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  1. Looking at that list it looks like there will be a few one year contracts offered to some players to give a bit of flexibility in list management in the next couple of years.
  2. Garry Lyon with the Wizz on his shoulders.
  3. Is this Geelong playing in Port jumpers
  4. How weird but great is it to be in the Grand Final and just sit back and watch this Preliminary final to see who we play. I don’t care who wins just hope it’s a good game, we will beat them both if we play our best.
  5. Well what a great day, seriously how well did we play fantastic team performance. Loving the whole vibe coming out of the club at the moment and also one of the best and funniest days on Demonland.
  6. Can we play the last qtr with ten?
  7. It seriously is a joke how often he does it and gets away with it.
  8. This game should be over but it’s certainly not. You just need to your opportunities when they come.
  9. Loved hearing Garry Lyon talk about former teammates sitting in there lounge rooms in their Melbourne jumpers pumped for the game. Nerves are off the charts but how good is it sitting down to watch a Preliminary Final that where in and are favourites.
  10. Stone and Wood Pacific Ale followed by a top shelf Yarra Valley Cabernet Blend. Loving the humour on here today hopefully it lasts all night.
  11. Sam Edmond on SEN just said Melbourne have made a strong pitch to Cerra and also thinks the delay in Cerra nominating a club has Melbourne right in the mix. Financially we can get the deal done we might have to trade out a required player to help get the deal done.
  12. Just listening to David King on SEN seriously he is talking so much rubbish he is confusing himself. I don’t mind him but he is all over the place with the Melbourne v Geelong game. I personally feel the midfield battle is going to be huge and if Geelong get on top in that area the big ground might actually work in their favour with plenty of space for their forwards to lead into. On the other hand if we dominate the midfield and their old midfielders are doing lots of chasing it will work against them. I am super nervous about this game, while I feel our best is better than theirs they have so many veteran super players who are hard to break down.
  13. Yes, same thing apparently happened with a Collingwood player throughout the year and the AFL didn’t let them play the following week. So will be very interesting what happens this week.
  14. Just curious if CH7 are dissecting the dodgy free kicks? Fox have mentioned it but haven’t shown them it’s bloody frustrating.
  15. This game has howling umpire mistake costs Brisbane the game in the final seconds vibe all over it.
  16. This umpiring is getting out of control.
  17. I can’t express how jealous I am of you. That would have been off the charts crazy.
  18. Kanye MF Doom A Tribe Called Quest Wu Tang Drake Hip hop just helps me get through life in general.
  19. Was today, the atmosphere was crazy.
  20. GWS have been rubbish tonight sadly and the thought of playing Geelong next week is really sickening.
  21. The old master of dirty sniping does it again.
  22. This will be some upset if GWS can win this. Their midfield need to get going if they are to have any chance though.
  23. I can’t believe how nervous I am already, it’s going to be a long day. If we lose tonight it’s not the end of the world but winning just makes it so much easier.
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