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  1. Spargo has his name all over this thread. Can deliver a huge quarter where he kicks 3 quick goals
  2. I would hardly call wasting nearly a whole day travelling good preparation
  3. His goal sense is pretty off at the moment. However, getting him in as a marking target I agree with. The change works too for mine, gives McDonald a chance to win some footy as 2nd ruck and Jacko is pretty lost as a forward option atm
  4. I actually thought people watched a different game when I came on here post match. He was not the reason we lost. Thought he was our best in the first half and kept fighting all night. I don't know what people are expecting. People asked for him to lift after the GWS game where he legitimately looked out of touch and then he is in the thick of the action all game and probably more detractors are on his back.
  5. Can we not experiment this one time we actually have a shot at a flag
  6. Wasn't a whole lot less than turned up in R1 with 50% capacity. Turnout was better than I thought it'd be
  7. On a dry deck in the afternoon, BB would be a good addition. Still not sure it's the right move for team balance, but I don't think he deserved to go out based on form. Happy to give him a run. Not sure who goes out. Kosi has been disappointing, but I still think his upside is too great as there's no replacement in that role
  8. Could imagine Adelaide v Brisbane twilight. I assume that gives us the fta Saturday night slot, unless they go with hawthorn for burgoynes 400th
  9. I'd love to see him called up onto the podium like Bob Murphy in 2016, on the likelihood he doesn't get a spot
  10. I agree. Why not run with our successful line up from the first 6 weeks.
  11. Just had to find our feet after the first 15 minutes. Our defence is unreal. Literally 3 of our 6 are AA material. Amazing instincts by our players at stoppages. Sloppy patches towards the end of the 3rd but huge plays time and time again after mistakes. T Mac and Jackson are absolute beasts. Just love these players really.
  12. Absolute champion for what he has meant to the club and what he's stuck through. Basically was what we turned up to see in 2012-2013. Has gone through at least 4-5 phases in his career. It's not so much the skill but the passion that will make him be remembered as a champion footballer
  13. I looked for the cheapest tickets too and when I selected 2 they gave me about 10 options, the day later there were numerous more options. Theres really no advantage buying tickets early when they don't give you the option of where to sit
  14. It's a massive hassle to actually get a ticket and not being able to choose where you sit. Unless you're a tragic I don't see much incentive to attend. You can't jus rock up and get decent seats with a few friends. The AFL's not doing enough to get crowds in, NBL did $10 tickets, the AFL should follow suit with something to encourage attendance. It's gonna be a bad look when full capacity is back and crowds will still (likely) be down
  15. Where does it say you have to scan? I didn't do it last week and didn't hear anything about it at the gate
  16. All tickets to the game were $50+ unless you were a member, where for a lengthy period of time it said they were unavailable. For a game already with relatively low demand, nothing was done to atttact people to attend. If this had been done right I reckon we may have gotten 30k. Ticketing has been terribly mismanaged. I thought the goal was to attract people back to live sport these days.
  17. Getting a ticket, and ticket prices for general public were absolutely farcical. Should have been promoting the game with $15 tickets or something
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