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  1. Does Ralph provide anything? The amount of nothing articles that circulate the news outlets are soooooo tiresome. He provided absolutely nothing new in the above. And he has no idea whether or not we can facilitate a trade. Why would he use the word impossible? How many times do we see a player nominate a club of choice, only to be denied? Rarely if ever. If we've met with him, the longer he waits to nominate, surely the likelihood of him wanting to come to us goes up given we're still playing.. No? Ralph is such a facepalm.
  2. Is this what Heaven feels like?
  3. May as well post it here @Lord Nev. We all want in on it now. It is a supporters forum after all.
  4. Cameron gave him a bath. What were you watching? Smith has potential and an athletic profile that you'd kill for. But that's it. His defensive positioning and football IQ is not there. That was evident against Cameron on multiple occasions.
  5. If he nominates us, we'll facilitate a trade. In past seasons where trading future picks weren't a thing, we'd have little to no way of executing other then giving up a quality young player or two. But we could make this happen with smart trading of picks and maybe we'll be giving up a weed or someone on the fringe to acquire more picks. There will always be clubs looking for bulk pick swaps for one high pick. It can happen. And it's exciting. Perhaps I've got my dees cap on, but if I was Cerra I'd be concerned about what's gong on at the blues atm. They're a rabble. We're in the best position we've ever been in regards to being a destination club and it doesn't always last long. So in my view, if we're a sniff for landing him we should be going hard at it. I watched Cerra in his draft year when I was doing some scouting and he is all class. His use and composure is something we've lacked and he's exactly what we're missing in that midfield mix. Also, hasn't had a break out year so his potential is still enormous and works in our favour as far as facilitating a trade goes.
  6. In the big league and in important games you can't only provide that off the ball as a key position forward. He had 4 touches. If it was a defensive forward role and he was instructed to shut an important oppo player down and only had 4 touches then we'd view it differently. But he was poor again for the second week in a row. Really poor. Just look at his body language post game, he looked dejected compared to everyone else. Tricky situation. I'm of the believe that we function better one tall less. So I'd look at dropping T Mac and potentially bringing Melksham back depending on who we play. T Mac and Brown were also going up for the same ball on many occasions. I don't think they compliment each other. I have no idea what we'll do, but we've carried Tom the past two weeks.
  7. Great win last night. However, our inability to stop the best small forwards in the game is still evident which is why Maynard would be such a great addition. Our keys are the best in the game. But when you lump Salem, Rivers and Hunt together, they're all too offensively minded. Bowey has only played a handful of games but he's another who will be best used as a ball user and runner coming out of d 50. Joel Smith got a massive lesson last night and if we end up playing GWS in the prelim I think I'd prefer Hibberd to be playing a lockdown role. Maynard is the logical Hibberd replacement. Tough, uncompromising, plays the lockdown role, quick, good user. Ticks every box. Land him and we will be breaking all sorts of AFL defensive back six records and will have one of the most intimidating, impenetrable defensive units the game will have seen. No joke. Our list is in a great spot but we still need a couple of tinkers. One more ball user/outside linebreaking mid imo. And the forwardline is interesting. Still getting the job done, but it seems we function better a tall less? Brown, T Mac and Jacko/Gawn isn't working. T Mac has again put up a stinker which has me intrigued for selection in two weeks. He had four touches. That's a big yikes. Unreal watching our side at the moment, super exciting. Keep riding the wave. This post could have been in a different thread but I don't care. We're into a prelim. Let's go. Go dees.
  8. lol. Have you heard of that salary cap thingo?
  9. Unbelievable win, still in disbelief. Wins like that build a club. We're onto something special here. Let's go.
  10. Smith was okay, did some good and some bad but imo he was in due to matchups and to allow Lever to play his intercept role. Brisbane only have two genuine marking talls, it's their small forwards that are dangerous and Smith tends to go up when he doesn't need to. Smith comes out purely because of matchups. Sparrow for Jordan is the only other one I can imagine happening.
  11. Can't say Tom had a better game than JJ yesterday. Butchered the ball too much. I prefer Jordan at this stage. More reliable role player who does the basics really well.
  12. Mature response from us. Clearly wind favouring one end. Gawn worries me. Jackson looks so much better in the ruck and Max just looks incredibly slow at the moment and for the last few weeks. Missing marks and fumbly, needs to be much better. His marking around the ground is his one wood. It's been missing for weeks.
  13. Mate, the AFL and newspaper 'bests' regularly put players in that don't deserve it. Often they look at stats and put players in based on the numbers they had.
  14. Harmes simply needs to be replaced after the last two weeks. You can't carry players like him. Burns team mates constantly, fumbles, mis-kicks and handballs. Refuses to do the basics well. The last straw for me on the weekend was when he marked 50 out or thereabouts, ignored clear better options and went back to inevitably miss. He has got way too much "me me me" about him atm and it's such a shocking look. It just such a [censored] example for younger guys btrying to get a gig. Even Jones/Melksham. I would be livid if I were a more experienced player knocking the door down and watching Harmes dish up what he has over the last two weeks. We are carrying him and Goodwin needs to drop him this week.
