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  1. Gee, be careful mate. I had my post deleted and was given a warning for "abusive behaviour" for asking the same question of somebody else on this forum.
  2. No Jara, playing the blame game for COVID in Victoria, Australia has zilch to do with the US Presidential Elections.
  3. Take it to 'The Virus' thread, boys. This one's meant to be about Trump vs. Biden.
  4. So one minute you say we're going backwards and the next you concede we're going forward. Sounds like you don't know whether Melbourne or yourself are coming or going.
  5. If going "backwards" is moving from 17th last year to 9th this year, yes it did.
  6. You said $800k earlier so it looks like you're just taking wild guesses here.
  7. Nobody makes that mistake with you.
  8. So the majority think he's doing a fine job under difficult circumstances while a noisy minority in the cheap seats keep calling for his head? I think your analogy stacks up.
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