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  1. Definitely wasn't manned on the weekend
  2. His inability in front of goal is stopping him from reaching Ablett/Dusty heights. Should be breaking games open by kicking 2-3 regularly given his rotations into the forward line
  3. Oliver May Langdon Petty Harmes Fritsch
  4. Agree, thought Harmes did a great job on the wing and got us going early
  5. Confirmed sub. Interesting as he wasn't in named 26
  6. You look at that kick and his kick v Geelong last year. Very smart footballer
  7. Melksham knows his limitations pretty much. Doesn't think he's the star. As a leading mid sized forward I'd definitely take melksham. Harmes can easily pick up 20+ in the middle, yes, and has a better goal sense than Clarry or even Trac, but Brayshaw can get more and make a lot smarter decisions with the footy. Purely in terms of team balance, need of more of a pure forward than pure mid, we take Melksham. Harmes is stiff, yes, but they are no like for like swaps and it was immediately clear from the bounce v Freo how much better our structure was with Gus
  8. Aside from his kicking he had one of his best forward games. I think we kicked to Brown too often in the second half which made us predictable
  9. Wanna see this guy run away with another premiership cup this year.
  10. I saw him lay good follow up tackle at one stage. I think Weid is a very limited footballer, but I think this was just a very quiet game rather than a very poor one. I'm happy to watch the replay, although to me I can understand why tv coverage would make a quiet game look much worse
  11. I think Brown would have been no better last night to be fair. I was at the game and saw Weid often more competitive in contested situations than last week. Conditions had a big say.
  12. Loved our midfield mix and the balance of our line up in general. One of Harmes/Sparrow/ANB has to sit, I'm not fussed if Harmes sits again. I would reward this 22 and give Weid another chance
  13. I don't think tonight raises any alarm bells. 1 disposal reads poorly, but saw him presenting well and working hard particularly in the 2nd half. That's not to say it wasn't a poor game , I just didn't feel it was significantly worse than last week
  14. Brown out certainly makes selection easier, if we were going to try the 2 bigs together it wouldn't have been this week
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