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  1. Have you ever said anything about anybody that wasn't nasty or negative? Seek help, sport. edit: This is addressed to elegt in case the pagebreak confuses things.
  2. Good topic, but when and why did we start spelling "defence" the yankee way with an "s"?
  3. Embarrassing spelling too ... it's Weideman. And no to the flaky Stephenson and no to trading Weed.
  4. Would it be possible for a mod to get rid of that unnecessary apostrophe in "Videos" in the thread title. Thanks.
  5. Nobody wants to hear about your genitals, AF. ?
  6. Oh turn it up. As if you'd know one way or the other.
  7. Gee, be careful mate. I had my post deleted and was given a warning for "abusive behaviour" for asking the same question of somebody else on this forum.
  8. I'd rather he wasn't crippled.
  9. No Jara, playing the blame game for COVID in Victoria, Australia has zilch to do with the US Presidential Elections.
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