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  1. What you got for us? I didn't hear a peep about us being liked to Gunston!
  2. Well you're about to look silllllly. First rounder was never going to happen. It made no sense.
  3. Weren't you in disbelief about supporters thinking a second-rounder is what the trade should be?
  4. My god. Whitfield would be a dream in our side. Opposite wing to Langdon or give him a half-back Nick Daicos role. Probably way out of our thinking/cap but if we landed him and Grundy this year plus hit the draft with a top 8 pick we'd be laughing. And I'd be laughing. All the way to the 2023 flag.
  5. Gotta keep evolving, Harmes might love the club but he is a fairly vanilla player most of the time. And if this helps balance our list and gives us the opportunity to bring someone in that none of us can see then I'm all for it. We need a shake up, keep our core and continue to develop and evolve around them.
  6. West Coast will pounce to facilitate a trade* Why would a club black list itself for no reason? Not only would we never deal with them again, they'd then carry a reputation that every club would be aware of when dealing with them. So it's absolutely in their best interests to make a fair trade with us if Freo don't come to the party. My assumption is that Jackson has told us that Freo is where he wants to go but if they can't get a fair deal done for the club, he'd be willing to go to West Coast. This is based on the fact that he hasn't come out publicly to nominate. He is being fair to us as we were the ones who drafted him, developed him and ultimately invested in him.
  7. They said they'd be open to splitting pick 2 so you're completely wrong. Not only that, there is zero bad blood between Jackson and club and I'd be absolutely astonished if Jackson rejected a move to West Coast if Freo couldn't make the deal work. The amount of posters who believe the PSD is a risk is funny really. It would take an incredibly rare turn of events for it to go down that path from here. West Coast's interest puts pressure on Freo to get it done. We'll be fine either way.
  8. Go and look at his draft profile and his strengths and weaknesses and the reason he went as high as he did. He has smarts in spades, he just needs a defined role. If ANB can play half forward, Jordan and Brayshaw on a wing then I'm sure a previous number 3 draft pick can learn to play a position. I'd have him in our midfield rotation as is anyway. He can compete with Sparrow and Harmes for that spot over summer. More competition for spots and lifts the standards of those he'd be competing with.
  9. I would entertain Dow without a doubt. Remember that Carlton's weakness for a while was big bodied midfielders which in part pushed Dow out. (as well as the fact that he was inconsistent in his form). But I really think they didn't utilise his strengths and he's been a bit lost as a player. I can genuinely see a spot for him in our side as a compliment to our bull-at-a-gate midfield. He's got a burst of speed, great side-step and is composed when he feels comfortable at the level. And that's where I think we can come in. Celebrate his strengths, give him a role that really bring those strengths to our side and he'd flourish. He'd also come on the cheap and for a former top 3 draft pick and a new environment is exactly what he needs.
  10. Some supporters would be better off supporting the individual that plays rather than the club they play for. Tough business being an AFL club. And if we're being brutally honest, we were prepared to give him an offer based on his output to date which has been inconsistent at best. All the best at West Coast, let's add to this list now.
  11. I'm not basing it on his first game back and obviously I'm no expert but from what I've seen through vision of him playing is that his strengths don't lie in the areas we are lacking most as a side. It's got nothing to do with asking more of a 17 year old, it's about which top player is going to compliment our list and give us the best shot at a flag for the next X amount of years whilst we're competing. We are at the stage with our list that we can pick for position and attribute rather than best available in the first round. And in my opinion, I don't the Elijah is the player that fits best for us going forward.
  12. Undoubtedly talented. But lacks too much compusure and good decision making imo to be considered for us. Even Wardlaw looks more composed and he's more inside than Elijah. I still want Sheezel. Then Cadman would be next.
  13. Grundy has openly stated that he wanted to stay at Collingwood. They want him gone so they don't get to decide whether it's a first rounder unless they're paying a ridiculous amount of his salary which they would rather not do because they want him off their books! They can't have it both ways. And for whatever reason, you think they can. The dogs only gave up pick 14 for Treloar because they needed points to cover for bids on Jamarra.
  14. Nah. It doesn't work well for us. You can't salary dump a player and expect a first round pick in exchange. The media have pushed that narrative and a second round pick is more than enough.
  15. You sell him a mile short and in comparing him Billings you're neglecting the number one attribute that separates them. Competitiveness. Sheezel carries enormous intensity and energy around the contest which makes up for any lack of speed. Billings' biggest knock is that he lacks that fierce intensity around the ball which is why he is a vanilla player. The reason he'd fit so well for us is that he ticks the competitive box first and foremost which is what we look for in every player that we bring in. But he compliments us because his ball use, composure and ability to hit the scoreboard is absolutely elite. He is the perfect link up player and will be a huge upgrade on our half forward line once he builds his tank.
  16. Would love to see us trade up for a shot at him.
  17. I wouldn't be so sure. Can see Freo missing next year given the amount of best 22 players they're about to lose plus Mundy. They had a dream run with injuries most of the year, (bar Fyfe who is past his prime) and will also have a much more difficult draw next year. In my eyes they'll be the most vulnerable of this years top 8. Can see them finishing as high as 7th and as low as 10th. So if we get a future first round pick for Jackson, I'd be quietly confident it'll end up being a top 11 pick which will be great for next year's bumper crop. Plus we'll have our first rounder so will have a bit to play with.
  18. I could never envisage Gunston playing in our forwardline alongside Max Gawn, Ben Brown and Fritsch. And I thought it was strange that many supporters were into him. He's another player who requires great ball use to bring his best. He is not a contested marking beast. He's not KPP. He's a lead up forward with elite finishing skills and class. GNF's rumour aside I'd be highly surprised if we were ever actually into him..
  19. Out of interest, does chook have good mail on this sort of stuff? I mean, I'm sure we'd have interest and have reached out to a number of forwards' managers etc. Why has this particular one grown legs on Demonland when not a word has been said in the media?
  20. Good post, I can see clearly now and the fog has lifted. Taking Bowes and his contract would be ridiculous and I wouldn't associate with anyone who is for it. Including myself. Bye.
  21. It's a lot, for sure. And maybe too much. Although it's for one year at that figure. Aside from the players I mentioned, you'd like to know how much we'll have to play with given the money we would have had for Jackson if he stayed. Plus Gawn, Lever and May would all be on significantly less given their age and contract status. But maybe that's been balanced out by us signing on Trac, Oliver and Gus on long deals for significant money. Zero idea. Just want pick 7.
  22. I mean, I'm an anonymous nobody behind a keyboard on a football supporters website but... If we don't chase this hard, I'll be baffled. We have many NQR's we can move on to comfortably fit Bowes in. Was a top 10 pick so he clearly has attributes to work with. He's 24 as well. I'd be more than comfortable to move a player like Hunt on given he's 27 and has never become a consistent 22 player. And whilst he played the majority of this year, he is definitely replaceable. Then there's any of Tomlinson, Bedford, Weideman, Melksham, ANB who I'd be comfortable moving on. Pivk 7 would be an unbelievable gift to have going into this draft or on-trading for next year's bumper crop. It's just a no-brainer. Heading into the draft with two first rounders from the Jackson trade as well as pick 7 is ludicrous for a side that won a flag the season prior and finished the current one on second spot. [censored] do it!
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