. Too young to remember it despite supporting the team. Remember '66 because my father and elder brothers went crazy.
  18. Saw that last night. I suspect this is their game plan. I doubt he was like that a few years ago but TBH don't know his play well enough to know.
  19. Eagles look like they are finally going to have to face the fact they need to start a rebuild. Gaff is 29, a bit outside the rebuild window but 3 years younger than Isaac Smith who we offered a 3 year deal. Gaff looks like a better proposition than Smith would have been. Worth a question I would have thought. At his age he won't demand a super high pick. AVB was on a lot of money after we fought off Sydney going hard for him a few years ago. That money and a few other departures like Jonesy and Nev might mean the salary cap is there for him. I wouldnt' think it would need to be silly money like what Carlton have been paying role players.
  20. The thing that's got me the most about him is the warp speed improvement week on week. When he was drafted he was said to be a project player who hadn't played much footy but showed rapid improvement. I thought he looked like one of those players who are picked for their athletic potential even though they don't have a footy brain. His game awareness has turned out to be absolutely elite. His ability at 19yrs to already compete physically in the ruck against mature bodies is a shock. He's put on 10kg's just since last season. 91kg to 101kg.
  21. People were shocked he went that high in the draft. They could have had Serong and others. He was picked for his elite running and elite skills. Unfortunately so far has played on the wing and really struggled to get in to games. Easily knocked off the ball. Not a strong competitor. In theory exactly what we need on the wing, in practice a bust so far. To be fair the wing is an incredibly hard position to get on top of as we've seen from a few of our boys put out there so he may come good over time. There were rumours Jordan Dawson might have wanted to go home. He's an absolute jet.I was super excited about that if we could get him until my son told me home is SA not Vic and it looks like he's about to resign. Alas.
  22. Did anyone hear from the Club yet about ticketing? it’s a sad day for me. Had flights booked flying out tomorrow from Sydney to spend time with family over there and see another Dees win. Alas can’t even go down the road up here for the foreseeable future. Trying to work out how I can get out somewhere in September and quarantine to get to the Premiership. Surely that bloke Dan Andrews would get that wouldn’t he
  23. Exactly. I can't believe the State Govt would call a press conference to make this announcement if there was a risk that MFC would be moving elsewhere very shortly. This was a State Govt announcement it's not an announcement MFC had control over. All you Pert haters like @Mach5 etc, what would you be saying if the State Govt made this announcement and Pert and the Club said nothing. Unlike most other clubs we don't even have the land for this so we're dealing with multiple Govt bodies try to get public land as well as the facilities. Yeh it's frustrating it's not sorted yet but come on take a bit of what @daisycutter is having and treat it as a glass half full progression.
  24. LH can you imagine the State Govt making this announcement and MFC announcing shortly after we won't be using Gosch's because we couldn't reach an agreement with Govt on facilities and are forced to go elsewhere.
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