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  1. He will never be forgotten. He was our only shining light during our dark years (2009-2014). The fact that he was one of our few senior players who refused to leave during that period showed how loyal and committed he was to the club. While it's a pity that he hasn't been able to participate in the finals this year, there's nothing wrong with playing your final game in a win against Richmond in front of nearly 80, 000 people. I will always remember his match-winning goal in the 2018 elimination final against Geelong.
  2. Brown has been crucial lately. His contested marking ability has been excellent and I've noticed how reliable his field kicking is. Our forwardline clearly functions much better when he's in the team. He's been the recruit we needed.
  3. Easily the best win I've ever seen. I loved every minute of the second half. Max Gawn is a total champion. His third quarter was absolutely freakish. Jack Viney is a fantastic finals player. He never fails to stand up in really big games. It feels like a privilege supporting this team at the moment.
  4. I guess you could say we're a chance of winning this.
  5. Selwood accusing other players of diving is so ironic in many ways.
  6. That was exactly the first quarter we needed. May's injury is certainly frustrating but I'm confident that Petty can restrict Hawkins if he stays on him for the rest of the game.
  7. I didn't start following MFC until 2009, when I was only 7. I honestly can't remember the first game I watched because I'm almost certain that it was just one of our typical losses at the time. The best game attended is easily the 2018 elimination final against Geelong. First time I actually watched them play and win a final. The worst game attended has to be the one against Essendon early in 2016. That was a game I'd rather forget.
  8. I was always a big fan of Dom Tyson, even towards the end of his time with Melbourne. While he did have his deficiencies, he was generally a very penetrating kick and he had quick hands in close. His career may not have panned out in the way we expected but playing over 100 games is an accomplishment from any footballer. The biggest highlight of Tyson's career was his two sealers in our win against Hawthorn in 2016.
  9. I hope you're being sarcastic. Last night showed how important ANB is to the side when he's at his best. Getting rid of him would be a massive blunder.
  10. So you're going to say that his decision making was 'worrying' based on one skill error? You must be a superhuman to play a whole game without any skill errors. I thought ANB's decision making was brilliant tonight. I rarely saw him miss a target.
  11. No doubt a great win. Well-deserved. We were easily the better side almost all game. How good was Sparrow! He proved a lot of people wrong tonight. Oliver was brilliant, as expected. While Petracca was sloppy at times, he stood up when we needed him to. That's the trademark of a very good player.
  12. Fantastic quarter. A player who has really impressed me is ANB. His endurance running has been excellent and his kicking is improving out of sight. It isn't the first time he's performed in a final.
  13. That was generally a good first quarter but here's my question: can someone please sort out Charlie Cameron?
  14. I have to admit that this game is more nerve-racking than the elimination final against Geelong in 2018. Before the elimination final against Geelong I didn't feel particularly nervous about what would happen because I was satisfied that we were able to make the finals in the first place. But today I feel extremely nervous because we finished on top of the ladder and my expectations are really high.
  15. Having 7 players is even more than what I was expecting. Thank god the selectors compensated for their refusal to pick May last year.
  16. I couldn't imagine anything worse than Toby Greene as captain. Certainly up there with the most annoying footballers in the competition.
  17. I think Gawn deserves to be selected as the starting ruckman more than Naitanui does. Even if it's true that Naitanui is the best tap ruckman, Gawn does a lot more damage on the ground and he impacts the scoreboard far more regularly.
  18. Easily one of our best midfielders in the modern era. While his set shots are an area of his game that needs improvement, he has the ability to snap crucial goals in big games like the one last night. I can't imagine what the result last night would've been without him. I still can't get my head around the fact that he's only 24 years old.
  19. He's a star. Another very impressive game. If he continues to have those sorts of performances in the finals then we are a genuine threat. 35 goals in a home and away season is an excellent effort for a 20-year-old small forward.
  20. Why did I stop watching in the second quarter! Clayton Oliver is an absolute champion. If he wins the brownlow it will have been well and truly deserved. Nothing better than beating Geelong in this way.
  21. Oliver never fails to stand up in big games.
  22. How? Sure, our performance this half has been awful and I can see why people are frustrated, but the abusive comments directed at certain players are just gutless.
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