  15. Short sighted. Not how footy works.
  16. King spoke about the way Bont and Macrae were utelised at stoppage at different times of the game which I reckon confused our mids. Outside of centre bounce, they both positioned themselves sometimes where a half forward or wing would be set up which in my opinion made it confusing for our mids and we were reactive through that part of the ground. Max Gawn especially. His hitouts were all over the place. Go and have a listen to the boys on the deebrief podcast talk about Gawn's tap work, one of them nailed it. The doggies basically got maximum use out of their extra numbers through the midfield and they were cleaner and more effective around the ground in general. Especially upon exit. 6 goals from stoppage is huge. We weren't that far off but something we'll need to rectify next time. We always allow an outnumber at the contest so that we can free up Lever in our D 50 but we've got to get a lot better at clearance going forward. Obviously the other big question mark is accuracy on goal and our forward entry. Finals is always about small margins and if we can't maximise more entries than we have been, we're going to struggle winning. I think our line up needs tinkering before finals and we need more reliable users of the ball. Bowey/Melksham need a gig in my view. As far as the doggies injuries forcing their changes, I'd argue that it's not the main reason. The dogs have continued to tinker with their side for the entire year even after winning and without suffering an injury. It's getting late in the year for us to do too much, but I'd rather see some shuffling now whilst we're still showing the same signs with the same team. I think a Bowey debut is on the cards this week.
  17. Inject three more quality ball users and decision makers into this side and I believe we could be anything. It's our only weakness. The lack of ruthlessness and clinical finishing comes down to having too many similar types of players with a similar skill level all too often. Not the only factor, but a big one. Inject one on the wing where Gus is right now. Another at half-forward in ANB's spot. And one more through the midfield. Take Harmes out of the midfield, ANB from half forward and one of Hibberd and or Jordon out and Gus can be rotated through the guts and at half back. Even if we played Bowey as a Caleb Daniel type player in place of Hibberd and move Riv to a back pocket and play a real negating role. Over the off-season I'd love to replace Harmes and ANB's spot with some real point of difference players who bring quality use and decision making. Would make the world of difference.
  18. Listening to King on Whately this morning was interesting. Tactically, Bevo implemented and succeeded and what continues to trouble us is inaccuracy, poor skills and our poor midfield connection between Gawn and our mids. I wish Goodwin would take the same leap of faith as Bevo and get more players exposed to our game plan and change the team up. IMO he doesn't do it nearly enough and over the last month I've seen the same culprits bring their worst footy to games. ANB, Harmes, Hibberd and Salem, Langdon Jackson were all poor on the weekend and a number of other players again were just so wasteful with ball in hand. It's incredibly frustrating. We had so many chances. I would much rather blood a guy like Bowey and bring back Melksham and Jones for players like Harmes, ANB and maybe give Jordan a rest. These next four weeks are absolutely vital and will be season defining. We've lost mementum, form and therefore confidence and teams around us are have easier draws and are playing much better footy. As a Melbourne supporter, it's hard not to think of the worst against the Suns next week. It's a game we simply cannot lose and I want Goodwin to drop some players who just seem to be incapable of being clean and efficient with the ball like Harmes and ANB. Their inconsistency is just unbearable. Harmes is killing me. One hand pick ups, clumsy tackling and trying too hard to look hard and not play hard and do the basics well.
  19. We're a few weeks off a bye. It's not fatigue. It's being top of the ladder and oppo sides going to town on how to play us. When we hunt, we seem to win. When we're hunted, we struggle.
  20. The link is mental fragility. I remember the 2004 side like it was yesterday, I was 17. I don't remember there being any unforeseen circumstances that meant we lost 5 straight to end the season. Whether Melb supporters like to hear it our not, we've been a basket case club for a long time and an average club for a longer time. It takes years to change perceptions and narratives and years to build new perceptions and narratives. At the moment, proud, strong and successful clubs can still beat us and I place part of that, even if small on the fact that we've been a walk over club for a long time. I can only imagine what Clarkson would have been saying at half time to his players and I doubt it'd have been glowing MFC talk. If you've been involved at footy at any level, you know what I'm talking about. We have the chance to write our own future, build new perceptions and narratives about the Melbourne footy club. We're obviously a different team, different personalities and individually these guys wouldn't be thinking about these kinds of things. But opposition coaches, media personell, supporters and the rest have a whole different perspective on what a club stands for. And many many people still don't believe we're onto anything. I mean, one only needs to experience being at a Melbourne home game against a lower side to get a glimpse/feeling into what Melb supporters have been through. It's in the air and in the way we support.
  21. The message rings true, not sure why posters are knocking the thread. Right now, at this point in the year we're a team that is bringing inconsistent levels of intensity and inconsistent levels of skill execution to games. We're in control of our own destiny and if we want to give ourselves the best opportunity of winning a flag, top four is a must but really I hope we finish second so we get a home first final at the G. (pending Covid). We've been amazingly good this year for much of it. But the losses to the lower sides and less than impressive wins against the others do concern me. It's completely between the ears, we are still so immature in many ways. Allowing Hawthorn back into the game, with the outs they have the team we were fielding is simply unforgivable and speaks directly to the complacency and immaturity that still exists. We start well, put on a strong lead and then drop off in all areas by 5% which is enough for Clarkson's strong, hungry and proud Hawthorn side to kick a bag of unanswered goals, get their tails up and then keep their intensity for the remainder of the game. Our arousal levels have been unquestionably strong against top sides. We have no problem getting ourselves up. But then we come up against lesser sides and just don't give the same level of respect for long enough during games. That's it right there. Give the same level of respect for long enough. I thought we looked on and hungry in the first quarter against the Hawks. But it's as if our entire midfield all at once drop intensity, skill level and decision making by 5% due to having a comfortable lead so early in a match against a lesser side. There's still a fair bit of growing up to do imo.
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