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  1. It's a blessing we have so much depth! Obviously we couldn't afford an injury to any of our AA players, but we can cover injuries to our 16-22 players I would think. Hopefully he is all good and the swelling will go down with some ice. Otherwise, Milkshake probably comes into the side.
  2. A great deal given my 30+ years of support. As someone that's been to just about every game over this period when i've been in Melbourne (aside from when I used to play on the same day), I can't help but feel it won't exactly be the same as being there in person to watch and witness it. That aside, I went to all of the Vic games this season when allowed, which is a great deal more than those that have jumped on the bandwagon in Perth in this past week for a one-off game...
  3. I hope it's not the case, but maybe one of our WA players (i.e. Rivers) wants to go home, and has notified the club about that, and it's being kept hush-hush until the season has finished? A Premiership or even a top-notch season making a GF isn't necessarily the be-all and end-all for all of the players, even though it might be for us supporters. Remember Joel Hamling walked out on the Bulldogs after their 2016 flag to join the Dockers!
  4. Think you'll find it was WCE's preference to wear the royal blue jumper in the 2015 GF, which is now their home jumper anyway. They did the same in 2005 and 2006, despite no clash with Sydney, when back then they had a predominately navy blue home jumper. If we are wearing the redback (which we probably aren't), it may be the club's choice to save pushing the Dogs to wear white and thereby given them more ammunition to fire up for the game, and provide better visibility for the players.
  5. Gotta make a quick irrelevant point here. It's amazing how many 'new' Demonland members with one post haven't contributed anything on this page, yet flooded the GF barcode page. I'm sure we will never hear from them again, unless, of course, we make the Grand Final again next year and it's unexpectedly played interstate! Totally agree with what many have said - we are a more rounded team than the Bulldogs with no obviously deficiencies. We just have to be careful of the ball hitting the ground too often in the backline, particularly if it's wet, because it's not our number 1 strength dealing with it. Frankly though, the only things I think will cost us winning are: (1) a ridiculously lopsided free kick count, which we've become all used to with games involving the Bulldogs; and/or (2) inaccuracy - we were the 17th most accurate side in the H&A season, but things have looked a little more promising recently. We need to nail our shots at goal, particularly early on.
  6. I have one category 1 barcode for sale for the $229 price or whatever it was. Just looking at getting my money back. Contact me if interested if you're a Dees supporter and can go.
  7. The WA papers have reported that there are likely to be 20,000 general admission seats available now that Port didn't make it, as they expected a lot of South Australians to fly over given there are no restrictions for SA entrants. Just out of interest to people prepared to sell their guaranteed grand final barcode, would you ask whoever is buying it off you to reimburse you the $229 or whatever amount you paid to the club to get access to it?
  8. Brought in to deal with quarantine issues with McLaughan and his cronies. Even though the bye might appear to disadvantage us, there are a few pros: - we performed very strongly after our last bye last night, so following a similar program where we have an intense inter-club match effectively again should do the trick; - the Bulldogs have got some momentum now in the finals... it halts that; - it gives May a chance to recover and play - he's super important to our structure.
  9. Exactly, if someone new on this page is requesting, i'd refrain. Easy to see based on the amount of posts. People can try their luck on the Facebook supporters group where they aren't as de-identified.
  10. Looks more to me like 'poster remorse'. Looking at the wording of his other tweets, his profile name and pic, I'd be surprised if he didn't post it and delete it immediately...
  11. I'm probably going to be hammered for this idea, but would we let go of Tom Mcdonald and try to keep Sam Weideman? This has nothing to do with McDonald's decline in form over the past few weeks. He is in his late-20's, he's not going to get any better, and he might be marketable to another club now. If he's still contracted (?), it might save us some coin. Even though we haven't seen enough from Weideman to prove that he can make it, he's substantially younger and there's potentially a lot of upside to him. He might just slot into the side nicely next year now that we have some continuity with our set up. Just a thought...
  12. Just think that Milkshake is a bit more reliable in a big game, where we would get a tangible result (i.e. defensive forward role and an accurate kick at goal - unlike most of the rest of our team)
  13. I hope so, because I think we'd absolutely smash GWS if they got through given their run of equivalent knock-out finals. It'll all come undone. Mind you, they looked absolutely spent in that last 1/4 today and should have been overrun, so dad's army will probably still get up next week.
  14. In: Hunt; Out: Smith Regarding TMac & Bowey, if we win the Preliminary Final and poor form by either, would seriously consider Melksham & Hibbard.
  15. just said Geelong 'dominated the game against Melbourne' except the last part. He's delusional.
  16. The other '[censored]' thing to bear in mind is if Port Adelaide make the Grand Final in Perth (and say play us), all of their supporters will be able to fly over to Perth and watch the game, so it'll turn into a partial home crowd for them. This is because there are no restrictions on entering WA from SA. We would have to rely on all of the lovely 'impartial' Western Australians to barrack for us to even it out - can't see everyone doing that, so Port will have the weight of the crowd. We are used to 'booooooo' in Perth I guess!
  17. Without getting ahead of ourselves, a question that should probably be considered is who will present the Premiership Cup if we were able to win the flag in Perth? That is, presuming Emperor McGowan maintains his current position of allowing nobody other than players and direct support staff into the state. Some possibilities include Shane Woewodin, Earl Spalding? Not sure of any other notable ex-Demons players currently living in WA at present... maybe Nathan Jones, presuming he won't be playing, but flies over as part of the extended squad? (that would be weird but not necessarily a bad idea)...
  18. Luke Shuey Nathan Buckley Jacob Weitering Taylor Adams
  19. Interesting that old mate Chris Scott just said on AFL360 that Geelong expects to go to Perth a few days after its Port Adelaide clash, regardless of whether it wins or loses. Does this suggest the same will happen with us? Meaning, if we got beaten by the Lions, we would play the winner of Bulldogs/Essendon in Perth, but more importantly, Port Adelaide in Perth if they beat Geelong (so they don't get a home preliminary final)? Hinkley then says he thinks Port would get a 2nd Adelaide home final...
  20. Firstly, for that to happen, it would have to be Melbourne v Essendon. Important as they would have to wear the clash strip! :-) It would also require us to win against Bears, and Essendon to beat Footscray, Bears and then Port/Cats. That would be a massive ask for a side that's barely beaten a top 8 side all season and just scraped into the 8.
  21. He's clearly joking! Anyone can see that.
  22. Week 1 Dees Port Bulldogs Giants Week 2 Bears beat Bulldogs Giants beat Geelong Week 3 Dees beat Giants Port beat Bears GF Dees beat Port
  23. Just announced only would be 50% crowds in Adelaide next weekend. If we play Port in Adelaide the crowd won't be a factor at all!
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